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  1. I'll drink to your health, albeit not with the aforementioned two.
  2. Sorry to tell you that what you are referring to sold out that first night. I'm referring to the "deal."
  3. LOL. I see we watch the same commercials.
  4. I'm not willing to guess. I have several cruises booked. Early in the year January and March. Not concerned about the later ones.
  5. I wouldn't mind receiving an offer. Just saying. 😃
  6. After reading all posts, it's quite obvious there is no real time frame for the FCC's. My 44 day cruise for March 15th was cancelled on March 10th for which FCC should be forthcoming. When? Today is day 59. I note that FCC's have been given to April and even a May cruise with cancellations well after mine. Does it do me any good to vent? Yes. Does my anxiety level need to escalate? No. I also have a ton of $$$ owed for 24 day June cruise and 74 day Africa cruise. I'm trying to be patient. Then again, I really have no choice.
  7. Just off the phone with HAL; wanted more clarification. In my case, no insurance and payment of $11,673. This total amount, if I choose to cancel, will be refunded as FCC. I must do a new booking prior to end of this year. I have lots of bookings, but this amount must be used toward a new booking only. That being said, I have not made a decision yet; still have a few days. I am due to board the Koningsdam for 44 days on March 15th.
  8. Can you stay on the CB a while longer? (getting on Jan. 13th) I would love to resurrect our winning team from a few years ago.
  9. Yes, I love the prizes. Especially my big coffee mug which I use every morning. 😉
  10. Yes. I was #12, which is a lot higher than I've ever been.
  11. Sounds like Princess is following In RCI footsteps. They started the additional steak charges quite some time ago. I wonder who actually pays for it. If you’re going to pay for steak, just go to the steakhouse.
  12. Are you on the Emerald with me again? I know we've been on the same cruises, but have we ever met? Getting on in Barcelona for three B2B's on the 13th. I don't care about the Medallion one way or another. But I do like the speedy internet.
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