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  1. Everyone is assuming HAL and associated cruise lines will still be in business ‘as usual’. For now, enjoy the memories. For the pessimists, continue to hunker down & find a affordable travel trailer. For the optimists, maintain the ‘dream’ and plan future cruises. For the pragmatic sorts, hold on to your wallet & give it a few months to see how things ‘shake out’. Be well. Bob
  2. Just a quickie response after a quick read, typical bureaucrats (including PH folks) are just placing their hopes that others of their ilk would present provide better constructive information in the future. The ‘goal posts’ continue to move regardless of science & driven by the endless ‘panic’ . Ambivalence appears to be turning into apathy, no? It’s all exhausting. Cruising sometime soon? Not, IMHO. Be well. Bob
  3. Just an outside opinion being only a 1 & 1/2 full WC individual (‘18 & ‘20). I’m not convinced that a ‘22 would be a reality. Whether folks would like certain individuals from prior WC’s is not really an issue IMO. Me thinks the Zaandam folks may take an issue with your ‘issue’. And BTW, I enjoy Philip, Manny, Tina and all the good folks on prior WC’s. Time to give other qualified and friendly folks to serve you? Seriously, at this point, without a safe & proven vaccination for the current ‘flu’, aka COVID, the cruise line industry & past cruises will be a memory only. And...HAL have folks signed up for the ‘21 WC, folks on the ‘18 WC that made deposits for the ‘21 & ‘ 22 with various FCC’’s and folks that made deposits for the ‘22 WC only. What a mess, no? Perhaps a larger ship, I.e N. Statedam, might be required for the tentative ‘22 WC ( will need deep water port perhaps?). Goodness, I hope the WC reservation desk (& the CS folks) are getting hazardous duty pay at this point. For the time being, say the next two years or so, I would consider optional travel plans beyond cruising. Be well. Bob
  4. You kids, aka Gail & Marty, are fairly tall, if I recall. I can visualize you reclining in your airline seat (perhaps causing problems with folks behind you) or, maybe, visiting the 'head' (turning about to wash hands & open doors) while wearing the aforementioned "topper". I could be wrong. And, I might add, the contraptions come in only one color / one size fits all. Very difficult to accessorize with one's remaining wardrobe, no? Be well. Bob & the Mrs.
  5. When 'distancing' aboard is not possible: https://www.vyzrtech.com/products/bio-vyzr Be well. Bob
  6. Possibly no free laundry, if so Well...back to drying the skivvies nightly in the "head" We'll need to pack extra under arm deodorant too. 2020, the year of sacrifice. Be well. Bob
  7. HAL Blog announcement link: https://www.hollandamerica.com/blog/topics/news/four-ships-to-leave-the-holland-america-line-fleet-in-2020/ Be well. Bob
  8. I always thought the casserole dish (with the various ports imprinted that were both visited and missed on the '18 & '20 adventures) & the courier bag (with various bandages, band-aids, splints and such) were quite useful. My daughter enjoyed the combination luggage wraps from the '18 adventure (please don't tell her my re-gifting practices). We missed several 'pillow gifts' recently due to the cruise's abrupt cessation in Perth (Fremantle) due, of course, to the COVID-1984 crisis. All is good... JMHO. Be well. Bob & the Mrs.
  9. Just an FYI. https://www.kayak.com/travel-restrictions Be well. Bob
  10. And they should be proud to do so. I pack quality merchandise, aka Wal-Mart markdowns for my cruising leisure wear. Be well Jan. 🙂 Bob
  11. “Friends of Bill W” meetings are scheduled usually during the late afternoon, Often the meetings coincide with HAL Happy Hours. Your call. Be well. Bob
  12. Frozen mango daiquiri. An embarkation day tradition for us following the boat drill. Be well. Bob
  13. Interesting thought... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9bgDq5Vi3A&feature=youtu.be
  14. I don't see it to be a routine, useful means of disinfection considering a cruise ship's size. Areas treated needed to be vacated for a certain period of time depending on the compounding used (the link / study I attached utilizes hydrogen peroxide pretty much). http://www.mcpur.com/main/library/12_brochures/3024838_(Environmentally_Friendly_Disinfection_of_a_Cleanroom).pdf Although as a child I had the privilege to cruise in the late 50's, where a ship would arrive in the A.M., passengers disembarked and the ship did not sail until the following day, noon-ish or so following late A.M. embarkation. If such timings came about there might be time to fog but with turnover being so important to be bottom line I doubt we'll see that, IMHO. And, of course the labor costs & equipment costs would, seem to me, be prohibitive due to the overall square footage's to be treated. My crystal ball tells me that an effective & safe vaccine will be the only answer for future safe sailings. I have my 'fingers crossed' that something might become available by Spring 2021, we'll see, for the COVID-1984. And God knows, down the road when this current viral pandemic subsides there will always be a another pathogen (i.e. bacterial, fungal, viral) lurking about to make our life's a tad more difficult. And so it goes... Be well & keep washing those hands. Bob
