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  1. In December the taxi line was nothing. Second seating
  2. I have four Christmas Market cruises behind me all on Uniworld, this is a hard call. Usually we do a pre cruise trip on our own, we have spent two nights in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Budapest and Munich before our cruise. We have also done a do it yourself Christmas market trip from Berlin (I loved seeing the Nutcracker DS not so much) including two nights in Dresden. Nuremberg and Frankfurt's market are beautiful especially at dark which is around 4:30 this time of the year. Our Rhine cruise started in Cologne and ended in Basel. Rothenburg is beautiful at Christmas especially the tour with the Night Watchmen. Dresden is one of the oldest and might be my favorite! Budapest and Vienna are beautiful but I prefer the German markets. A do it our self trip this December starting in Prague, Sieffen and ending in Leipzig. Always check the towns Christmas Markets websites. If I can answer any questions please ask.
  3. Uniworld is great with different diets! I have been on a gluten free diet for 7 of my 8 cruises with them and I am a foodie! They just need to know in advance. Second seating
  4. We had a great cruise on the River Countess in October 2013.
  5. We have been to Venice before so we are leaving the day we arrive by train but there seems to be a wine store maybe 4-5 blocks from the Windstar terminal. Thanks for recommendations Strenz! Second seating
  6. We are boarding in Venice and I am sure I can get better wine in the stores than on board (for our cabin). I love local wines! Second seating
  7. Is it 2 bottles of wine per cabin? Second seating
  8. We were on the Star Breeze last summer on a Baltic Cruise, loved it! The ship is showing its age a little but the cabins are very large. We loved it! Being able to dock closer and only had another small ship sharing the embarkation process (A VERY SLOW PROCESS in St. Petersburg). We had a great time the seas very rough one night. We will be on the Wind Surf this summer. Second seating
  9. I checked back and it was 2015 we were in Istanbul we missed the bombings there by a year and a day! Second seating
  10. We also love Windstar, started causing with them in 2016 Athens to Istanbul, 2017 French Polynesia and 2018 a Baltic cruise. This summer Venice to Rome on the Windstar! I love their food and service. In the Fall and Winter we sometimes cruise on Uniworld in Europe. Second seating
  11. We will be on the Surf in June it will be our 4th cruise with Windstar and love them! Second seating
  12. The Vibram soles are on some Danskos, these are my go to shoes for Europe. I have also used Born boots but the Vibram sole is less slippery on wet cobblestones! Second seating
  13. How much did you tip? I have contacted them and got very good prices for Airport pick up and our trip to Seiffen. Thank you, Second seating
  14. I need to use a car service next December to get from Prague to Seiffen and found this site myeurotaxi. I searched on CC and they're listed but no reviews that I could find. Other recommendations are welcome. Thanks, Second seating
  15. Thanks! Pick up in Prague to Seiffen for two people. The web site gives a price of 120. Euro. Second seating
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