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  1. The online TA I sometimes use posts this note if you try to reserve a cabin either week. I booked a couple weeks on Celebrity Equinox instead. My sister and I are arriving from different cities, and I had flights and hotels all arranged for those weeks. Just didn’t want the hassle of starting over. System Error The sailing you have requested is no longer available
  2. Not yet, but I did want to try the NS. I wish she was doing the southern route.
  3. Not really a problem for me. My travel insurance will cover the FF miles redeposit fee, and the Riverside hotel reservation is refundable. It’s just a pain after I had everything arranged.
  4. Should, but didn’t offer. 😞. If we don’t book a different cruise, they will refund our deposits. If any other spring 2020 Caribbean 14-day voyage is selected, you will be re-accommodated in the same (or equivalent) stateroom category at the rate paid. In addition, the above Shipboard Credit (SBC) will be applied to the new booking based on the stateroom category booked. Cancellation Protection Plan cost and Taxes, Fees, and Port Expenses will be calculated based on the new booking. If you elect not to rebook, we will refund all funds paid to Holland America Line in full.
  5. Just got the email from HAL. Our 14 day back to back March 8th on the Nieuw Statendam is canceled. They’re offering us $75 per person ( veranda) to rebook on a different date in March. Glad I bought travel insurance. I had all my flights and hotels set up. Maybe they have a charter?
  6. Do you have a web site for Bonjour Provence? Thanks.
  7. I’m sure this is a dumb question, but I recently changed my provider to T- Mobile, and every day I get a “Welcome to France ( or Ireland etc). You have up to 2g free data and texting” or something similar. I have the WiFi package on the ship, and my settings are WiFi On, Airplane mode On, and Dara Roaming OFF. Can someone tell me how to go about accessing this free coverage when I am off the ship? What settings do I use, and how will I know if I go over the amount of free data from T-Mobile? Thanks.
  8. I’ve done a 10:30 flight, but the ship always docked at 7. I definitely wouldn’t try it an hour later unless you can self-disembark, have TSA pre check, and some kind of priority luggage check-in at the airport. How many ships are in port that day?
  9. They had a home-made pretzel at the bread station and some pretty good apple strudel at desserts ( no shoo fly pie, though, LOL)
  10. You’re right! Never noticed. Tomorrow it’s Flavors of Italy.
  11. As it happens, I am in the Ocean View on the Reflection right now. Tonight seems to be some kind of German theme. We have spaetzel, chicken schnitzel and pork schnitzel on the buffet. Last night it was a large number of Indian entrees.
  12. If you get a cruise that stops at Prince Edward Island, do the Falconry excursion. One of the best experiences, ever.
  13. Geoblue Voyager and Trekker Choice plans do have a pre existing condition waiver even at the last minute. https://www.geobluetravelinsurance.com/products/single-trip/voyager-5-overview.cfm
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