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  1. Are the Christmas markets going to happen in Belgium this year? The hopes for our December DIY trip starting in Amsterdam and flying out of Schiphol when we finish is not looking good! I was worried about this when I made hotel reservations I could cancel without penalty, We were getting ready to make air reservations about the time Covid ticked up! Second seating
  2. It was a while ago and it must have been in the Netherlands and only happened once and was only like this while we got off. I am sure it was not Ghent (or near there) or Antwerp. This was about 10 years ago now and I thought at the time this was a pain for me and I did not really have any mobility issues. Out of a total of 8 river cruises this was the only time I have ever seen this. It seemed one of the ships did not want us walking the the main area! Second seating
  3. Or in fourth position! On one of my river cruises (Tulip and Windmills Uniworld) numerous times we rafted and we had to go up and down to get on and off the ship. Also wet gangways get slick when damp!!! Second seating
  4. Budapest is lovely all decked out for Christmas! Second seating
  5. Our December trip is looking like it is not going to happen! We were planning on flying into Amsterdam for a few days of seeing friends and visiting museums! Then off to Brugge by train... Second seating
  6. The second picture is the Romantik Hotel Markstrum where we spent two nights own our own before we took the train for a Christmas Market cruise starting in Nuremberg and ending in Vienna. Second seating
  7. Really good restaurant in Prague with Czech food. We had dinner there on a do it yourself land trip in December 2019. Second seating Svejk Restaurant U Karla
  8. Very sad we are scheduled on SeaDream to cruse through the canal in August 2022. Second seating
  9. "We thought we were going to be on a fully vaccinated boat. That is not the case. On our bus trip to Venice we heard the couple in front of us say that they would probably be doing less traveling in the next few years because they didn’t want to get vaccinated. They did not wear masks on the bus even though you are supposed to wear masks indoors in Italy." How did these people get into Europe? Second seating
  10. Raining again in NH! The daylillies like it! Second seating
  11. Thank you notamermaid for great pictures! We are just back from a trip to Bermuda, short trip for east coasters.
  12. Bookishcruiser, On Uniworld they use to have snacks in the bar probably no more but I bet you could order something. The cookies near the fancy coffee machine probably are gone too, I understand this may be the way going forward. Second seating
  13. Coral hope you continue to have no symptoms. Sorry about your cruise we are only trying 2 fly and stay vacations (Bermuda and Europe) this year and have Windstar and Sea Dream cruises planned for 2022! Second seating
  14. We love Windstar and plan on sailing with them for the 5th time next May! Sorry about the pain in the A$$ passengers there are always a few. I am sorry Windstar did not inform the masks. Second seating
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