  15. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-06-03/the-cutting-edge-technology-that-ll-make-cruising-safe-again?utm_campaign=news&utm_medium=bd&utm_source=applenews
  16. In regard to WhatsApp, crew members & many tour operators use it as a primary means (usually free) of communications. I’ve only used it on a limited basis for texting tour operators for the past few years but the good crew members use it all the time. The app is free & it’s similar to Facebook messaging and such. Actually, me thinks Facebook owns the platform. Any how, I believe it can be used not only with internet service but also data service with one’s mobile phone carrier (I’ve used both ways) . I also believe the sender and recipient had to have the app on their ‘gizmos’ for it to work. I’m sure folks smarter tech-wise will provide additional information. Here’s a link that might explain it better: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/what-is-whatsapp/%3famp Be well. Bob
  17. Indeed, but that would require quite a bit of expenditures for cash strapped government entities. List of HAL tender port link: https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/accessibility/port-tender-list.html Be well. Bob
  18. Well said, however, ports requiring tender boats could possibly be an issue with the current distancing ‘guidelines’, no? Towing some adventurous folks on various small 2 person zodiacs is a option IMO. Be well. Bob
  19. Depends. If these future cruises included an unlimited drink packages, daily complimentary massages, & complimentary WiFi at the current per diem rates (all categories) that might be a ‘deal closer’ for some. Kidding... the answer for us would be a definite no. BTW, how would the 6’ distancing ‘thingy’ work on a tender? Just curious. Plenty of other travel options. Be well. Bob
  20. Ditto. FCC last week (60 days). Cash refund (67 days) overnight on our credit card. We'll give the travel reimbursement another week since it appears according to some folks that submitted via e-mail in mid-May have already rec'd their check. We submitted ours via snail mail the second week of April. I suspect the luggage will certainly take some time to place on a container ship, etc. And so it goes... Onward we go! Be well. Bob
  21. Yes we do. Covid-1984 be gone! As ‘orphans’ from the ‘20 WC (I need to make some T-shirts with that slogan soon) to wear around the Lido pool sometime and we do have intentions to cruise again. Upon final arrival to the casa the 2nd week of April I went ahead and planned 2021 travel plans that included a cruise or two. Me thinks the rest of 2020 is a ‘wash’ (short ‘feeler’ cruises at best IMO dependent on the CDC “guidelines”) and so we’re just doing road trips. I’ve never been able to justify getting a camper / motor home for short segments of my life considering initially cost, maintenance & insurance but those good folks that enjoy the open road, camp grounds & such I wish you only the best (& be sure to keep me in mind if you need a relief driver). In any event, we’re ‘good to go’ at this point with a April 2021 TA with HAL, boarding a river cruise the same day as disembarkation for a AMS to Budapest Viking Cruise and then 2 weeks doing a train, B&B holiday by ourselves and then joining an Odyssey 2 week land tour for Switzerland & Austria (BTW, thanks Jan for the tip). And we’re also booked with HAL for the 71 day Grand come October 2021. So yes, we plan to continue cruising. However, if we feel unsafe for one reason or another or, more importantly, if we have to wear masks all the time while cruising either on a river or ocean then all reservations will be cancelled. And, that’s assuming we’re still in good health ( a senior thought, no?). Just me. Me thinks by 2021 things will sort themselves out world- wise and , perhaps ,a vaccine for the current virus (BTW, wouldn’t it be great if they had the dreaded Noro virus combined in the same vaccine ?) Onward we march! Be well. Bob As
  22. I can only surmise the ship with the situation changing constantly, the ‘survey’ would only provide an outlet for ‘anger management’ issues for the Perth disembarkation. And I speak of this only of the corporate management and NOT the on board staff. Capt. Jonathan & the ‘kids’ dealt with situation above & beyond & rather graciously IMO. The lack of guidance for those unfamiliar with making sudden changes / flights home arrangements on their own (unless they were under the umbrella of HAL’s insurance program or on board TA folks) I could see fairly negative surveys submitted. Heck, we had fun enjoying new ports and the good folks aboard on sea days. BTW, the Mrs. has a bag still aboard filled with knitting and artsy-cratftsy stuff. We figure it’s worth close to $1K insurance-wise, no? Besides, at this point, with all that is going on, what would a survey contribute to the future of HAL WC’s? No animosity here. JMHO whatever it might be worth (zero in most cases actually). Be well. Bob
  23. Just something to take everyone's mind off the fate of HAL, refunds & such. If copy & paste doesn't work with your server just go to YouTube and type in Getting there is Half the Fun (50's) if interested.. A Cunard promo for cruising. An oldie but goodie. Be well & have a Great Weekend!. Bob https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utH65UZ7w_w
  24. Disembarking the Amsterdam in Port Everglades after 128 wonderful days of cruising. Be well. Bob
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