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  1. 50 minutes ago, sansterre said:

    Despite a few disappointments, everything looks and sounds wonderful to me.  How I wish we were on your cruise with you!

    I saw a post or two about groups getting together for trivia and I've also seen trivia scheduled most days (maybe not on port days) three times a day.  Are all three general trivia?  Are there any prizes/awards for winning (I expect there aren't)?

    Ah, trivia.  The main reason for cruising.  The pins are THE prize.  They have a lifetime supply of them.  We are playing with John and Marta.  Suffice to say we’re winning our share;  enough to make Gary happy 😃

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  2. 2 hours ago, Lido deck main said:

    Happy to see Escargot on the menu.  You two are very photogenic.  Are most people just doing two tops in MDR.  What is the mood like for people interacting with each other, say for example in trivia would six people who are not cruising together get together or people stay in their twosome  or foursome.  

    Re trivia:  same as always.  No more than six to a team.  There are lots of combos.  We are 4, but asked 2 others to join us at today’s session. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, Florida_gal_50 said:

    Not sure what you mean about bread basket.  I’ve never seen them randomly going around the table offering toast etc unless you ordered it.  If you mean pastries they have not done that on my last few cruises (pre covid) but my cruises have been on newer ships.  I’ve found it’s been a struggle for years to get coffee in the morning.  For that reason I always go to exploration cafe.  I’m not suggesting that people do this.

    When I say bread basket I refer to those that automatically come with small rolls or little croissants or chocolate little croissants. I’m not referring to pastries at all. And definitely not toast. I do get my coffee at explorations because I only drink Americanos.

  4. 1 hour ago, 12cruise2 said:

    Thank you so much for sharing all this information.  Hope you enjoyed your breakfast.


    Actually, my husband has a "lunch" question--ha--he wonders if in the Lido, there are still the various food stations--like one for Italian, one for Asian, that idea.  He just loves the Asian so we are dreaming!


    Thank you so much for any feedback; wish we were there!



    I can answer your lunch question. Yesterday at the Lido there was a pasta station as usual and it was the Asian sushi Station as usual everything up there looks the same. The only difference is that you are being served everywhere other than  at the little dessert thingy where you just take out your dessert on each of the individual plates.


    breakfast this morning however was not really good. Obviously the dining room needs to get their act together.  You already heard about the dinner situation from last night and the morning obviously it’s not much better than that.  The order took forever and then when it came out part of it had to be sent back. Nobody poured water unless we hijacked someone to do it. No bread basket so you really need to order what you want immediately.   coffee service is practically nonexistent.  We were seated by 8:10, didn’t get out of there until 9:30. Breakfast should be the easiest meal to handle.   Lido tomorrow. 😉

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  5. 3 hours ago, tampacruiser said:

    How firm are they with the boarding times.  We arrive next Saturday and going to catch a Lyft from SEA but I'm going to be there prior to my 12:40 boarding time?

    We had a 12:40 PM boarding time also but arrived at the port approximately 11:40 PM. We were in our cabin shortly before noon.  There were no keys given at check-in. The keys were in an envelope at your door.

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  6. 1 hour ago, franktown said:

    When I try to log in I get the same message but after logging in and getting the message if I go to booked guest and than manage my booking it comes up.  Have done that both yesterday and this morning without any problem.

    They like you better because it sure doesn't work for me.  Any way I do it; yours or mine.

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  7. 5 minutes ago, John99 said:

    Hi everyone,

    This morning I tried to access my Princess account with my old password.  Success!!  Yesterday I had trouble today success.  Halleluiah!  What changed in the last 24 hours would be a pure guess on my part.  Check on 2 booked cruises, cruise history, profile info, cruise credits -- all OK.  But I could not get into my wife’s account which means I need to call customer service.   In the past, I read on cruise credit if you try (too many times) to get into your account and re-register, re-register again, then again -- it could cause problems.  I’ve always had a problem with DW account over the years.


    Not working for me; not yesterday nor today.  This is what I get:  


    We are currently experiencing technical difficulties.
    Please try again.


    I'll just wait until they get their act together.




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  8. 5 minutes ago, cb at sea said:

    Have no problem with a proper fitting bra......masks make me crazy, tho.



    On 10/31/2020 at 6:51 PM, ger_77 said:

    I'm in the camp with the comfortable bras; if you get fitted with the proper size, they shouldn't be uncomfortable.  Unless I'm planning on spending the day in my jammies (usually only on New Year's Day), I wear one daily.  Panty hose . . . a whole different matter.  LOL


    Smooth Sailing!  🙂🙂🙂

    Masks and bras; hate them both.  However............................😁

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  9. 10 hours ago, nycruiser2006 said:

    Back in the day Pia1913 did some great "Live from".  Love that 5pm, or 4pm, or.......was Wine time , LOL



    So nice to be remembered.  Thank you.  Life changes made me quit doing LIVES, but still trying to cruise as much as possible.  Yesterday Star cancelled my Hawaii/Tahiti cruise and a few hours later I was booked on the Sky.  As for "wine time," still going strong.  Virtually.  🙂

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  10. On 9/3/2020 at 3:24 PM, johnnyd said:

    I am thinking about booking a cruise for next July. The deal includes a few days in port at the beginning of the cruise as well as round trip air. It is a good 

    deal. I need to decide quickly. Can anyone give me a run down on the cruise cancellation policy. Is it OK to cancel up to 48 hours prior to the cruise and 

    fill refund is made?


    Sorry to tell you that what you are referring to sold out that first night.  I'm referring to the "deal."

  11. 10 hours ago, Tucker in Texas said:

    O.K., let me throw this out.  A vaccine becomes available, say in December. The CDC says they can open up for cruising with a lot of conditions like only 70% capacity, mask requirements, for social distancing, etc.  However, In addition,  every one must show proof that they have had the vaccine shot before they can get on the ship.  At one time, the rumor went out that you would need a doctor's note that you weren't positive but that was shot down pretty quick.  


    The problem, of course, with this grand idea, is that if you are willing to get the shot, it can be a major problem getting it.  Look at all the long (read hours) lines just to get tested.  So, as we say down here in Texas, that dog wouldn't hunt anymore than the doctor's note did (lol)


    Hey Tucker!  😀

  12. After reading all posts, it's quite obvious there is no real time frame for the FCC's.  My 44 day cruise for March 15th was cancelled on March 10th for which FCC should be forthcoming.  When?  Today is day 59.  I note that FCC's have been given to April and even a May cruise with cancellations well after mine.  Does it do me any good to vent?  Yes.  Does my anxiety level need to escalate?  No.


    I also have a ton of $$$ owed for 24 day June cruise and 74 day Africa cruise.  I'm trying to be patient.  Then again, I really have no choice.



  13. Just off the phone with HAL; wanted more clarification.   In my case, no insurance and payment of $11,673.  This total amount, if I choose to cancel, will be refunded as FCC.  I must do a new booking prior to end of this year.  I have lots of bookings, but this amount must be used toward a new booking only.  That being said, I have not made a decision yet; still have a few days.  I am due to board the Koningsdam for 44 days on March 15th.

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