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  1. I have an upcoming cruise on the Escape and booked two night of specialty dining as well as Taste, Savor and the Manhattan Room. I book ahead whenever possible. There were no dancers in the Manhattan Room that I remember. There was a live band.
  2. My family has been cruising for about 20 years. We dress up for dinner most every night. I buy the picture package on all my cruises and have family pictures taken nightly before dinner. On Dress Up or Not Night, the girls wear floor length formal dresses and the boys (even the littlest) wear ties and sometimes suits. We have made this our tradition since we started cruising. Even in my most formal gown I have never felt out of place. In fact, I had a destination wedding on South Beach and then took a cruise for my honeymoon. My husband kept his tux on and I kept the wedding dress on for the entire day of the wedding (the first day of the cruise). My niece was married in St. Thomas on a cruise and did the same. So no matter how formal I chose to be, I've never felt out of place. Enjoy your family cruise!
  3. AF-1 that is great! That helps a lot. So that way I can reserve ahead of time.
  4. I believe the 8X10's are $24.99. I always buy a photo package and always in advance. Depending on the one you pick, you get a few free photos with each package...more free as you go up in price. Also, once you have the photo package, you can get a discount on the photo book on the ship. Last year I paid $50 for the photo book and it had 30 pictures in it I believe. Unfortunately NCL does not have an all inclusive photo package (like Royal has for $249)
  5. Or can I use the app and book something upon arrival at the airport like I would with Uber or Lyft?
  6. For those of you that use a car service, and book it ahead, how long after the scheduled arrival of your flight do you schedule the pick up?
  7. Mking, we are flying on American Airlines. Do you know what terminal they use by chance? Two travelers without any mobility issues. I will likely have a large suitcase and a rolling garment bag and a carry on. He will have a big suitcase as well. I have never been to New York but I think the amount of luggage I have will come in to play if I were to try to take the subway as I will be in charge of all of my own luggage. I am hoping for pricing estimates and pros and cons of taking a taxi, uber/lyft or using a car service. We need to get from LGA to the Ameritania, to the Manhattan Cruise port from our hotel on Sunday morning and then from the cruise port back to the hotel the following Sunday morning.
  8. I am also on the Escape leaving for New England/Canada on September 15th. We are arriving into LGA on Thursday, September 12th around 11 am for a few days in New York pre cruise. I have been researching transportation to my hotel (the Ameritania) and have found recommendations for Uber, Lyft, taxi, and car services. I wonder if someone can tell me which is the most cost effective of these options.
  9. I called twice yesterday. I waited on hold for over 30 minutes each time. *sigh*
  10. Hi glawless! I love dressing up for dinner on cruises. I wear a dress most every night. On dress up or not night and also when I have a meal in a specialty dining room, I dress up even more - sometimes even with a longer, more formal dress. We usually have family pictures taken on our cruises so I try to get everyone in the group to dress a little snazzier for our dinners. That being said, many cruisers don't like to dress up as much, so they wear what's comfortable for them. Flip flops have been brought up as well, and while I have seen that they are not supposed to be "allowed", I have several pairs of blingy, dressy flip flops and I have worn these with my more casual dresses without issue in the MDR.
  11. I have been to Nassau, on various cruises, 8 times. I have found something enjoyable to do each time. I will continue to go on cruises that have Nassau as a stop and will not be one to stay on the ship! On the last visit, we did a Foodie Tour and it was fun, informative and very filling!
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