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  1. Seems to me that payment for a perque is a contradiction. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/perk#synonyms
  2. Haven't cruised HAL for a while. They were allowing purchases during booking which would be delivered to your stateroom. Is this still the case?
  3. Yes approximately 200 S/F blocky size. Sailed from LA to Hawaii and back in one of them and loved it. We preferred them to suites and took them often. Also the FV cabins have the large balconies and the end ones are larger yet. If you can grab a C1 take it.
  4. I too agree you should have been given the option of choosing. On the other hand it seems a pretty good upgrade.
  5. That's as it used to be and makes life a lot easier.
  6. This may be more common than you think. I have problems similar in other areas too.
  7. As others stated ... in most of the large public rooms. Often where you can't see demonstrators or screens. I think they do a poor job on an important and a too often neglected start to the cruise.
  8. Sailed from LA to Honolulu on the Infinity several years ago. We were scheduled to tie up right at the Aloha Tower. I planned accordingly including car rental. When we arrived the berth was taken and we docked about as far away as you could. Ruined timing and car pickup became difficult. Lost lots of time and was disappointed. They told us the local port authority made the changes.
  9. Things have changed over the years. I used to take a tux and also a white dinner jacket and would alternate on formal nights. I'm OK with country club casual but I've seen some it get sloppy.
  10. Your right about the Freewinds. It's usually docked in Aruba, its home port.
  11. Seems as if they're free up lower cabins and may sell them off at real bargain rates to newcomers.
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