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  1. All the work below the water line has been completed. It is expected that the dry dock will be flooded this evening, but the ship will remain within the drydock area while the refit is completed. Once she sails from the harbour at noon on Friday, there will be sea trials to test and fine tune the new scrubbers installed in the funnel casing. She will then sail to Seattle, just a 4 hour voyage from Victoria with her first cruise on Saturday.

  2. Kamloops50 is not correct. The Esquimalt Graving Dock is owned and operated by the Government of Canada. Victoria Shipyards is a division of Seaspan and the Washington Marine group, and they utilize the facility. ( http://www.seaspan.com/victoria-shipyards ) While they might do some work for the Canadian Navy the majority of their work is on non military vessels such as cruise ships, cargo vessels and the BC Ferry fleet.


    I was down at the dry dock today, and Crown is looking very fresh. Today work was underway on the bow thrusters and also the rudders. There is still a lot of heavy work going on, but she is on time and will sail at 12:00 on Thursday May 15 for Seattle and her first cruise on Saturday May 16.

  3. I'm sorry the picture turned out so small! I just do not know how to do otherwise. I am been down into the drydock several times this week. So far it appears as if most of the hull painting is completed. The largest portion of the work involved placing scrubbers into the funnel, and that too seems to be installed. There are still mountains of carpets and crates going on, so that work is clearly still underway.

  4. She will be in the Esquimalt Graving dock in Victoria. There is no crew leave to go to Vancouver as they are all required for work during the refit. A huge crew change will occur in the later days of the dry dock. The thrusters are being overhauled, propellers polished, and lots of painting from top to bottom. Some windows replacements already underway while tied up in Victoria today. She will be on shore side power for 3 days while engine room refits are underway. A typical refit, not a major! Check out Victoria Shipyards website.

  5. Kamloops 50 is not quite correct, as she is still on a cruise today May 01, in Victoria and departing at midnight for Vancouver. The passengers disembark on Saturday morning, and she will sail to the drydock about noon on May 02. She is expected to enter the drydock on the high tide about 6pm.

  6. Is it true that the servers in the dining room will not provide you with a glass of tap water, and that you must purchase bottle water? Is there a charge for the outdoor cooked hotdogs, burgers and fries? I am thinking of sailing with them, but friends keep bringing up warnings about sailing with them! Your inside knowledge would be appreciated! Thanks

  7. At this time of the year there is no demand for berths at Canada Place, whlle many of the cargo berths are occupied on a regular basis. Thus the rates are probably lower at Canada Place than elsewhere in the harbour. Another cost item would be the fees to move the ship from Canada Place to another berth (Pilotage, lines crews, line boats, standby tugs etc), and then back again once the wet dock was completed. Thousands upon thousand of dollars saved by leaving her along side Canada Place East. Containers of supplies can be placed along the outside of the terminal building, and easily placed upon the upper decks in necessary. My bet in the order for Canada Place East will not change, but you can determine that a few days in advance at: http://www.ppa.gc.ca/traffic. Select the the Island option to see where she is ordered to.

  8. The sailing from England to Australia departs in September 2016. The only voyages for sale are to Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. Why would there not be segments to Singapore (30 days) or Dubai (23 days)? I think it is doubtful that they will sell the whole ship on the end to end voyage.

  9. Further to Paula's excellent account I can add just a few things. On the last day, you will enter the Strait of Juan de Fuca about 2pm. Olympic National Park and the mountains will be just 5 miles off you right side. The ship must follow traffic lanes and those are on the south side, American side, of the Strait until Port Angeles, at which point she will turn north and cross over to Victoria. It will be a very nice sight, even a glacier or two up on the mountains, so a balcony on the right side would be nice. Depending on the day of the week, out in the strait the Norwegian Pearl or Jewel will pass you and often Holland's Westerdam or Zaandam will too, as Princess always docks third. Hope that helps too.

  10. I have 3 sets of friends cruising shortly, and when I mentioned the roll calls they all said they can't be bothered searching through page after page. I usually give up after just a page or two. Perhaps this is why there is so little activity on our roll calls. The same system should be used here; select vessel, select date and there is the information requested!!:mad:

  11. sh2738-Just a heads up in that none of the cruise ships that sail from Seattle, regardless of cruise line, travel the inside passage. They all travel out in the open ocean on the west side of Vancouver Island and up Hecate Strait to Alaskan waters. The inside passage runs on the east coast of Vancouver Island, and then on passages and canals between the outer islands and the mainland up to near Prince Rupert.

  12. Often posters to this board do have inside information prior to it becoming common knowledge. I know it is a few weeks before the next batch of new itineraries are released, but I am very curious as to whether or not anyone KNOWS details of the upcoming voyage of Emerald through the Suez. It would appear she will sail on or about October 02, 2016 from Rome. Someone has found her in the port of Darwin Australia in early November, and in Sydney on NOvember 15. Any knowledge on the remainder would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks

  13. There is a risk!! Often on roll calls posters do reveal enough about themselves to be identified once aboard the ship, or often arrange to meet up for a bon voyage drink. Come that time it could be a very difficult and awkward situation if you find that the person or persons you have chatted to are not at all the type you would like to hang out with! How do you politely let the know? Once almost had a cruise ruined by those I would rather not associate with, and know others that faced the same situation. I would rather just go the LGBT get together and see if there are like minded souls in the crowd.

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