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  1. 17 hours ago, BocaRoo said:

    Yes, (hcat!) there actually was a great White Party on the 9 night Edge Caribbean Cruise last November! We had a great time. We always pack a bunch of white items just in case. Always a blast. Many of the officers were in attendance.

    Finally found the photo!


  2. 11 minutes ago, WrittenOnYourHeart said:

    I’m confused now. I thought with Select the default was to individual party tables, only shared IF there were enough people who wanted to have a shared table? So why would that be preferred if you WANT to dine with others?

    There just are not enough late, traditional diners who will want to stay in the same MDR at the same table every night. We will have to try something new on the Edge class - move around, share and adjust our seating times, if necessary.

  3. We were also on the November 15th Edge sailing.  Our dining experience, a different scenario than hcat’s, was an EPIC FAILURE – for the first time in 19 Celebrity sailings.  Here’s our story. 


    We always book late, traditional seating at a table for 6 or 8 as we enjoy meeting new people, establishing a rapport with our waitstaff and would prefer not to bounce around to different dining venues at different times. Upon boarding, we checked our table assignment and discovered we were assigned a table for 2 in the Normandie MDR for late seating.  We requested a change to a larger table – the hostess said ok, no problem, we can change it.  We arrived for dinner at 8:30 and were seated at a looooong, picnic table for 10 – with 2 other couples, both of whom were not  overly conversational and not even seated so we could all properly converse with each other.


    We weren’t overly thrilled with the Normandie MDR, so after that first dinner, we went to the Cosmopolitan MDR and spoke with the Hostess, Eva, to see if we could get late seating at a table for 6 or 8.  She said she would check with her supervisor and would get back to us.  By the next afternoon, after not having heard back, we decided, ok, we’re in Concierge Class, let’s see if the Concierge can assist us.  The Concierge’s office was so swamped that the Guest Relations Manager came in to assist.  She spoke with us and promised to have a new dinner assignment in the Cosmopolitan MDR by dinner that evening.  At 8:30, we arrive for dinner and Eva shows us to a lovely, wonderfully located table for 6! Oh, joy!  Long story short (but not over) no one else showed up to dine with us!  We figured, oh, night 2, just a fluke…  I should interject here that we were supposed to be celebrating our 26th anniversary that evening – our TA had put it into our reservation, but, alas, if a cake was to be had, it must have shown up at the picnic table in Normandie… To shorten the story, I will say that out of the remaining 7 nights, different people were shuttled to our table on 4 nights and on the other 3, we dined alone.  We kept asking Eva what the problem was, and she repeatedly told us that the table showed as “booked full” for late seating.


    We really learned our lesson with this one.  On Edge Class ships, traditional late dining just doesn’t work if you want to book it for the reasons I stated above.  We just booked the Apex TA for October 2021 and will have to try Select Dining unless we link dining with friends.

  4. Usually, we try to sit in the same general area daily in order to have the same waitpersonfor the entire cruise.  Usually, we are lucky enough to have the same person serve us and we will have developed a nice rapport.  On the last day (second to the last morning) we will tip the server appropriately.  Not only do they bring a morning cocktail, but coffees, extra pastries, etc.! 

  5. Hi, Tony & Julie!


    Glad you're enjoying the cruise. Great review! Thanks for posting all the pix of menus, etc. As you know, Kevin & I are sailing the same itinerary in November, so this is really whetting our appetite (pun intended)! Really hope they do the silent disco on our sailing.


    Anyway, enjoy to the fullest,


    Jill & Kevin

  6. OK... I was finally able to add my two cruises to "My Celebrity" - YAY!


    HOWEVER - when I click on "Manage My Reservation" or "View My Reservation" or whatever the options are in the drop-down box I get the following message - right next to the reservation:

    "The reservation number entered cannot be found. Please check the number and try again."


    Totally non-sensical and frustrating...




  7. Still not able to access one of two of ours - The earlier of the two. Very frustrating! No response to my email from =X= !!


    Actually, I don't care about a response - just want a resolution!! :rolleyes::rolleyes:



  8. I have a bit of good news to those having the problem and I am still one of them. Sign in, go to manage reservation but don't click on it. A drop down box will appear with five items. If you click on the first three you can get into the reservation. I just did it and was able further to go to my shore excursions and other stuff.


    Hi, Don,


    That's the "workaround" I alluded to! I still wish I could see my reservation, though. I like being able to view what I've ordered, etc. all in one place...


