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  1. I have not had time to follow this thread as closely as I would have liked. Thank you very much for sharing your cruise experience. Just wondering is that serious with the lights?? It is a COVID restriction??
  2. Sounds like a good plan given my experience at New Street. You cannot unlock with a rising R number. Our unlocking has meant that numbers have trickled up from zero, but they are manageable. No one is in hospital with COViD and the numbers in self-isolation are much lower. It must be a nightmare to keep on top of people in the UK though. I got a call from contact tracing yesterday to ask why I had not done my Day 5 test. I had always thought that when I arrived back last Monday my usual Friday test at work would do. I forgot that since the flight got delayed by a day, Friday was no longer ‘Day 5’. I have to go and get another test today. Keeping on top of 30,000 is one thing, keeping on top of 60 million is another ball game. Gutted for those summer weddings that had been postponed though.
  3. Thanks Dani - the visit was to visit Mum and Dad. It was nice that my sister and her partner came down for an overnight too. My sister had had her 2nd jab two weeks ago so felt OK about visiting. We even went out for supper.
  4. And it looks like their behaviour is not changing. It must be so frustrating for those who just want lives to get back to (albeit new) normal. In Gibraltar you still cannot get on a bus without a mask on. I have been on a bus when a passenger was threatened by the driver with being thrown off for taking down his mask and talking to his partner. OK so loads of people do not cover their nose, and I am sure it would make more sense for people to be using the hand sanitiser at the door instead of a mask - but it is just so much easier to maintain social distancing rules in a small place.
  5. I so get that fear. When I was in UK last week I had to travel via train through the centre of Birmingham. There were so many people on the train and platform. The lift to the platform which in COVID measures was said to only take one person or family was full, about 1/4 of the people I saw were not wearing masks. I was so stressed by it all. As soon as I got to my parents’ house I showered and put all the clothes I was wearing to the wash. My parents are vaccinated and of course so am I, but it did not stop me feeling fearful of public transport.
  6. We own it for all time. It is the price of parking in Gibraltar!!
  7. So today was a bit exciting. Parking is in short supply in Gibraltar, we made a bid for one of a block of parking spaces that became available. We got lucky and had the chance to pay £30000 for a parking space. I got to use it for the first time on my commute to work today. Actually it is as quick to catch a bus from where I work at the moment but we will use it for more than me going to work. I had to laugh that it has cost us more to buy a space in a parking lot than it cost us for our flat in 1988 !
  8. We did the Adventure out of Malaga. It was such a great cruise for us because it was so convenient to home. I loved the Adventure. I would have done that more often but I think it was not popular with the staff and RCI. They got a different demographic and so lots of people spent their evening playing cards and drinking tea. We were told that the casino and bars were empty and too few people buying tours.
  9. Great to hear so many getting vaccinated around the world. It has made so much difference in Gibraltar. I cannot recall when we last had someone in hospital. No deaths for a couple of months. There still are a few people testing positive - and this does include people who are vaccinated, but the numbers are right down but they are not getting very sick.
  10. So I have been away for a while, since last month. As Gibraltar became a green country for the UK I booked a flight. Working out the pre and post flight covid tests was a bit stressful but it all worked out well. I had not seen my 92 yr old parents since Feb 2020. When I said I was visiting my sister and her partner did an overnight and we had a nice time in the garden and went out for an evening meal. I actually have to say that the train journey to my parents’ house was stressful. I went through Birmingham New Street - OMG how many people on the train without facemasks. The lift from the station was full!! When I arrived I was like “don’t touch me, I need a shower and made sure everything I was wearing went in the washer. It all worked out well. The weather was lovely all week too. We managed to do lots of work on the garden which has been my mother’s pride and joy. She will not do as she is told and get a gardner, but at least we have made things fit for early summer. I bought her a load of new shrubs for her birthday and we got them planted. Of course the weeds will come back, but at least it will keep things down for a while. Bit of a drama coming back when the plane was not working. We ended up having a night in Birmingham airport. I had to tell my boss not to expect me for a further 24 hours. Fortunately we have been together since 1983 so we accept the occasional ‘life has got in the way’ occasions. Eastern Airways looked after us too. We got checked into the Novotel with a good supper and breakfast. Everything was done with a smile and of course the airport was quiet so no queues at checkin or passport control when we came back in the morning. The extra covid tests and passenger locator forms are stressful, what if you get a positive??? I love that people are wanting to visit Gibraltar, but to be honest I don’t think a holiday that requires a flight is worth it.
