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  1. Suzanne123

    What am I missing?

    Last October, I booked one way flights from Anchorage to Harrisburg for a May cruise. I bought Delta Comfort+ seats for $577 pp. Today, Comfort + is $483. Fair enough, prices go up and down, and I’m still satisfied with the price I paid. I got the flight and the seats I wanted. Here’s what I don’t understand. The price for first class on my flight is $881pp if I were to book it today. On “my flights” on the Delta app, they are offering to upgrade me to first class for an additional $1,579 pp. Why wouldn’t the price to upgrade be the difference between what I paid or even the current comfort+ price and $881? Where are they getting this crazy $577 plus $1,579 pp price for an $881 seat that anyone can book? I’m going to pass on the two thousand dollar “attentive service and greater personal space” from Anchorage in the middle of the night.
  2. I stayed at the Movenpick when I did a river cruise with Avalon. It is a lovely hotel. It is a 10 or 15 minute walk to the train station. You will walk by the river cruise docks. I also stayed in Amsterdam at the Art’otel https://www.artotels.com/amsterdam-hotel-nl-1012-tm/nldaams on the other side of the train station for a HAL cruise. i would stay at either hotel again. Your cruise documents will tell you where your cruise ship is docking. If you are out of town, you might as well stay at the Movenpick or a hotel downtown anyway because there is nothing near the out of town pier.
  3. Suzanne123

    2:00am arrival in Anchorage, no hotel?

    Maybe someone knows for sure, but can you get back into the airport proper once you go to baggage claim? You cannot at my local airport. Maybe you could take a cab to a Denny’s or another 24 hour diner type restaurant and hang out there?
  4. Suzanne123

    Dipping Powder Nails?

    I had an acrylic fill done on the Konigsdam, and the girl just used a file and buffed, no dremel! Nails looked great. It was $45 + tip, but very gentle. I spent about twice the price I pay at home. I would gladly pay the same if I could find someone locally to forego the dremel.
  5. Suzanne123

    What to include as non-refundable trip costs?

    From Trip Insurance Store: https://tripinsurancestore.com/what-is-your-trip-cost/
  6. Suzanne123

    Taking soda on board at embarkation

    Yes, you can take soda and water on board.
  7. Suzanne123

    Alaskan Cruise Cabin Selection Dilemma

    The nice folks who started that site years ago have really helped me, too.
  8. Suzanne123

    Alaskan Cruise Cabin Selection Dilemma

    I don’t know which ship you are on, but take a look here. It might help your decision. http://halfacts.com/
  9. Suzanne123

    Lido HAL ice cream

    Bread pudding was available at lunch and dinner every day at the corner bread station, right up front, with or without the sauce, on the Konigsdam last week. 😁
  10. Suzanne123

    Summer Sales - Alaska or New England

    You could show your daughter some of the excursions for both NE and Alaska and let her decide which is more interesting, but I think your daughter would be much happier on an Alaskan cruise. There is so much more to do, and so many more exciting things to see. I do like the NE cruises, but mainly for relaxation. HAL does both areas very nicely, and would be my preferred cruise line for either. In fact, I’m on the Noordam in May. As far as price drops, I’d start looking now at any of the online cruise reservation companies. With Alaska, you’re taking a chance by waiting until final payment, especially if you can only go during school vacation. The lowest prices I have seen for Alaska were all in early May or September. When I have taken advantage of the last minute pricing for summer, I made up the difference in savings by having to book last minute airfare. YMMV.
  11. Suzanne123

    Bus - Seward to Anchorage

    There may be more than one bus, but we took the Park Connection Seward Express a couple years ago. It was fine. I don’t think we stopped. It wasn’t a tour, just a transfer. https://www.alaskacoach.com/
  12. On our last sea day, I ran out of toothpaste, and the Konigsdam had a 2.5 oz ($1.59) tube of Colgate for $4.99. They didn’t stock travel sizes, but they had a good selection of otc meds and misc. personal care items.
  13. Suzanne123

    Ft Lauderdale Airport delays

  14. Suzanne123

    Ft Lauderdale Airport delays

    I just did this yesterday. I was at the airport at 8:10 with a boarding pass, and my flight was scheduled for 1:30. Walked through security with no problem.
  15. Suzanne123

    Walking Distance - Embassy Suites - Ft. Lauderdale

    I stayed at the Embassy Suites three nights last week. If you are looking for low/ moderate prices, there is a Panera Bread across 17th street about a block away to the right. There is a vegetarian place across 17th street and a block to the left. As mentioned above, there is a 5 guys, another burger place, and a pizza place at the Harbor Shops behind the ES. You could also catch the sun trolley by the Publix and go to one of the many restaurants at the beach. They start around 10:30 AM. Please be careful crossing 17th St. with your group. I saw a guy on a scooter get grazed by a car as he tried to cross against the signal and many near misses of elderly people trying to cross the street next to ES without walking to the corner. Ai yi yi. Walking along 17th can really be unnerving. Lots of squealing tires and honking horns.