    Also, I have one cruise that I cancelled AGES ago and I've NEVER been able to get that one OFF the page for some reason!! :rolleyes:



  9. ... Of people whose booking has disappeared from their "My Celebrity" page.


    Actually, it IS a pain for it to disappear - it makes online booking of shore excursions, spa appts., and specialty dining more challenging. There is a work-around, which I was able to use to book shorex, but it's a pain. I called Captain's Club, too, to report the problem, but of course it's an IT issue so the representative couldn't assist or resolve it.


    I have written to =X= (thank you Celebrity Cruises above for providing the appropriate address). I do hope to achieve resolution to the problem, as I have yet to complete the credit card info portion of my express pass for our upcoming transatlantic cruise on the Silhouette. I can only imagine the nightmare THAT will be!!! :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:



  10. I never saw the Captains Club host on my cruise in January on the Eclipse. I thought it was strange. I went to several elite events. No host. This is so different from other cruises. Graham was listed as the host on the daily info. Not sure where he was. He was not visible. Sounds weird that I never saw him in 2 weeks. Was he sick?


    That does sound odd - we saw Graeme at the Elite Breakfast Break which was held daily in Tuscan Grille and most evenings at the Cocktail Hour (no vouchers on the NYE sailing) in the Sky Lounge. He attended all the Elite events - he was quite visible throughout our sailing. Something must have been "up." :confused:

  11. Graeme (this IS the correct spelling) Kelleher was the CC Host on the New Year's Eve cruise. He was absolutely wonderful! I believe he told us he would be staying on the Eclipse for several months.


    If you would be so kind as to let him know he has a message from Jill & Kevin on FB, we would be most appreciative! Breakfast & Cocktail Hours are NOT the same without him :D :D

  12. This goes back to 2009. We had always booked directly with Celebrity, but decided to use a well-known TA for our first transatlantic on the Equinox. We, and two other parties, booked well in advance, at least a year + out. We were a total of 9 pax who wanted to link dining and eat together. On embarkation day, we met to check out our table, as we all normally do; we were not linked - 3 separate tables. Long story short, it was a mess to get us all at the same table and the Maitre d' wasn't exactly easy to deal with or happy to help resolve the problem. He stated we had never been linked. After at least an hour, we finally had a table for the 9 of us. The TA didn't have any answers and didn't seem upset or concerned for the trouble it caused us when we reported back upon our return.


    This wasn't a biggie in the grand scheme of things, but it wasn't a great start for what turned out to be a wonderful cruise!


    So, we now have a wonderful NEW TA who is professional, pleasant and efficient! If you don't receive good service, I say move on!



  13. We also disembarked the Eclipse at the dreaded Pier 25 at Port Everglades on January 11th with 3 huge bags and 2 small, rolling carry-ons; lots of people and confusion that morning!


    We snagged a porter fairly fast and he quided us quickly through the crowds to the line for customs. Once at the front of the line for the customs agents, we thought we were given preference by the person who directed us to be checked, as she sent us to an agent with only one or two pax at his desk ahead of us vs. others who had at least 5-6.


    After the customs check, our porter took us all the way to the Private Car Pick-Up area, quickly and efficiently! I think we tipped him $20 for his time, the fact that he was pleasant and fast!


    If you have lots of unwieldy luggage and there are only two of you, I would suggest spending a few bucks and using a porter; it just makes the end of your vacation much less stressful! :)

  14. In 2009 on the Equinox' maiden transatlantic voyage, the ship sold wonderful 'Mediterranean' jewelry over the course of a few days in the arcade outside of the shops. The jewelry was moderately priced from $50 - $200 and the collection consisted of hand-crafted pieces made of semi-precious gems set in sterling silver. I bought a pendant with a peridot and lemon citrine for $75. The selection was huge - so many items to choose from and everything was both gorgeous and of high quality! I wear the pendant frequently and constantly receive compliments on it. This piece of jewelry is a souvenir of a wonderful cruise (our first transatlantic) and while not a huge expenditure it is quite precious to me. I wish Celebrity would offer more of this type of merchandise.



  15. Is Ben Powney still on Eclipse? any one know for how long?


    Ben Powney WAS still on the Eclipse when we disembarked last Saturday! I do not know for how long he will be on board!


    Also, an FYI: Simona Stumberger is back onboard as Guest Relations Manager, having replaced Marisa Rebelo, until sometime in April! :):)



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