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  1. The summer 2016 deployments for Emerald are not published yet. If she spends the summer in the Med., as she is doing in summer 2015, that means there will be a long trans Suez/ Indian Ocean voyage. At last such a voyage on a Princess ship other than those horrid smaller vessels. I would look forward to such a trip. This year Royal Caribbean has two of them, one on Explorer of the Seas and then Quantum. I am not a fan of that line so have ruled them out. P & O now seems a bit too formal and expensive for me.

    If Emerald comes around to the Pacific, either via the Horn or new Panama Canal for the 2016 Alaskan season, we can expect another trans Pacific similar to what Star, Sea, Dawn, Sun and Golden have done over the past few years. I've done that voyage a number of times with P & O, Princess and Holland America and would much sooner see the eastern voyage materialize.

  2. We were there last summer on Princess. There were a fair number of gay couples on the cruise, and no one experienced any trouble of any kind. Do not draw attention to yourself, by action or clothing, and your will have a wonderful and enriching 2 day experience.

  3. For myself and friends this a big issue. At the health clubs here at home, and on other Princess ships, one can hit the steam or sauna after a workout. On sea days both after a morning cardio and an afternoon session with the weights. I know of several couples that will not sail on these two ships because of the lack of steam and sauna facilities attached or close to the gym. Lets hope the third ship in this class addresses this shortcoming.

  4. Certainly:


    Donald also used the opportunity to reiterate Carnival’s newbuild policy which he described as “measured capacity growth” with only one new ship in 2017, a recent order for Princess Cruises. He also noted that there are plans to sell the Ocean Princess.

  5. During the annual shareholders conference over at Royal Caribbean International it was stated by the CEO that as Azamera is finally making a profit, growth was being looked at, but through "additonal tonnage" not additional vessels. According to some, that is the first hint that Spendour of the Seas and Legend will be moved over to Azamera. As a result I can not see them buying the Princess vessels.

    Over at Prestige, now under NCL ownership, the continued trend of building fantastic new ships will no doubt continue. Oceania's new Marina and Riviera are a huge success for them, and in an attempt to update the other three vessels, Regatta has just had a large refit, however none are scheduled for the other two. In fact they had Insignia chartered out to another cruise line for over a year owing to a weakness in bookings for their older ships.

    The new Viking Line ships will put pressure on all mid sized ship operators to keep up or fade away, and I do not think Azamera or Oceania would want these old girls to run competition with all that the new mid sized ships have to offer.

    There should be a market for the 8 old R ships somewhere, and I would expect it to be a lower tier cruise line such as Louis, Thompson or perhaps a new start up.

  6. RDSGIRL-How do I know if I have never taken a holiday on one? Ever working day I am on ships, including Pacific several times over the last few months. And, I do see beyond the doors marked "crew only". And that is exactly why I have avoid the 8 old R ships. I must admit though, that Oceania's Regatta is absolutely stunning after her major refit earlier this summer, but still not part of my holiday plans. At least they threw more than paint, upholstery fabric and carpets into the old girl.

  7. For many months the rumours have around that the 3 smaller ships in the fleet (one over at P & O) were going to be sold. Today Carnival Corporation confirmed that Ocean Princess is listed for sale, and that she would be available at almost any time for the buyer. It would appear that Pacific is the next, as much major refit work has been deferred on her too. It would appear than once the new Panama Canal locks are opened, the vessel deployments will see Coral and Island take over the globe roaming voyages and the larger vessels take on the Canal trips. Good news for those of us that love longer voyages but would not sail on those tired ships.

  8. Changes in maritime laws are coming soon, that will see all life jackets stored at muster stations and in the areas where boats and rafts are boarded, rather than in accomodations. Many cruise lines are now starting to do the same with exisiting vessels. On a recent cruise on Emerald Princess we found many large varnished wooden cupboards along Promenade deck in various areas. All were full of life jackets, and apparently just recently been placed there.

  9. The sauna, steam and shower facilities on Star are a large improvement on those found on Golden and Grand. I prefer the rear decks on Grand since Skywalkers was removed, and you would have greater chances for exterior viewing from Grand now that the large pillars are gone.

  10. Recently I was in Gothenberg aboard Emerald Princess. We docked at the Volvo Museum, and it was a 29-25 minute shuttle into the city. The cost was about 20 Euros. Not walkable.


    Royal/Regal Princess dock about 30 kilometers out of Stockholm so a shuttle is needed. All the other ships such as Emerald dock right in the inner harbour and it is walkable. It took us 20 minutes to walk into Old Town.


    Tallin and Helsinki are walkable as mentioned.

  11. I agree with nanwel; by not visiting a port the main hit will be financial to those working in the tourism sector, not the Government. On a few Caribbean islands such as Grenada, boycotts had devastating impacts on those most dependent upon tourism spending. It is not those folks that should feel the anger of the world at present, it should be those that govern and make such awful decisions. I will be there next week on Emerald Princess, and look forward to seeing the great city. Hopefully all the money I spend will end up in the hands of those so dependent upon those earning rather than the coffers of the Government.

  12. There is no doubt that the weight caused a very slight increase in fuel consumption, (the ship rides no higher out of the water with the removal-draft is still the same) and perhaps even an even smaller issue with drag in the winds. However the main issue was "metal fatigue"; a potential to weaken the steel through constant vibrations. The issue was dealt with in later ships during construction through strengthening the steel supports with cross members within the support towers. It would not surprise me to see these structures removed long before the ships are withdrawn from service as eventually even the reduced amount of vibrations will take their toll.

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