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  1. nonrev1

    August 24 Athens round trip

    Thanks just saw it. Whew, was getting a bit nervous.
  2. nonrev1

    August 24 Athens round trip

    Yes, the Pursuit
  3. We booked a B2B cruise that started in Athens and did the Greek Islands....Then the next segment started from Athens and is an Israel intensive voyage. I cannot find the August 24 cruise. Anyone have better luck finding it than me? Thanks!
  4. We did the Black Sea cruise with Azamara. It was round trip Istanbul. We visited two ports in Turkey, Sevastopol, Odessa, Yalta, Sochi ( just before the Olympics) , Novorostok, Constanta, Nessabar, and Batumi. It was pricey but definitely well worth it and was one of our favorites. Loved the ports and had some incredible experiences.
  5. nonrev1

    New Captain on Journey

    We were introduced to Captain Toledo while sailing on the Journey in January. He was very personable and I am looking forward to sailing with him when he is the Captain of the ship. Sorry Bill, he did give us his background but that was quite a few glasses of wine ago. :)
  6. nonrev1

    Another New survey

    I received the survey and agree that it is flawed. But, at least we know that Azamara in Miami is now recognizing there is a problem. Hopefully they Isten. I will be sailing again with Azamara in August. Maybe there will be some fine tuning by then.
  7. nonrev1

    Veranda Plus introduction

    Love the Jeff Smiesek comparison. I am holding out hope that we don’t lose more benefits as we did when they revamped Le Club Voyage the last time....or the time before. This could be something very similar to what the airlines have been doing for years. They reward loyalty but they also let customers without loyalty purchase what loyalty members get for free or at reduced prices. For example, customers in a higher tier get more legroom / economy plus for no additional charge and depending on your level, it can be at the time of booking. For non loyalists, you have the opportunity to pay for more legroom. So....maybe this new scheme is an opportunity to create new loyalists without reducing current loyalty benefits. I am trying to think positive......but I am also hoping it does not work. Azamara’s ships are too small to create a new segment. And yes, I filled out the survey and said “Don’t do it”!!!
  8. nonrev1

    Considering Azamara and a few questions

    I would much rather have self service after the first 24 hours. But, I usually get my food and then go back to the hand sanitizing station by the entrance for one more hit before i eat.
  9. We traveled with Rocky Mountaineer from Calgary to Vancouver. Ours was strictly a 6 day train/tour/hotel package but friends we were with had booked it in conjunction with an Alaska cruise. We all loved it! Definitely book Gold service for the train portion. For the hotel/ground portion it is not as important. This trip is well worth it for anyone thinking of adding this on either before or after your Alaska cruise. We saw so many bears and moose. Great trip!!
  10. nonrev1

    Airport transfer in Venice?

    Yes, when you are onboard you can purchase a transfer to the airport. You do not purchase it through the excursions desk. It is sold by guest relations and will be added to your cabin charge. If you have an OBC, you can use it to pay for the transfer from the ship to the airport.
  11. nonrev1

    Latest survey

    I just stared at the computer and shook my head in disbelief. Looks like Celebrity Aqua class on steroids. I said this would push me over the edge of never booking Azamara again. Dont fix what's not broken.
  12. nonrev1

    Upgrade Miscommunication and Disappointment

    This is another example of just not getting things right. Last summer we were booked on a cruise and on our cruise thread, people were talking about getting upgrades. Then I saw posts from people that had fewer cruises / lower loyalty status and had requested the upgrade later. Then imagine my surprise when more suites were open for sale 4 days before our cruise. We were already traveling so I left a message for my agent who then contacted Azamara. The response was........ I would have had an upgrade if I had applied for it. Luckily I keep all correspondence with Azamara (sorry, I learned the hard way) and I sent proof that we applied for the upgrade and the email confirmation that they received my request. By this time the suites were gone....more upgrades ....and I was then told that none of the upgrades were through loyalty sales but through revenue management. Seriously? Anyway, they were not telling the truth since I met people that were upgraded...plus, they had already told me I would have been upgraded if I had applied. To say I was angry is an understatement. Once onboard they heard my story and could not have done more to make up for what happened. It really is a shame that Miami and the call center can not get things right.
  13. nonrev1

    Captain Quest June 2018

    Interesting because when we were on the Journey ( still in transit flying home) we met the new captain for the Quest. Antonio Toledo. We also heard that Magnus might go over for a bit. Interesting to see how it all plays out.
  14. I am so sorry that we won’t meet… But it is time for me to go home. You have obviously deserved the good karma that you received. Enjoy your amazing adventure and please post along the way.