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  1. Interested to know this as well. Since it's close to the dock is it walkable?
  2. My TA had my middle added per my request to match my passport. When I go into the NCL app the top has my full name now including middle however, just below under online check in it has my first and last name and no middle. Wondering if it's showing correctly? For those that had their information updated, does it show this way?
  3. Thanks! Didn't want to buy some then be told would have to discard it
  4. Know Cozumel is very strict with food being brought in, especially fruit and vegetables. Would like to bring a couple of prepackaged sealed almond packets with me while off the ship, would this be an issue?
  5. Thinking about possibly buying vanilla extract in Cozumel for souvenirs. Since its liquid, would I be allowed to bring it on the ship since NCL doesn't allow liquids to be brought on? Asking on this board instead of Cozumel board as some cruise lines don't have issue with liquids being brought on.
  6. I got the email last night for my cruise next week. Not much notice
  7. Received an email for my upcoming cruise, it mentioned 1 of the latitudes benefits is priority check in. Am I supposed to check in a different area or line and what is the benefit? Going on Gateway out of New Orleans
  8. Does the pool towel have to returned the same day or just by end of cruise? Ideally would like to get the towel day before port day to save time in the morning and then hopefully exchange for a clean one getting back on the ship.
  9. Thanks for the replies. Is the dress uo or not night just once on a 7 day cruise? Cruise will have 2 sea days.
  10. Does NCL still have formal nights? If so, how many on a 7 day cruise (Getaway). Thanks!
  11. Has anyone done glass bottom boat in Roatan? Thinking about possibly doing so, wondering if anyone knows of a tour company that includes it as part of an excursion.
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