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  1. candysmithnana

    Airline Tickets From Princess

    All we got was a print out that had numbers on it. We flew from Fresno ca on a cruise on the coral. Everything was good
  2. candysmithnana

    princess no fun?

    Was on the Coral to Alaska in June. Was a honeymoon cruise. We had a great time but did not do a lot of ship activities. Got off the ship the 3 port days . Spent a lot of time in the room:eek: . Guess we would be in the old catergory here . Middle 50's
  3. candysmithnana

    Does anyone know...are casinos on Alaska cruises open?

    they are not open while in port. They open after you get away from port like 30 minutes or so.
  4. candysmithnana

    Skagway Princess Yukon trips

    We were on Coral June 4 and went to a lake right there at Carcross. I don't think it was Emerald lake , but it was beautiful. Thius tour was wonderful. We had a young girl Nicole as tour guide and she was outstanding.
  5. candysmithnana

    Alaska cruising - Help

    Had starboard balcony on Coral in June. Was great but in galcier bay I think port side would be better. In inside passage there is stuff to see in both sides,
  6. Was on Coral in June this year. Seating for early was 5:45. We used Princess Air/trans in Vancouver and did not see bags until in the room.
  7. candysmithnana

    Balcony and bugee cord?

    Was on the Pride and there are French doors and if one wanted them open you had to bungee cord them.
  8. candysmithnana

    Cell Phone Service on Cruises

    Mexico on Pride had no service in PV and Matzalan. Had service in Cabo but it was roaming and did not really know how to uese it. Alaska this year had service in Vancouver Skagway Juneau and Ketchican. Had to pay roaming in Vancouver,
  9. candysmithnana

    Dining Poll - Do you like anytime dining?

    On Coral last month had traditional first seating. But the night in college Fijord we were glacier watching .So we went to anytime dining room and had a superb meal at 6:30 or so.
  10. We were on Coral on June 4. We checked our bags in Fresno and did not see them until they were in the cabin. We had nite from TSA in 2 of the 4 saying that they had inspected them. BTW thise particular bags had booze in them and the booze was still there.
  11. candysmithnana

    Balcony question for Alaska Cruise

    We were on Coral June 4 . E 221 and it was completly covered which was a good thing. When it was raining we could be out on the balcony and still be dry.
  12. candysmithnana

    Appropriate clothing for the Sun and Alaska

    Layers and a hat /cap and gloves. ome tyoe of waterpoof covering just in case YOu may not need then but then again you might. We were there June 4 and some days were quite cool and some days were shirt sleve weather.
  13. candysmithnana

    Princess vs. other cruise lines

    Have sailed once on Carnival to Mexico and went to Alaska this year on Corla Princess.. I think Princess' food is a little better. Carnival ship was probably a bit more "glitzy". When I cruise again I will look at ports and schedules and select. I would go Princess if all things equal. But a bad day on a cruise is still a great day.
  14. candysmithnana

    Coral Princess - covered balconies

    We were on Emerald 221 and it was covered.
  15. candysmithnana

    Obstructed Balconies

    The obstructed ones are the ones that have the life boats. I have never had one to know how obstructed they really are.