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  1. kcwingwalker

    Hairdryers on the Dawn

    Did the Dawn get new hairdryers while in dry dock? Wondering how well the dryers work and where they are located. Thanks!
  2. 10 days until we sail!!!!! Must need 20 cause I'm really procrastinating. Got my hair done, think I've bought everything I need, had the yard winterized and all sorts of little things. But I keep putting off the one job I don't want to do. When I come home from vacation I want my home to be in order. Who wants to come home from a great vacation to a messy house? Right now I'm eyeing my kitchen and know it needs some elbow grease, but I just cannot get motivated. Guess I'll just start small and hope motivation arrives soon. Is it just me or do others feel this way?
  3. I know silly question. But my Grace and Tommy firmly believe they belong in my suitcase and are determined to cruise with me. And it would be lovely on those long sea days so they would be doing a "service" NCL does allow service animals. They will be staying in the Cancun suite at my vets and will be well cared for. Lots of attention and their own food. My cats are favorites at my vets because she rescued them and gave them the care they badly needed. So I'm resorting to putting my suitcase in my trunk and doing my packing in the garage! How do we pet lovers put one over on our furry friends?
  4. I've tried searching and I know the info is out there, but just not finding what I need. Is the charge for room service still $7.95? What does the price include. For example, if I ordered a sandwich, fries, salad and desert would the room service fee cover all items or would there be additional fees. Also interested in opinions about the room service........the good, the bad and the ugly! Is it worth it? And if anyone has a copy of current room service menus I would appreciate having a chance to get a preview. We are sailing in late October on the Dawn out of Boston. Thanks!
  5. kcwingwalker

    My NCL PCC is gone!

    Planning a repo cruise in October and now need some help from a PCC because mine is gone! If you know of a great PCC please email [email]riocoons-health@yahoo.com[/email] Many thanks for your help!
  6. Just booked the 2016 Dawn repo from Boston to New Orleans and will be sailing Platnium. DD has been invited, but it's too far off for her to commit so I just might be going solo....................new adventures are good! 554 days and counting.
  7. Probably missed it in the ongoing thread, but will NCL be offering the All Inclusive during Spring Break? Or perhaps modify the package by not including the UBP? In the past the UBP has been unavailable during Spring Break.
  8. kcwingwalker


    We had the UDP on our Jewel cruise and loved it and have purchased the UDP for our upcoming Breakaway cruise. DD asked me what were the limits on the UDP such as could we dine at Ocean Blue every night and I said yes it was my understanding that we could pending availability. Now dear SIL had another question. So you go to dinner early at Ocean Blue and enjoy a fine meal with your UDP. A couple of hours later you find a little steak and salad would hit the spot and you head on over to Cagney's where there is a table available and you hand over your cruise card with the UDP sticker. So is there a limit on the number of times the UDP can be used on a given day or for the entire cruise? My DS and SIL are hearty eaters and would have no problem going to dinner twice. I'm sure this question has been asked before, but I cannot find the answer. Thanks!
  9. OK so I know NCL has some firm restrictions on the age when children can begin cruising. A child must be at least 6 months old and accompanied by an adult (the adult part makes sense). But let's head out to the other end of the age spectrum. Does NCL or other cruise lines have any restrictions for seniors. I know you must be in good health and in some cases might be asked for a statement from a physician that a person is fit to travel, but at what age might a cruise line decline a booking because of advanced age?
  10. kcwingwalker

    Need A New PC

    Things did not go well with our latest PC. Of course, the one we really liked left and we found we had been reassigned. So for our upcoming cruise I'm looking for a new PC. Any suggestions welcome. Now I understand that you cannot mention specific PC's on this board. I can provide an email if someone wishes to answer, but I'm not sure that's allowed in a post..............:o Thanks!
  11. kcwingwalker

    Breakaway--Just Booked!

