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  1. Just got off the Crown Princess. The Medallion itself works remarkably well. Use it just like the old Sea Pass Cards. It connects to the ship wifi. When the wifi is working, it is great to keep track of your stateroom account (Ocean Concierge) and helps you to maneuver around the ship (Ocean Compass). It also lets you chat with your significant other or anyone else you have listed as your shipmates (also Ocean Compass); which is great if all of them carry their phones with them and check into the chat feature. It does not give you a notification of a new "text." You have to check it frequently. My frustration was that the wifi crashed about 15 times a day and did not automatically reconnect, although my phone was set to auto connect. After about two days I told myself that it actually was not worth the worry to insure it worked properly. I was on vacation and anything short of an emergency was not a real concern anyway. Even with the presentation they do on the ship and the information you receive via mail, it is very hard to comprehend how it all works until you are on the ship and use it for a couple of days. The Internet Cafe was one of the busiest places on the ship for the first day or so, with folks having connectivity issues. It's a great idea, but it definitely needs some work.
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