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  1. I read that Harmony replaced 70's night with 90's night. I was bummed about that as I had my 70's outfit ready.
  2. This exact thing is happening to me and my cruise is in December! It's gone from my app too. Doesn't even show as an available sailing on my ship!!
  3. 3 1/2 hours on the phone with RCL yesterday. Two of the three reservations are fixed. One to go.
  4. We had two rooms booked on the Mariner in April. When the cruise was cancelled, I received an email asking if I wanted a refund for my cruise planner items, or 125% credit for cruise planner items on a future cruise. I opted for the 125% credit. A few weeks later I received a very detailed email listing all of my cruise planner items and the credit cards I had used to pay each item, stating I would be receiving refunds via the card I used to pay each. I didn't want to argue about it so I left it at that. I purchased my cruise planner items for my next scheduled cruise, as they were having a pretty good sale, and waited for the refunds. This weekend I received emails stating I have 125% credit coming for each of the items I purchased for the Mariner. The prices have now gone way up in cruise planner for the next booked cruise, so cancelling and rebooking it not a good option. I have yet to receive the FCC for the Mariner cruise. Each time my travel agent calls they tell him it will be a few more days, or a few more weeks, or maybe by the end of the month. I have not received a thing with regard to port fees and taxes, nor have I received any documentation regarding the refund of my prepaid gratuities. I know this is no one's fault; however, I am beyond frustrated.
  5. I thought I had read that the food in the buffets would be served by a server at each station. Seems like the most logical way to handle it.
  6. Has anyone had any success getting the correct FCC? My daughter and her husband were also shorted by over half of what they were due. With the 25% extra they should each have received a certificate for $466.25. They each got $216. I called and they told me to call the resolutions number. I told them that my girlfriend and I have not received anything - and we were on the same cruise. Again - call resolutions number she said. I asked about taxes and port fees and she said those would be refunded to the credit card - nothing has been received. I also told her that a month ago I received a detailed email about the cruise planner items. I filled out an online form requesting 125% for each of those items as well and in the email it was explained that I would be getting refunds instead. I was told by RCL in April that I would have the refunds for the cruise planner items by April 30th. The 30th came and went so I asked about these items as well. I was told that it would be another 30 to 45 days and that the company was very sorry for the delay. I have another cruise booked in December. I love cruising. This whole situation has me very disillusioned, along with everyone else I'm sure. If anyone is able to get anywhere with RCL with FCC, refunds for port fees and taxes, and/or refunds for cruise planner items, please post as I would love to have some direction.
  7. Awesome! Thank you. I will look him up! Sing a longs with my phone are getting me through the days.
  8. To all of my Royal cruising friends that have seen Jam the Piano-Man perform on the Radiance of the Seas in the piano bar, or have seen him as the stowaway piano entertainer on the Mariner - I want to let you know that he is doing "Lives" from Australia. If you look him up you can find out when he is going to be live. I really enjoyed him on the Radiance and this gives us the opportunity to see him watch him perform. I wanted to share!
  9. Following. I have no intention of cancelling my cruise. However, if RCL cancels it, I was wondering the same thing as OP as I have $150 credit coming from the points I cashed in from my RCL VISA card. I recall the fine print stating very clearly that their would be no way to undo this transaction once it was applied. I would be interested to hear if anyone has heard of any leniency in this policy due to the current circumstances.
  10. Thank you everyone! This is exactly why I ask my questions on this board. Unfortunately, I'm not going to get to see them on my April cruise (they will be on the SOS (pun intended!) and I will be in Vegas between their shows there! Hopefully someday I will see them as I love Abba's music!
  11. I have been doing plenty of research on my upcoming 3 night cruise to the Bahamas on the Mariner. In reading the most recent reviews, I read that their was an Abba Tribute show. This is not showing in any of the compasses I have been able to find. Can someone who has been on her recently provide me with the night, time and location of this show? Thanks so much!
  12. Was your stepson behaving in such a way that he was endangering himself or others? I believe the bartenders can choose not to serve someone; however, if he was not exhibiting a behavior that would alert the bartender to his having had too much to drink, then he would continue to be served. I would say that you may have to choose not to cruise with him from now on.
  13. We are going just before you in May of 2021. I would think this one will book quickly because it's on the Grand Canal and steps from one ot the Vaperetto stops.
  14. Do they still have a stowaway piano player? Last I heard was when Jam the Piano Man was on that ship and he's been gone for quite some time now.
  15. This is mostly how I handle it as well. Additionally, I like to leave a $5 in the room each day too. I leave a little note, with the attendant's name on it, thanking him/her for all of their hard work.
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