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  1. They also have Parched Pig IPA which is better than the Sam or Angel City IMO. Give it a try!
  2. Not noisy at all and close to everything!
  3. Been to Alaska twice and we partied our butts off!
  4. Paradise had the same thing last month.
  5. Print the page that shows your stock. Black out what you want. Scan and e-mail. Pretty simple.
  6. I just recently had 2 cruises credited with the same e-mail. Only took about 2 days. I've always used e-mail and never had an issue. It's weird that some have been asked to mail it. Carnival can be so inconsistent when it comes to stuff like this.
  7. 29 here and Alaska is #1 and #2. (We've only been twice).
  8. We were on her a few months back. They showed movies in the Comedy club.
  9. I always e-mail it to Guestadmin@carnival.com
  10. Nailed it. No different than any other to me either. Now a 3 or 4 nighter during spring break...that's a different story!
  11. I was afraid to say this because so many people love it, but I have to agree. Not a beach person and this is all HMC offers. We stay on the ship and have the whole thing to ourselves!
  12. Take a cab to the east side of the island and hit some of the little beach bars. It'll open a whole new world for you.
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