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  1. I checked this morning and no refunds last year or this year from carnival. Just strange. Just want to stay on top of it because it's money I can use right now.
  2. Honestly, never noticed it. I always thought the $1238.00 was the amount that I had paid when looking through my papers and noticed we had a credit of 1238.00 but paid $1535.18. Then I wondered where did the $297.18 go?
  3. I had a cruise booked for 5/11/20 on dream. Carnival cancelled after i paid off the cruise The total amount that was paid was $1,535.18 but was only credited $1238.00 Why? CRUISE CHARGES Cruise Rate $1,238.00 Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses $157.28 Total Cruise Charges $1,395.28 OPTIONAL CHARGES Prepaid Gratuities $139.90
  4. So i had 2 cruises from may that were cancelled but my customers paid in full. I my Agency about the commissions and was told that carnival sent the commission but then took it back. The letter i received from carnival a few months ago said "As we have done throughout this challenging time in our industry, we are protecting your commission on bookings paid in full. Travel agent commissions are protected on the original fully paid booking either cancelled by Carnival, or given the option to cancel for full refund, and on the final booking that sails using a redeemed Future Cruise Credit (FCC).
  5. Is there a such thing as a grace period on final payment or just the option of extending the final payment. We have a group cruise for 5/8/21 and final payment is due 2/8/21. Spoke to a carnival pvp friend and she told me to see if they can extend it till 3/25/21 and chances are cruise will be cancelled by then.
  6. When do you think May cruises will be cancelled. I have a group on dream-may 8th. Final payment is 2/7/21. I do not want anyone to lose any money but final payment is few days away.
  7. If I had a paid cruise cancelled and book a new one for 2021, can I transfer the credit so I won't have to pay a deposit on new booking?
  8. Anyone can direct me to the link page on cancelling cruise and transferring to another date ? I remember seeing it a few weeks ago but cannot find it. Thanks
  9. Should she go to bookings and cancel bookings or try to call which might be very busy.
  10. My sister in-law and her husband have a cruise booked for 10/17/20 and she purchased carnival's vacation insurance.. She was just furloughed from her job. What are her options? Can she get a full refund? She wants to cancel.
  11. So if i have a cruise in october and purchased Carnival's insurance and lost my job, how does that work. Anyone?
  12. Ready to cancel 5/11 cruise and wanted to know if i can do it online with a form so money i spent can transfer to another cruise. Thanks, stay safe.
  13. If I am booked for a cruise in December with no obc and see a sale for same date/ship with obc, will carnival offer me the obc if I call and ask?
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