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  1. Royal's stop in Victoria was cancelled at the only dock she will fit into has had construction delays  (the metal work fell off a freighter out in the Pacific while enroute to Victoria).  However in order to be in compliance with American regulations, she must stop at a foreign port.  The only options are Prince Rupert or Victoria.  My guess is that she will approach Victoria, take an anchorage at Royal Roads while the necessary paperwork is signed by Canadian authorities and then head back down the coast.

  2. satxdiver: just be slightly correct your insight into the problem, the issue is not with the diesel generator sets on board the ship. There are 6 such sets, and the power from them can be distributed as required to propulsion motors or the hotel requirements of the vessel. The current problem is with the actual electric motor than turns the shaft. Some of the electrical windings within that motor are not working, and thus the motor can not turn as fast as when all the winding are in good order. During the refit they will either: A) cut a large hole in engine room plating, remove the defective motor and then place a new one aboard, or B) strip down the defective motor and rebuild it while it is in place within the engine room. So far, it would appear that option A is favoured.

  3. Not just in Cuba, but all over the world, service workers are paid very poorly. The best "gift" for them, is money. With that they can actually purchase the necessities for their life. Often that is food or medicine. Trinkets just don"t cut it in my mind.

  4. Watch for a different view from the bridge cam 09:00 PDT on Tuesday morning. Star is being towed from the dry dock over to the regular cruise ship dock in Victoria. It is there that the final refit work will take place, prior to her heading over to Vancouver to embark passengers for the southbound trip to LA.

  5. In the fall I did just under a month on Koningsdam, debarking in Amsterdam. It is a wonderful ship, perhaps best in the fleet for my travels. Others have reported on the great new things, so I will skip over those. On any holiday I leave home with great expectations and as a result the good or great things matter little to me. It is the negatives that stick in my mind!


    The much lower ceiling or deck heads take a little getting used to; there is significantly lower overheads on this ship in order to allow the added height of the vessel. Corridors too are narrow. The "scotch tasting" bar was seldom used. The Culinary Arts area and Blend were always empty, and I feel the space could be put to a better use. The "duelling piano" entertainment varies depending on who the talent is. Ours changed mid voyage the the new comers were much more engaging with the passengers, and thus a larger more fun filled time occurred. As I am not a huge fan of BB King type music I did find that entertainment very loud and almost the same each evening.


    Would I sail on her again. Yes! The great out door deck spaces, pools and hot tubs, and by far the best laid out Lido buffet in the fleet made up for the few short comings. Enjoy your cruise!

  6. Royal will not fit under bridge in Vancouver, nor under the power wires on the inside passage. Thus she will sail from California to Vancouver. A separate 1 night cruise to Seattle. Another separate cruise from Seattle to Alaska will operate weekly from Seattle.

  7. There has been a death on board, and US Authorities delayed the sailing and are investigating. Now expected to embark the pilot off Victoria at 18:45 at the earliest. She may not dock at all, but rather anchor and send ship's officers ashore via fast tender to have paper work signed by Canadian Authorities in order to comply with US regulations. If she does dock, it would not be until 19:45.

  8. Has any one disembarked in Rome (Civitavecchia) this season and noted the time of the first transfer to Rome Airpot (FCO)? The ship docks at 05:00 and yet Princess says the first trip is at 09:00, which seems odd. Someone else said that this season things are different than other years. Any help is appreciated.


  9. When Emerald transits the Panama and arrives in Fort Lauderdale she will become only the 2nd of the 9 Grand class vessels to have circumnavigated the globe. Sapphire achieves this in April once she transits the Suez on her voyage from Singapore to Great Britain, a voyage I am looking forward to. I was on Emerald as she passed through Suez in September 2016 on the reverse journey. All the other Grand class entered the Pacific by way of Cape Horn.

  10. Celebrity Solstice was able to pass under Lions Gate Bridge only twice a season when the low tides gave her enough clearance. They also hinged the top of a mast to allow this to occur. The other problem with air draft for ships sailing from Vancouver to Alaska is the power wires at Seymour Narrows, with Solstice and Explorer of the Seas not fitting below those lines. I am not sure of the exact air draft of the Royal Princess, but for the record here are the official air draft clearances.

    Panama Canal is 57.91 meters or 190.1 feet. First Narrows, Lions Gate Bridge is 56.57 meters or 185.6 feet,.. Seymour Narrows is 58.0 meters or 190.3 feet (possible lower of very hot summer days when the wires sag lower). Here too are some air drafts for comparison. Ruby/Crown/Emerald are 56.24 meters. Solstice is 57.44 meters. Explorer is 63.7 meters.

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