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  1. Royal's stop in Victoria was cancelled at the only dock she will fit into has had construction delays (the metal work fell off a freighter out in the Pacific while enroute to Victoria). However in order to be in compliance with American regulations, she must stop at a foreign port. The only options are Prince Rupert or Victoria. My guess is that she will approach Victoria, take an anchorage at Royal Roads while the necessary paperwork is signed by Canadian authorities and then head back down the coast.
  2. A rare meet up of 3 sisters happens in Victoria today. Grand, Star and Ruby will all be at the Ogden Pt docks. Two are sailing early to make room for Norwegian Bliss and Eurodam.
  3. satxdiver: just be slightly correct your insight into the problem, the issue is not with the diesel generator sets on board the ship. There are 6 such sets, and the power from them can be distributed as required to propulsion motors or the hotel requirements of the vessel. The current problem is with the actual electric motor than turns the shaft. Some of the electrical windings within that motor are not working, and thus the motor can not turn as fast as when all the winding are in good order. During the refit they will either: A) cut a large hole in engine room plating, remove the defective motor and then place a new one aboard, or B) strip down the defective motor and rebuild it while it is in place within the engine room. So far, it would appear that option A is favoured.
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