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  1. Thank you! I'm not sure all 20 will join in, sometimes it's just one-half to two-thirds of us. Just want to cover bases before I share with them. Tobacco Bay sounds like a good place to stop for a bit. Do you know if a mini bus would be less expensive than hiring a driver?
  2. Thanks for your feedback. We are a group who have been cruising together for 10 years & we saw a photo of the rock formations & wanted to see it in person. We really don't hang out at the beach that long (if there's not a tiki bar 🙂 ) We are usually able to rent a van or two in the Caribbean to get around. We are there for 2 days & want to see Horseshoe Bay but since it is so easy to get to we'd rather go to beaches that aren't that crowded with cruisers. Can you recommend any other cool beaches with formations & pink sand? We also want to visit the seaglass beach. Are there any beaches with food & drink available?
  3. Does one exist? By vehicle or water. Our group may include 20+ people. We are overnighting there so time shouldn't be a problem. Thanks in advance!
  4. I was just looking at a recent Daily and saw that they had AYCE Shrimp & Ribs at O'Sheeehan's one night. I'm assuming it's boiled and not fried? (I hope!) Thanks!
  5. Does anyone know if Tropicante is close to Blue Key? Our group was planning to go there for awhile so wondering if we could stop at both places.
  6. Sorry! I just saw this! No, not to Key West. We leave one week from today!! The day after we sail, we are in Cuba for an overnight. We don't depart until the next day at 8pm. Sea day the next day, then our last day is at Cococay. 5-day cruise. Now I'm curious when the Dress to Impress night will be. Our one and only Sea Day?
  7. We have booked FerTours for our Havana tour in Mid-June. Fernando gets great reviews here on Cruise Critic. Looking forward to the Empress - good to hear the ship is in good shape!
  8. Sorry, I was unable to find the answer through "Search." I was wondering which night will be formal night on the Empress out of Miami to Cuba (overnight.) We sail on a Monday. If we're in Cuba from 8am Tues until 8pm Wed, would it be on Thursday, our day at sea? I'm hoping it won't be the night we're in Cuba!
  9. We are cruising on the Empress out of Miami & was wondering how many bottles we could bring back without paying duty. Do you know, by chance?
  10. Thank you! Looking forward to using them. His confirmation said the Shipwrecked in Havana tour would be $120 USD - does that mean he wants us to pay in US dollars? I was going to ask him beforehand.
  11. We booked Fertours for day one, through the ship to Hemingway's home in the country for day 2. I'm sure the only ones who would care what we did are customs when we get back. Will we pay duty for any rum and cigars we bring back?
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