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  1. Ok, my cancelled cruise still has me bummed...looking for next year. Question on Meraviglia balconies. Has anyone stayed in a forward facing angled balcony 13150, 14086 or something similar? They show a larger balcony on the deck plan...how was it? They are also right near the panoramic elevator...was that an issue? lastly, I like to be closer to the upper decks but concerned about deck 14 being directly under...any issues there? Any info would be appreciated as always :)
  2. Hi all: Well, like a lot of you, I was cancelled off my recent cruise...3/15 on Meraviglia. So I am looking at the same cruise next year. Well, since I have a credit, that's like free money (at least I keep telling my wife that :)). So it was thinking of bumping up to the Aurea package (we have always done fantastica) I was a little disheartened to learn that the drink package is just the easy package...so I'm wondering where the real upgrade is...right now the price difference to jump to Aurea for us is about $600 for the family. The private deck sounds good, and I would buy my wife the thermal spa access anyway, so I guess there is that. If they included a real "unlimited" drink package its a no brainer...so, should I do it? Are the cabins any better? Are the other perks worth it? What do you think?
  3. Thanks! We have been on the Divina before and really liked it. Was looking at the 11 night Caribbean in March (with my cancelation money + from this week) DW was really hoping for a refurbished spa area which was one thing she wasn't crazy about on the Divina the first time.
  4. Well, like q lot of you, our cruise was cancelled, so now I'm thinking toward next year. I read somewhere that the Divina was going into drydock this coming fall. Do any of you know what the plans are? We were on that ship a couple of years ago and enjoyed it, and we are considering it for next spring, was curious what upgrades it may have by then?
  5. Ok, This is a bit specific but I was wondering if any of you have stayed in an aft facing cabin on the 14th deck. We are in 14225 in a couple of weeks and while Im excited for the aft view, I was curious about possible noise from above?
  6. This is a little specific, but is there any chance any of you have stayed in a aft cabin on deck 14 on the Meraviglia? We are in 14225 in March, and I was wondering about noise from above (the buffet is up there I think) and also the overhang on the balcony. Amount of shade etc. Just general impressions of the location .
  7. We did 4 in a balcony on the Seaside. DW, myself and 2 kids. What was nice about the bunkbed is that it has a much smaller footprint than a pullout bed, so the rooms seemed bigger because we didnt have to shimmer around the pull out bed. Plus kids like bunk beds...but who will be on the top bunk?...let the arguing comence 🙂
  8. Quick Question: I remember reading that one of the Cirque du Soleil shows was more family friendly? Does anyone know what I am talking about? (because Im not sure I do) 🙂 Should I go with the Viaggioo or the Sonor show?
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