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  1. five years ago, happy hour was two for one. starting two years ago, the second drink was a dollar. if the new policy is a second drink for 2 dollars that is still a good deal. the wine choices on HAL are weak at best. A little better on the Pinnacle Reserve list but we bring on wine and pay the corkage fees.
  2. I never book air thru the cruiselines. I want nonstops at the times that I want and I always find that it is cheaper on my own.
  3. I would never fly to Seattle. It is a pain and there are so many flight choices direct to Vancouver. Never stay at a hotel near the cruise terminal. There are lots of inexpensive choices in downtown. A cab to the cruise terminal is 10bucks Canadian. I have been commuting L.A. to Vancouver for 22 years and it is easy.
  4. My wife immigrated to the U.S. on the Olympia in 1963 from Israel. Tourist class, her father worked as a waiter to pay for the trip. She went thru Ellis Island lived in Brooklyn then Seattle, then L.A. She loved the TA as an eleven year old. We have done ten TA's and are doing one in Nov. We saw her as the Regal Empress in Cozumel in 1998 and several times in Ft. Lauderdale or Miami later.
  5. three cases wow ( thought I had a lot with 8 bottles) I am sure you enjoyed yourselves !
  6. yes, leave your phone at home when you are on vacation. I am gone on vacation and not available for anyone for any reason.
  7. Right, we are san diego to Vancouver on the 28th and will bring 6 bottles with us.
  8. As I stated, never have a problem. Brought on liquor in Oct-Nov in Rome, Malaga, & Cadiz.
  9. it's a cabin assignment not a room assignment. sorry LOL
  10. I have been on 40 cruises on eight different lines and we always bring on vodka, vermouth, olives, and a bottle of brandy and have never had a problem getting it to our cabin. I don't care about cost, if they wanted to charge an extra 50-100 dollars I would gladly pay it. I want the brands that I want and available immediately in my cabin. outside I buy drinks and wine at all the public venues.
  11. solution, I leave my phone off in my luggage. I am on vacation and not available when I am gone period.
  12. the tv placement is ridiculous you can only watch it in bed. it needs to be opposite the couch to be enjoyed. we were on the same cruise, just returned. great food, great service.
  13. there are house phones in every public area and at the elevators. just leave a message on your cabin voice mail.
  14. I will only go to a casino that allows smoking
  15. you mean your cabin assignment? also there are no floors when you get in the elevator, just decks LOL
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