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  1. Hi - This is not a dumb question at all!


    Celebrity used to provide a spriral-bound booklet at no charge which contained personalized information about your specific cruise - basically everything you see when you "View Your Reservation" such as your cabin number, any pre-booked shore excursions, spa appointments, specialty dining reservations, "Cruise 101" information, FAQs - everything from soup to nuts. Luggage tags are included as well.


    Now, that computer usage is so wide, the spiral-bound booklet is still available, however, there is a charge of $35.00 for it!! The eDocs are sent to you in an email from Celebrity if you booked directly through them or from your TA approximately 25 - 30 days prior to your sail date. You can then print out whichever pages you want to take with you.


    If you booked through a TA, your TA should order the luggage tags for you; if you booked through Celebrity, once you have received your (notification of) eDocs, you can order them online. With all the website issues going on now, however, if you have trouble ordering them online, you might have to call Celebrity, or simply get the luggage tags at the port from the porter who will take your bags.


    I hope this helps! I'm sure others will weigh in here, too!



  2. coldweathergirl,


    We're so glad you're enjoying your cruise on Eclipse! We will be boarding her in 24 days for the New Year's Eve cruise! We booked 18 months ago and it's finally down to the last few weeks before we go!


    Thanks so much for posting and savor every minute of your time onboard :) !!



  3. Hi!


    My husband and I have much experience with this... We had a wonderful kitty, Romeo, who was diabetic for the last 8 years of his life and required 2 shots daily. Our vet couldn't recommend a petsitter and we couldn't find one we liked on our own. We also didn't like the idea of putting a friend or neighbor in the position of being responsible for giving the shots twice a day at SPECIFIC times of day. We decided that it was in Romeo's best interest to board him with our vet where the staff was wonderful - everyone loved him there and gave him tons of love and cuddles daily. It was also better, frankly, for our peace of mind knowing that his medication was being administered PROPERLY and without trauma to Romeo!


    Secondly was the issue of home security: by boarding Romeo, that became moot!


    You really must do what you feel is best! Should you choose to rely upon a friend or neighbor, do a trial run: make sure he or she gets along with your kitty! Train him or her to give the shots! Is he or she calm? Will he or she understand that if the shots need to be given at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. that no variance is acceptable? All of these questions should be asked and answered :) !!


    If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask! :)



  4. Just checked our sailing and it worked for us at, https://secure.celebritycruises.com/cruisecritic/home.do

    we have 93 signed up for out Connections Party in 8 days!


    After several unsuccessful attempts earlier today, I just tried the quoted link above and was able to register us for our 12.28.13 Eclipse sailing! I had received the same error message posted by Vol fan in my unsuccessful attempts, so maybe if others try using the link provided by wallie5446 you will be successful!


    Good luck to all! And thank you, wallie5446!! :)



  5. We are sailing on the Summit on Dec 7th. My husband rec'd an email the other day advertising the discount on excursions....we were able to book several with the 10% discount. He did say it was only for certain ships and for certain sailings....


    Interesting... We never received an email and we are on the Eclipse New Year's Eve sailing. I wouldn't have known about the discount if I hadn't seen this thread!! :)



  6. We're still extremely pleased with both the quality of the food and the ambiance in the MDR. As our "home menu" is nothing like what we eat on a cruise, the MDR suits us just fine and we rarely see the need to dine at the specialty restaurants. On our upcoming NYE Eclipse cruise, however, we might just try Qsine or Tuscan with friends, just to do something different!



  7. we are getting out of our "Caribbean Cruise" comfort zone and planning a transatlantic crossing on the Silhouette that begins in Rome, with ports of call in Provence France,Barcelona and Palma De Mallorca Spain and the Canary Islands...seemed like a great price for 15 days...Could someone with knowledge of the weather that time of year, the ship, the itinerary and the ports give us some input and advice. This will our first travel out of the North America and Central America Regions...yes, we are rookies! Thank you in advance for your assistance.


    Hi, there!


    We, too, have booked this sailing and sailed on virtually the same itin last year (except that Palma has been swapped out for Genoa :) ). The 2012 TA sailed on 12/1 and it was a bit nippy for us Floridians; we are happy that the 2014 departure will be a month earlier on 11/1, which should be a bit milder - however, one never knows. We pack to layer clothing, just in case!


    The Silhouette is a wonderful ship - excellent staff and service! Only bad thing is we have to wait a year to sail on this TA :) !!


    As 'celebritydave' said, please come check out our active Roll Call! Lots of nice peeps and good information! Hope you'll join us!!



  8. Can't agree more. It is like visiting with family. By the way Simona Stumberger left Eclipse today to go home to Slovenia for vacation. We keep in touch all the time and I feel really lucky to know her so well.




    Hi, Pat!


    We were lucky to have met Simona on our 12.1.12 Silhouette Transatlantic! She is lovely and hosted dinner at the Captain's Table; my husband's family is Slovenian so we had lots to talk about! We're so glad she's back to Slovenia for vacation and we are really hoping she will return to the Eclipse for our 12.28.13 New Year's Eve cruise to see her again! Do you have any idea as to her plans after vacation?



  9. I've used the suggestion of another CCer and, with any device that takes pictures, the first photo on each sd card is of a piece of paper with my name, address, email, (cabin# when cruising) and phone number. Also on a cruise, the second photo is of me holding the piece of paper in case the finder spots me on board.;)


    Happily, we haven't had to rely on any of that yet.:D


    That is a GREAT idea!! Thanks for sharing!!



  10. We're booked on the Eclipse 12.28.13 NYE cruise out of FLL. It's 14 nights and we booked it 18 months out. Yes, it's pricier than most Caribbean sailings, but it's fair considering it's a holiday itinerary and as we have a short drive to the port (no air), we decided to go for it!


    We love New Year's and over the years our celebrations have become a bit lackluster! We're looking forward to having a great time and leaving the "driving" to the Captain!! :D With final payment fast approaching, it's finally getting exciting!



  11. A friend who is considering a west-bound transatlantic cruise on an S-Class ship has asked me to post a question. He understands that traveling west-bound, a port-side cabin will get more sun. While he doesn't want to roast, he doesn't want total shade all day! The question: Will a starboard-side cabin get any sun at all?


    My husband and I have sailed in port-side cabins on our two west-bound TAs, specifically for the sun in the afternoon, so we can't answer our friend's question. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!!



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