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  1. Just completed the luggage valet form this morning. There is a line on the form where you tell them why you should not be charged the airline baggage fee and another line where you can provide your FF number.
  2. I bought the thermal suite pass for couples on line last week, and it was $299, same as on the ship.
  3. Reporting back on the Mt.Rainier tour with Nature Nuts. A really nice day and much more than I expected. Pick up was at 7:40 this morning, and we got back at 7:30 this evening. We had nine in our freshly detailed van on a beautiful day and walked over 13k steps according to my iWatch. The trip out and back to Rainier was about an hour and a half each way. The longest hike of the day was about three miles over two hours. We had three or four rest stops throughout the day and a delicious lunch catered by Gourmando. We saw the glaciers, a waterfall, and old growth forest. I never felt
  4. I did, but we had a couple in the van who just walked up to the desk. They had to wait for us, but they did get a ride.
  5. Letting you know that the Aeroporter trip couldn’t have gone better. Good, polite driver, clean van. A nice luggage lift off the back so everything neatly and securely placed. They are located on the third floor between Orange and Purple. ( That will make sense if you get to the parking garage.) Our plane was late, but they called me and waited until I could get to the parking garage. No complaints.
  6. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g60878-d13836269-Reviews-Nature_Nuts_Adventure_Travel-Seattle_Washington.html Not exactly unknown. Anyway, we’re with them tomorrow for the Mt. Rainier tour. Looks like fun to me.
  7. The water taxi stops at the back of the Doubletree Galleria. Walk through their lobby, and the mall is on your left. I stayed at the Riverside in a tower room for two weeks in March. Very convenient. I thought it was actually better than right on the beach that can get very loud and crowded at night.
  8. HAL offers the Evening Whale Watch that leaves around 5:30. (I think that’s the right time. We leave on Saturday, and the excursions have disappeared from the Navigator app) The HAL whale watch in ISP leaves at 6:30 for sure. I’m on it.
  9. This is one that I used which was on the dock. https://www.juneauwhalewatch.com
  10. Nope. Only Seattle shows up with the beverage package. All the other ports have the same come back later message. I was able to make Tamarind reservations from my laptop, so maybe it’s just an Apple problem. Whatever. I’m sure it will all get sorted out.
  11. Penny, try deleting the app and reloading. I at least see my bookings and beverage package now. My purchased excursions aren’t there yet.
  12. Same here. I sail next Saturday. On my iPad, this is what I see under Plan> Itinerary “Come back closer to your cruise to plan your itinerary” It’s worse on the iPhone. As soon as I click on My Itinerary, it closes the app.
  13. I remember when GeoBlue raised their prices a few years ago, and I was surprised that the age limit was 95. Anyway, according to Trip Insurance Store, the age limit is still 95. https://tripinsurancestore.com/geo-blue-trekker-travel-medical-plans/
  14. I think the age limit is 95 for GeoBlue, but why not ask them? https://geobluetravelinsurance.com/contact.cfm
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