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  1. Hi . You picked the wrong Majestic cruise. We are on August 1 when we get off this one. Yes, we’re winning. 😀
  2. Re trivia: same as always. No more than six to a team. There are lots of combos. We are 4, but asked 2 others to join us at today’s session.
  3. When I say bread basket I refer to those that automatically come with small rolls or little croissants or chocolate little croissants. I’m not referring to pastries at all. And definitely not toast. I do get my coffee at explorations because I only drink Americanos.
  4. I can answer your lunch question. Yesterday at the Lido there was a pasta station as usual and it was the Asian sushi Station as usual everything up there looks the same. The only difference is that you are being served everywhere other than at the little dessert thingy where you just take out your dessert on each of the individual plates. breakfast this morning however was not really good. Obviously the dining room needs to get their act together. You already heard about the dinner situation from last night and the morning obviously it’s not much better than that. The order too
  5. We had a 12:40 PM boarding time also but arrived at the port approximately 11:40 PM. We were in our cabin shortly before noon. There were no keys given at check-in. The keys were in an envelope at your door.
  6. They like you better because it sure doesn't work for me. Any way I do it; yours or mine.
  7. Not working for me; not yesterday nor today. This is what I get: We are currently experiencing technical difficulties.Please try again. I'll just wait until they get their act together.
  8. Masks and bras; hate them both. However............................😁
  9. A "cossie" is a costume which the Brits refer to as a "swimming costume." You will note she said her cossie is supported, which means it has its own bra (uplift).
  10. No clue about sending thru CC, but you can send mail to my screen name at hotmail.
  11. So nice to be remembered. Thank you. Life changes made me quit doing LIVES, but still trying to cruise as much as possible. Yesterday Star cancelled my Hawaii/Tahiti cruise and a few hours later I was booked on the Sky. As for "wine time," still going strong. Virtually. 🙂
  12. I'll drink to your health, albeit not with the aforementioned two.
  13. Sorry to tell you that what you are referring to sold out that first night. I'm referring to the "deal."
  14. LOL. I see we watch the same commercials.
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