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  1. The mistake was not taking the time on Sat to check and speak to someone before you left the ship. Also a mistake to ask for "monetary refund of some amount". IF you can't address a problem while onboard, then it is extremely hard to confirm the situation and get an adjustment afterward. We have had 2 excursion problems in over 10 cruises on NCL. In both cases, we took up the issue with the Concierge immediately after the excursion, detailed the issue, and they then made some calls and confirmed that yes there was a problem. In one case we were refunded 25% of the excursion, and in the other case we got a full refund when we preferred to cancel rather than go on a reduced excursion. In both cases, we did not start out demanding money.
  2. Looking at the title of the thread....what does the OP want HELP!! with?
  3. I could never understand it either.
  4. You're a funny person. Whatever it is called, and whoever wants to leave it on or take it off doesn't matter. Just do what you want, but PLEASE END THE INSANITY OF THE DSC THREADS.
  5. I have seen thousands of these threads seems like, and they are all very similar. Bottom line is if you don't want to pay that fee, then speak to someone who can take it off and give them the reason. Carping about it online is not going to change anything, nor is discussing the subject ad nauseum. IF you don't like how cruise lines are doing something then don't cruise, no one is forcing you to cruise. Find yourself a reason to board the ship happy or don't go if you cannot.
  6. The only person who can give the answers is the grandfather and perhaps other family members who might have been there when it happened. I have a feeling they know the answers.
  7. We also enjoy all your reviews! Wish Los Lobos would come to all NCL's ships as it is just the best imho. We have had some bad experiences at Moderno. We've had two different hotel directors comp us meals there in an effort to get us to give it another try....still didn't like it, lol.
  8. He hasn't paid the ultimate price....the baby paid the ultimate price.
  9. We have Medicare with Part F supplement and it is the best most comprehensive coverage we have ever had....we don't pay a cent for treatment, can go to any hospital in the US, to any specialist, anytime. Gimme a break.
  10. We have always bought travel insurance which covers pre-existing conditions here in the US. Yes it is more expensive however but well worth it. The one and only time we have made a claim, it was due to my husband having surgery 2 weeks before the cruise. The claim was paid 100% with no hassle at all. The older you get the more pre-existing conditions you have. Both you and your wife have pre-existing conditions that is the reason for your trying to cancel with payment in full refunded. That would be nice, but not going to happen. Lesson well learned, imho.
  11. Eager to see and read your report....we are on the Spirit Sept 1 for this same cruise!
  12. We'll be in Bruges in September and are taking a tour to Flanders Fields....sometimes best to get out in the countryside instead of the city esp if you have been there before. In Amsterdam we are going to Delft.
  13. We are cruising on the Spirit in September and have several stops which are either overnight or depart later in the evening than usual. Does anyone know if the shuttles from port to town operate later in these instances? Just want to be prepared to take a taxi or other means in some places.
  14. My own observation is that there is far far more rudeness on the part of passengers than there ever is from staff. Sometimes it is kinda funny to see how angry some people are throughout their whole cruise.
  15. We stay in suites and hand the butler a typed note asking for reservations after we are checked in, that works perfectly. We usually let him know what snacks we prefer but don't have a long list. He gets to know us as the cruise goes on and knows our preferences. Seka is one of the best butlers at NCL, a real gem. We're not prima donnas, but we are paying for this service so want to help all we can that way.
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