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  1. In NY, I believe its because of the state's liquor laws as they relate to "pay 1 fee for all you can drink", but I'm not certain. I'm also not sure about TX.
  2. Hi Tap Out, thanks for your review. I was on this sailing as well. I agree that the service was OUTSTANDING. Reminds me of what I experienced on my first cruise 30 years ago. I also enjoyed sailing with fewer guests. I never waited in a long line, no crowded feeling, it was great!
  3. I'm glad you're having a nice trip.. We leave a week from tomorrow. It will be interesting to see if the numbers keep climbing.
  4. Hi Mike, Hope you're enjoying your cruise!! Do you have any idea how many passengers are on this sailing?
  5. I think the $500 credit will go on your account (assuming you were the one that paid for the original cruise). I assume, but am far from certain, that the $300 OBC would be split between the 3 of you. I base this assumption on my own booking wherein I was given a $600 OBC for having paid in full and not requesting a refund after the sailing was cancelled. That credit was split between the people in the cabin.
  6. Thanks Quagmire!!! Apparently my Carnival.com searching skills are not up to snuff!
  7. LOL, surely they do. Yes, I mis-spoke/typed. I believe SNJ is correct, they're now called cruise elegant nights.
  8. Pardon my ignorance, but how many formal nights are there on a 6 day cruise? I've never sailed on a 6 day itinerary and I can't seem to find the answer on Carnival's website. Thank you in advance for your help!
  9. Would someone be kind enough to post the email address where the stock verification needs to be sent.
  10. Hi Jeff, Agreed. I enjoyed re-reading this review. You do a great job! Hope you and Patti are well.
  11. I completely understand. I booked the Magic for July 2021.....praying she sails....
  12. Just re-read this whole review, because, you know, there are no new ones to read....lol. Great re-review Sid!
  13. Thanks for writing the review. It was great!! Especially given the state of affairs right now, it was a nice break from reality!
  14. To beat the dead horse.......great article! I'll never quite understand the hatred by many towards the cruise industry, but it is ever present.
  15. Hi Philly, I'm a Bengals fan. I know cruising is on hold for a while, but man, that comment cut deep, really deep. Ouch! 🙂😄😁
  16. Thanks Jeff and Patti for taking us along on your cruise. Another excellent review!!!
  17. Congrats Chris!!!! We'll be sailing oasis on July 4. Will you still be aboard?
  18. Thanks for your review. I'm glad you had a great time!
  19. Hi Sid, sorry for the delayed "chime in", but I started reading late and just finally caught up. Thanks for taking the time to write such a great review!!!! Looking forward to your next adventure!
  20. I can't fathom a ship with absolutely no kids on board. Dare to dream......lol
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