  11. LOL for the story. When I moved from a Protestant to Catholic country I was confused about Mother’s day. I had always remembered Mothering Sunday as was the English name when (so I was told) the servants went home to their mothers (and mother church) taking a cake (possibly a Simnel cake). When I moved to Gibraltar, I learned that May is the month of Mary, and in those days most children brought flowers to the May altar. Because Gibraltar is British we celebrate Mothers Day during Lent, but remember Mary in May. We have adopted many US traditions (especially halloween) but Mother’s day is still the British version.
  12. We were in the islands for a month. Never even considered taking a guide book. Two possible explanations. 1. We were there just before tourism started getting so ‘big’ 2. We were only interested in retsina and dancing. My friend ended up marrying the Greek man she met up with there. It all worked out.
  13. I don’t know if I have ever mentioned here, but I went to Santorini in 1979, we ate calamares, we drank retsina and we danced all night. We mixed with tourists and locals but no-one mentioned anything about sunsets. They were not famous then. When I went back during our last cruise I was amazed to see how important it seemed to be. Who decides when something is ‘a thing to photograph’. Santorini is lovely, I appreciated it but tbh the sunset would not be a reason for me to go there.
  14. I am 62 and just finishing (well I have 5 months left) my PhD in human communication. It is my career but I will retire almost as soon as a graduate. It was harder than I thought to keep on working and studying. At masters level it was easy enough. PhD is a bit more intellectually demanding. When I retire I will do some coursera.org courses. They are interesting.
  15. I just got another ‘When will I do this again’ feeling when reading that. Apparently from tomorrow we can travel around Andalucia which will make a difference. We can probably start planning at least a weekend away in the next couple of months.
  16. That is so refreshing. When discussing travel in the past (13 + months ago) with other CC members I seemed to always come up with people who would talk about doing 2 back to backs and a month on land using carry on only. I thought I was the only one who had to have more than three changes of clothing on a cruise.
  17. So tomorrow is a Bank Holiday in Gibraltar. International Workers Day! No one does anything. Not even sure how many international workers we have in Gibraltar, but it is their day. It is a nuisance because 2 days later it would make a great long weekend to go with May Day. Sort of splits up the week in an inconvenient way as far as I am concerned, but I am coming up to retirement when it seems that everyday is a holiday. So whatever.
  18. That is what I have been enjoying doing for the last few years -until COVID caught up. Our anniversary is 2nd November and it is great doing the last or second to last Med cruise of the year. We got storms a couple of years ago so Naples was cancelled, but it was not bad. We much prefer to those blazing hot July cruises we did when DH was a school teacher.
  19. This seems to be exactly what our small country has seen. There are still a small number of folk who are against vaccination but I think the numbers speak for themselves. I am glad to hear that the same outcome is being seen in Israel.
  20. My. Favourite story along the ‘wrong utensil’ lines is when in a Tokyo burger bar (it was pouring with rain and we needed to stay dry) we spotted a couple of very polite ladies eating a burger with chopsticks. I tried hard not to stare, but they made it look really easy. I didn’t try.
  21. So international travel yesterday for my birthday. We had a huge Sunday roast in a Thai restaurant in Spain (only about 20 mins away). Forgot to take a picture of it, but it was lunch and I didn’t eat any supper . We only had to wear masks when walking in the restaurant. Our restrictions are loosening. We can have live music now, we only need to wear masks in shops and churches. Not limitations on the number of people booked for parties at restaurant tables. I will still have to wear a mask at work which is a pain because my job is a speech pathologist working with children with speech disorders. Not easy to do with a mask on. Fingers crossed we won’t have another wave.
  22. Wow, I have no idea what we pay for fuel. Comes out of DH’s account and I never hear about it. I would if it was that much though. I think people who run a/c. Machines probs pay more than us. We are a ‘put a jumper on’ sort of family due to allergies in dry heat. Gibraltar may be in the Mediterranean but in the winter houses designed for hot weather can be really cold.
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