    So excited have just booked 12-Day Southern Caribbean from New York on the Breakaway leaving Feb 1, 2015. A mini suite this time and DD and I are so excited. With the exception of St. Thomas all of the ports are new to us. Have always wanted to visit Barbados and DD has had St. Lucia on her list so it's a win win for us! Love planning an upcoming cruise so lots of good times over the new few months for both of us. Thank goodness for Skype or our phone bills from Korea to the US would be outrageous. And a big thank you to my dear SIL! :):):)
  12. Ship: Norwegian Jewel Dates: 4/6/14 - 4/13/14 Departure: New Orleans Itinerary: Cozumel, Belize, Roatan and Costa Maya Cabin: Owners Suite Bulter: "Walter" Not his real name, but the name he chose to make it easier for the guests. Stewardess: Connie M Concierge: Virginia Recently a poster (I believe it was Sharkbait) mentioned that reviews should be in the review section if you did not wish to receive negative feedback. I agree with his opinion. So this is a summary of our recent cruise and all feedback is welcome. [B]2 Days to Departure [/B] The feeling of OMG I have so much to do arrived and I'm running to the bank, etc. Made the decision to take cats to the vet a day early just in case. Glad I did because Grace made it very clear she wasn't going and it all took much longer than I planned. Such ungrateful cats and I booked them the Cancun Suite at my vet's Catnip Inn! I always feel so guilty when I leave them. But just say cruise and I'm able to deal with the guilt. [B]1 Day to Departure[/B] Finished packing, loaded car and picked up DD at airport. She's on time and we hit the road. Brought along a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts for the ride. DD loves California, but who wants a healthy doughnut? Easy drive to Laffayette and dinner at the Blue Dog Cafe which we highly recommend. Then spend the night at a nearby Holiday Inn Express. We're not any smarter, but the HI was clean and well priced. [B]Day 1 Departure[/B] DD driving and an easy drive into NOLA and arrived about 10:30 am. Julia Street terminal is a little rough around the edges but we were in the VIP lounge by 11:00 am and greeted by our concierge Virginia and boarded within a few minutes. Met our butler "Walter" who escorted us to Cagney's for lunch. Weather a little foggy and rainy. As the Jewel was leaving the dock the sun came out and our cruise was off to a great start. The Owners Suite is wonderful and everything we had requested was ready along with wine and bottles of champagne. We dined in for the first night. We had the UDP and "Walter" helped us with the menus and it was fun to order from different restaurants. I wanted Chinese and DD wanted French, no problem. We also met our stewardess, Connie M., who was delight and kept everything running smoothly. Connie seemed to be always available and helped at every opportunity. Going down the Mississippi is always something I enjoy and being able to go out onto my forward balcony at night was so special. But so windy! When the wind was just too much there was a second balcony which was enclosed [B]Day 2 At Sea[/B] "Walter" served our us our first breakfast and all was good and relaxing. Spent most of the day discovering the ship and especially the Haven. Lunch at Cagney's and have to say it was average. Then spent time pool side where there were plenty of lounge chairs available and enjoyed watching to the Nick kids. Had drinks at the Cigar Bar and there was a couple who were sailing on the CAS program who had endless complaints. It didn't take long for them to clear the bar.............who wants to listen to complainers? Saw the woman a few more times on the cruise and she always seemed unhappy. DD stopped at the Spa to see what was available and check on prices. Reps were quick on the hard sell. "Walter" brought us our afternoon snack and it was mini BLTs! So good and no Bacon Police to be found. Dinner at La Cucina and it was very good and the service was outstanding. I ordered the rib eye steak and honestly it was excellent. When we returned to our cabin we found cookies from "Walter", chocolate covered strawberries (eventually we received a total of 6 orders) and a Tiramisu cake from Carlo's Bakery that my DS had ordered for us. We also received notice that we would not be stopping in Roatan. Considering the tragic circumstances we understood completely and it was not a problem. Most passengers accepted NCLs decision but a few were unhappy. More to come! Might be tomorrow but the weather guy says we can expect severe storms and should plan on power outages.
  13. Just home from New Orleans and our fabulous cruise on the Jewel. Will post a review in a day or two. Took notes to joggle my mind and hopefully keep things straight. It's great to be home:)
  14. We are leaving Saturday for NOLA and have just finished my pre cruise ritual. Before I take any vacation but particularly a cruise, I always make sure my home is totally clean from top to bottom.............weird huh! Years ago I found that if I came home to a less than immaculate house after a vacation it was so depressing! After being pampered on vacation I don't like to return to things that need to be done. It nice to come home and everything is just the way I want it. It kinda stretches out that being taken care of feeling:) So do you have any pre cruise rituals?
  15. kcwingwalker

    Low Prices-Jewel 4/6 & 4/13

    The Jewel sailing out of NOLA has prices starting at $299.00 for the April 6th and 13th sailing. Haven and suites are booked and most mini suites. When you go to the site it appears that there is some suite availability, but if you try to do a mock booking you will receive a message that these cabins are not available. So if you want a great deal for the Western Caribbean what are you waiting for? :):):)