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  1. Can you go to the Atlantis Casino if you are not staying at the hotel? I usually go there in a taxi when arriving by cruise ship but am not sure if that is still allowed due to COVID.
  2. Does anyone know the prices for the Zoom internet packages onboard the Freedom of the Seas? Trying to decide whether to buy it now or wait and use C&A benefits onboard.
  3. I had originally booked a 3 day cruise on the Navigator and was switched to the Freedom when Royal switched around all of their ships. I received an email today letting me know my final payment is due tomorrow and the receipt attached showed a higher price for the cruise. Has that happened to anyone else? Can they raise the price just because they moved you to a different ship?
  4. Does anyone know if you get the same on-board benefits on a 3-day cruise as on a 7-day? Specifically, I was wondering if Diamond members get the free interney day on the 3-day cruise.
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