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  1. Probably only MSC can confirm for sure. Or the casino staff when you board. But now I have to ask it. Why are you asking?
  2. Nothing. I'm assuming they got the info they needed from BCC.
  3. Not necessarily accusing you of purposely bringing up a sore subject like tipping, but you posted in January of 2019 saying you're experienced cruisers with many cruises on Celebrity. I'm not understanding why you're asking a question like this now. And on a topic that's on these boards almost weekly, when you've been on Cruise Critic since 2012.
  4. Rub my leg against his romantically
  5. Very nice. That's who I used too
  6. Doesn't surprise me. I had a casino manager on one of the ships a year or two ago sit me down and tell me that he can't give me anything near what I should be getting because Corporate has his hands tied. He suggested I use a 3rd party host. He even took my info to give to one he said would get me what I deserve. Unfortunately, the guy never contacted me and I don't remember what his name was. But I since hooked up with a different one. Got me a free Alaska cruise in AQ.
  7. Same as land casinos, you give your players card (sea pass card) at the tables or put in the slot machines and they track your play. Just remembered one more thing. If you're playing slots, you'll accumulate redeemable points that you can convert to free play. Do it before the casino closes on the last night as it doesn't transfer to the next cruise. Only tier points follow you during the 18 month earning period. The casino people can explain how to redeem them right on the machine.
  8. Regardless of your travel agent, it all gets charged by Celebrity so they should have the card on file that was used for your final payment. But do keep an eye on it to make sure you get the refund. Shouldn't be more than a week.
  9. Don't forget to get your free play at the cashier when the casino opens. Oh. One more thing. On the last day of the cruise (not too late), ask the casino host to check your play to see if he/she can comp anything off of your bill. They'll look at the play and look at your bill. They're more stingy now. They used to take 5% off based on your actual or theoretical loss. Now it's only 2%. I remember when they'd tell me to buy stuff at the gift shop so they can credit me for that. Now I'm like "that's it??". But hey, freebie. Doesn't hurt to ask.
  10. That's awesome! Though now I want to know why I don't get more having 10 times the tier points as you! Congrats. Now don't lose it all in the casino!
  11. Did you specifically ask if they can apply any comps to your April cruise? Even if you did and they said no, call back and you'll probably get a different answer.
  12. Thanks. I actually did confirm with the host when I booked it and I have it in writing that I will receive the beverage package and wifi based on my Sapphire status. So I can always fall back on that if there are issues.
  13. It's really like a puzzle that has multiple answers! For an upcoming Alaska cruise, I decided to use a 3rd party casino host. They got me a free AQ cabin (just pay taxes). However, no perks but I get the free classic package and free wifi as Sapphire anyway. I could have paid more and gotten perks but it would have been more money than what I'll need to pay on my own. And if celebrity has a sale on beverage packages beforehand, even better. Not sure if it'll be a better deal in the end than if I did the whole kabuki dance with Blue Chip. But certainly easier and less stressful.
  14. They once adjusted my price after final payment and my credit card was refunded the difference
  15. Forgot to mention the 6 month thing. But yes, Blue Chip is notorious for different answers every time you call. I was given only $1600 off a back to back cruise once. Called back and got the supervisor who said the previous agent looked at it wrong. I ended up with the first cruise for free (about $1500 value) and $3600 off the second cruise. That's a huge difference!
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