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  1. I am surprised too as we have relatives who have been exposed and have to quarantine for a period of time after exposure even though testing neg....., traveling with two people who tested positive at destination sounds like exposed to me.
  2. We like to do likewise, wait till the rush clears. The whole idea is relax and enjoy.....
  3. Thanks Bird for the detailed tour of the Escape first sailing to Alaska. Excellently done and makes us ready even more for our return to Alaska in 2021! Don't figure why so many people are so angry.....we all survived and are ready to go again!
  4. Agree....Rome and Florence require a 1 hour bus ride to get from port to city. Barcelona was a fee to get from port into Columbus statue. We have been in both Ketchikan and Icy Strait.....don't mind paying for shuttle and if you don't want to cruise then don't . We'll be in Alaska on NCL in spring of 2021 God willing.
  5. I didn't realize that plan is retired now.....it's what we have and would never give it up!
  6. We in the US aren't vaccinated enough to travel very much at all but people are doing it anyway. I don't think the CDC or anyone else "has it in for the cruise industry" and is being cautious considering the deaths and disease this country has gone through. Yes the planes are flying but I wouldn't go on one till spring 2022. Just my own opinion and I am already fully vaccinated btw. We have had two cruises cancelled in March 2020 and again in April 2021 btw and are biding our time till spring 2022 and hoping to cruise at that time.
  7. We're all for requiring proof of vaccination before boarding cruise ships....as long as the cruise lines ensures that ALL crew are vaccinated as well.
  8. Just called my PCC and got a $400 reduction on our April 2022 Alaska cruise. Not everything is going down and it pays to keep checking prices on booked cruises no matter how far ahead.
  9. Thanks for saying this. We love cruising too but will not cruise until we get vaccinated and the CDC requires all cruisers to be vaccinated as well as comply with things like masks, distancing, etc. It will take most of 2021 to get large parts of the US population vaccinated no matter what anyone says. PLUS, other countries have to let us port and debark, and our track record on Covid is not good.
  10. Agree, and also, I don't think we have much of a plan for physical distribution, all the details ironed out as far as equipment and what is necessary to vaccinate, as well as the people qualified to give vaccines available....it doesn't stop when the vaccine is approved, it has to be administered. Take this from a 73 year old woman who was recruited to run an autoclave in 4th grade to help with administration of polio vaccine and got Hepatitis B as a result. Using a 10 year old was not a good outcome for distribution but it was all they had.
  11. Earliest would be January, more likely early spring, BUT that means "available" and it will take quite a few months to vaccinate everyone who is willing to be vaccinated. We won't cruise again without a SAFE and EFFECTIVE vaccine.
  12. I won't feel really comfortable until there is a vaccine. We have a transatlantic booked in April 2021 and have our fingers crossed, also booked Alaska in 2022. After this round of financing bankruptcy for NCL isn't in the cards....any company which can hold out for 18 months should be ok, as there should be a vaccine available during that time frame.
  13. Death rates say otherwise.
  14. Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings today announced it successfully secured over $2 billion of additional liquidity in response to impacts of the COVID-19 global pandemic on the company. The company announced last week it expected a cash burn of $100 to $150 million per month with most of its fleet in cold lay up, giving the company over a year of cash on hand for a worst-case zero-revenue scenario. Yesterday, the company announced the launch of a series of capital markets transactions, led by Goldman Sachs, to raise approximately $2 billion. The transaction has since been upsized to gross proceeds of $2.225 billion ($2.4 billion if the underwriters exercise their full overallotment options) due to significant oversubscription and demand across all three offerings. The transactions consisted of (1) $400 million public offering of common equity, (2) $750 million exchangeable senior notes offering, (3) $675 million senior secured notes offering and (4) $400 million private investment from global consumer-focused private equity firm L Catterton. In addition, a number of cost cutting measures range from layoffs to deferred loan payments on company ships. Contingent on completion of the transactions, the company expects to have approximately $3.5 billion of liquidity. This significantly strengthens the company’s financial position and liquidity runway and it now expects to be positioned to withstand well over 12 months of voyage suspensions in a potential downside scenario, according to a press release.
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