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  1. I don't know. We have 31 CCL cruises, including one last month on Magic and we both got the $25.00 deal. Jumped all over it! Elation in December!
  2. They have loaded nachos on the menu at Guys Smokehouse. You could order plain nachos with a side of salsa or guac and see what happens! 😉
  3. The very beginning and very end are open water but the large majority of the time you will be inside.
  4. We just did this last month. Cancel your prepaid and the gratuities will be added to your S&S, which will be paid out of your OBC!
  5. I'm indifferent to it. If it went away I would not miss it, but it does not ruin my dining experience.
  6. We were booked on that one with you. We got screwed as well.
  7. We found the Magic the same. It was nice!
  8. 2 weeks ago on Magic I hit 15 at around midnight and the pit boss bought me two drinks after that. As long as I was playing, she was buying! 😆
  9. I was on her 2 weeks ago. Can't wait to get back on her again!
  10. It all depends. I've been on ships that started debark by 0700 and others where it was closer to 0800.
  11. I thought the same thing. I absolutely love shrimp and grits but these look a little off. How were they Saint Greg ?
  12. How do you drink all day, stay up late, and then make it up to the deck for sunrise pics? If I have a couple Alchemy drinks I barely make it up in time for breakfast some mornings! 😆
  13. I hope you are right. Spirit class is by far my favorite. We've sailed on them all!
  14. Southern Comfort is even better!
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