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  1. I love the Christmas decorations too. Kinda weird to come back to the ship from the beach and see the trees, lol, but it’s a great vibe. I’m looking forward to football season too! Rise Up!!
  2. Welcome back Saint Greg! I love your live reviews. I live in GA and travel mainly out of the FL ports or NOLA. First week of December is my favorite week for the same reasons. Great temperatures and fewer kids. Much cheaper prices too. Looking forward to all the food and drink porn. Enjoy!!🍸
  3. Carnival may let you reserve an underutilized area, like a library, for a “reunion” meeting since you have so many people. Can’t hurt to ask.
  4. The last 2 cruises I've been on they didn't even check to see if I had wine. As long as it says it's a wine product, you shouldn't have any problems. TSA doesn't check and the Carnival Rep behind the counter probably won't ask about it anyway.
  5. I haven’t read through the whole post, but here are a few of my hacks... 1. Bring clips for the deck chairs to keep your towels from blowing away or falling down. The Dollar Tree sells a set of 4. 2. I sometimes order room service on the first morning and keep the tray to use on the Lido. I often cruise solo and prefer just to make one trip. 3. Take your own glass of wine to dinner from the bottle you’re allowed to bring. 4. Open the outside cabinet door to the refrigerator to help it stay colder. It runs better with better ventilation.
  6. On our recent Elation cruise they would not let me take a to go order for my daughter who wasn’t feeling well. They said it was for temperature food safety. Maybe it was just our server.
  7. SG...Thanks so much for bringing us along on another adventure. I’m with you that tequila is my arch nemesis. Have you ever seen the Alchemy do a sangria drink?
  8. Attitude is everything. We primitive camp together and truly love spending time together. Laugh a lot and don’t take it too seriously. A few cocktails help too, lol.
  9. My kids, me, and one fiancé all stayed in one OV cabin on the Elation. It was much better than we expected. Keep your things put away and it’s no big deal. We even all sat on the bed during a very stormy sea day and played cards. Great family bonding time.
  10. I just found your review and it's awesome. Sounds like you guys had a blast. We're practically neighbors (I love in Canton) and just wondering about the drive to Fort Lauderdale. My man and I will be going on the Sunrise in October and we will be driving. Did you plan to cut over to the coast to jet ski? I was thinking the turnpike would be the fastest way. Thanks for all the food and drink porn too!!
  11. So glad you're back!! Congratulations on the hiatus and the dedication to school work. I love your reviews! You, Sid_9169 and Saint Greg keep the rest of us coming back for more. I sure hope there's some diving planned because I love your underwater shots! Have a great cruise.
  12. Can more than one WiFi package be purchased for a cabin? I understand that more than one user can share and use it one at a time, but I am traveling with my young adult kids and it will be challenging to wait in line.
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