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  1. Btw we are on the same cruise I believe and are thinking of going there also. I think it would be cool to feed them. Wasn't trying to be a downer with previous post. Thought it was interesting there are may be only 6 Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Forums mobile app
  2. I've heard there are only 6 flamingos there. They're pets of the resort. All the pictures make it look like lots and lots. They are beautiful though. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Forums mobile app
  3. I've seen that review and it made me laugh. Our first cruise was on Carnival Fantasy in 2007. We took 2 of our children as a graduation gift. Fantasy is an older boat but was well maintained and all of the staff were very attentive. My wife and 2 kids had the time of our lives. Most every passenger we came across also were having a great time. Except for this one family . They had constant frowns on their face. We had the displeasure of sitting next to them in the MDR. It was so bad we almost asked for another table but we loved our waitstaff. Every time he would say something to make us all laugh all 4 of them would roll their eyes. It was a couple like us with a 20 something son and his fiance. We enjoyed all the shows and ports. Every time we would see them anywhere on ship at shows or at port they were sour pusses. They didn't join us in the MDR the last night and it was the best dinner of the whole cruise. Our waiter wad even glad not to see them. We ran into them again at the midnight comedy show. It was for adults only. The comedian was great. He started off with a dirty joke and they all got up and left. We think they said 4 words to each other the whole trip. When we go on a trip we go to have fun. Not be grumpy and mean like them. Well this video reminded me of them. People who can't be happy on a cruise. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Forums mobile app
  4. Carnival drinks are not cheap unless you consider 7.50 a drink cheap. They have strict alcohol rules also. Last cruise from New Orleans they had a huge Dumpster full of broken liquor bottles from Luggage.
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