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    If you had Noro virus, would you stay in your cabin?

    Hi I am a long time lurker but I had to post on this one, seeing as I've had the Noro virus. Luckily I was at home and not on a boat. I really doubt anyone would be able to leave their cabin. Noro is HORRIBLE. I was not able to leave my bathroom. I couldn't go more than 30 min. without throwing up plus the other side effects ;). I ended up having to go to the hospital to get an IV for the dehydration. I was shaking all over, sitting or standing was even too much. It only lasted about 2 days but in those 2 days I lost 17 pounds (the one positive, too bad it didn't stay off!). So I guess my anwser is that there is no way you could pay me to leave my cabin if I had the Noro Virus.
  2. rekkoreasy

    Whats the nicest thing that ever happened

    Hello. I've been a long time lurker but never posted anything. I wanted to share my nice cruise moment. I went on my first cruise with my best friend an her boyfriend this past May. One of our shore excursions was to the Mayan Ruins in Mexico. My friend and I sat together and her boyfriend sat across the aisle from us. An older lady (probably late 70's/early 80's) asked Mike (my friend's boyfriend) if she could sit next to him for the ride as she was traveling by herself. He said of course. We were all excited because we had a long bus ride ahead of us and were looking forward to sneaking a little bit more sleep. However, this lady was just so excited to have someone to chat to. Mike, being the polite guy he is engaged the woman and they chit chatted about everything under the sun for the entire ride. We finally get to the ruins, check them out and got back on the bus. The lady again asked Mike if she could sit with him. He gladly said yes. One the way back we all talked to her. She told us about her life back in Missouri (we're from California), asked us about computers, and how our cruise was going (she was actually on a different ship than us). A bit later they came by offering the pictures they make you take in front of the ruins. The woman selling them showed us ours and we couldn't decide if we wanted it. We had already bought quite a few pictures so we passed on it. However, the sweet lady Mike was sitting next to bought our picture and gave it to us on the way off the bus. She told us that we were some of the nicest young people she's ever met (us girls are 22, and Mike is 25) and she wanted us to remember people from Missouri are nice too. We were so appreciative. Those pictures were $25! Just last week the three of us were in a parking lot and spotted a Missouri license plate. All I could think of is people from Missouri are nice.