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  1. I am curious as well. We are scheduled to leave on the Glory in 9 days and have received no info about the subsitution for our Freeport stop. Not that it's a big deal, as long as I am not at work, it's still vacation!! It would just be nice to know in order to schedule an excursion to take the place of our Freeport snorkeling that was cancelled.
  2. Thanks for the awesome detailed review! Two thumbs up!
  3. We sail on the Glory 9/22 and need all the info we can get...loving your review so far!!!
  4. Thanks for the posts about this! We are scheduled for 12:30 on the Glory in September and I had been wondering if we could just carry everything on and not have to wait hours for our luggage to re-appear. We will each have a rolling suitcase and a backpack (wine, meds, electronics). Sounds like it's completely doable!
  5. We did an Alaskan cruise and we way overpacked! Follow the advice of everyone on here and pack less! Just take a few laundry pods and do a load or two. Also, we stayed at a Holiday Inn Express near the airport and they (for a small fee) provided transportation to and from the cruise port. I think other hotels had similar transport. So, you might want to check the hotels in and around the airport to see if they still offer this. Way cheaper than staying downtown and it was so easy! They picked us up at the hotel and dropped us off right at the port. When we debarked, they were there to pick us up right on time. Took us (and our luggage) back to the hotel and then we caught the free airport shuttle to the airport.
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