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  1. Have a great cruise everyone, I might come down and see you off as the next time I see her, Il be on board!!:D....
  2. Ok Thanks, On that note Il take my own as they are only $20 for a pack of 40. Im doing a food and wine cruise so there wont be duty free
  3. Cool, that was a question I asked on behalf of my 1st time cruiser Im taking with me, so can anyone answer the price of smokes question?
  4. I may as well ask here instead of making a new thread, Do they serve eggs bennedict for brekkie on Pac Dawn? and also, does anyone know the price of smokes onboard atm?
  5. Hey Steve, Long time no hear! I saw you guys on telly, so sorry to hear what happened! Glad you guys are ok
  6. Thanks for the fantastic summary! I also followed your world blog daily and absolutely loved it!!! Job well done!! :D
  7. Im sure I read name changes could be done up to 72hrs before sailing, Does any one know this ? One of our friends may have to pull out of a cruise and thinking of giving it to another family member to take his place. Its only a 3 nighter lifestyle cruise. They will be calling P&O in the nextt day or so, but thought Id ask here too!
  8. Thats good to hear. I was actually checking out their prices the other day and they were quite cheap.
  9. Great! 11am or earlier sounds better! If you email me at vicschrader@gmail.com we can organise the cards, :) Thanks again
  10. Hi Pax That would be great thanks! My email address is vicschrader@gmail.com So if you checked in at 11am, did you board soon after, or have to wait awhile? I also love to be one of the 1st to board, and usually check in Very early. Also, did they have a formal night?
  11. My ticket says check in at 2pm, with a 6pm departure. Surely we can board earlier than that? Well, hopefully! Does anyone out there know? Thanks
  12. Yep! Tell me about it! Its been way toooo long! :eek: I really wanted to do a longer cruise this year, but we are going to Thailand in October. So this little cruise in September is perfect as I only need to take 2 days off work .:)
  13. Hi Suey Could you please email me if you have another one spare to sell? My email is vicschrader@gmail.com Thanks :)
  14. Great work Deb :) You got my vote! :D Good luck !! What does the winning reviewer win?
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