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  1. I read somewhere that they were doing initial pre-wiring for Medallion, and replace some furniture and flooring in the more heavily trafficked bar areas and buffet area. Not sure if any internet improvement would be included with the pre-wiring, since the Grand won't be offering Medallion for awhile. Anyone know any more?
  2. Oh great...another piece of paper left in my stateroom
  3. I was on the Grand last July to Alaska. Hit the Calypso pool most mornings at 6:30 (they were still cleaning at 6am). It was pleasantly warm.
  4. OK, dumb question: the cruise cards contained other info such as your MDR dining time and table number, your folio number, muster location, and so on. How do you get this info now?
  5. Yes, the lack of notifications was the most annoying thing for me when I used it previously. 😞
  6. Just for fun I tried Safari just now on my Mac at work; had no problem saving cruises.
  7. I was able to go on just now and save a cruise for next summer. I'm using Firefox as my browser. Not sure what issue you're having?
  8. At home I'm lucky if I get around to changing my sheets once a month lol. But honestly, I never really noticed that they did change the sheets during a cruise. Or at least I never thought about it. As another person mentioned, as long as they're changed between cruises, I'm good 🙂
  9. For me personally, I would not use time in the Sanctuary on scenic cruising days. I just don't want to stay in one spot nor be behind glass (not sure if the Star setup is like the Grand, which is the last ship I took to Alaska). I was rewarded by moving around on my last cruise, got great angles of glaciers and waterfalls, and saw a variety of wildlife. But for some people like Ellipooh who posted above, they did the sanctuary and thoroughly enjoyed it. And that's great! It all comes down to personal preferences. It can be quite cold and windy in places like Glacier Bay or Tracy Arm; not as much when in other areas of the inside passage or near the port towns (at least the southeastern ones). I was not "blown to bits" this past July in Tracy Arm. It was actually nice and sunny...almost too sunny! You never know about Alaska, so just be prepared for the possibility of cold and wind...
  10. The OP mentioned liking comedy and music; I wonder if anyone can compare Princess and HAL more in depth on these items? I have not sailed HAL yet, but I have noted that Princess is somewhat lacking in the comedy arena. Compared to, for example, Carnival, which I found to have an amazing variety of comedy, both in quantity and variety.
  11. Well, based on what you've said, imo Princess should honor the credit that's on your booking confirmation (assuming no changes to the booking were made after that). But I don't think you were scammed, and I don't think you lost money. Listen: Station agreed to pay for your "free" cruise, based on the cost of an inside. The deposit you would have had to pay would then be "refunded" as an OBC. For the sake of argument, let's say the inside cabin cost $1000, and the upgrades you paid cost another $1000 (or $2000 total for the balcony). Here's the layout: Inside $1000 cost - $1000 paid by Station - $200 deposit paid by you = -$200 (you should get $200 OBC) Balcony $2000 cost - $1000 paid by Station - $1000 paid by you = $0 (you shouldn't have an OBC) That's how I see it anyway, for what it's worth.
  12. Yes, but it was Station Casinos that presented the terms initially, was it not? But you said you have a confirmation email that shows the credit; is that email from Princess? Is it a booking confirmation and if so does it show the credit with the changes you made to upgrade to a balcony and add a person or was it before that?
  13. It seems like your beef is with Station Casinos and not Princess.
  14. We've only ever taken our driver's license (and cruise card) when getting off in Victoria, and have not had an issue.
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