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  1. nonrev1


    No worries......that goes to the fares dropping or promos offered after booking over a year in advance. Friends ( their 3rd cruise with Azamara) booked one of the same cruises we did, got unlimited internet and a lower fare. We were not eligible and penalties to change would have cost us more. What is even more upsetting is Azamara loyal cruisers always seem to get the short end of the stick. When they split off the loyalty points from RCCL / Celebrity.....we got fewer points for a product that was a lot more expensive. So, our loyalty level went backwards. Then, when they created new loyalty levels we lost those precious internet minutes. A bag of laundry may seem unimportant to Azamara but when you add up everything that has been taken away or look at what is included on their less expensive brand it just does not make sense. I did not book a cruise to have to run back and forth to try to get a washing machine or dryer and did not expect to be in a suite for 21 days and receive only 2 bags of laundry ( in bags that have gotten smaller) to share. As an example we compared the rates/benefits on an Azamara circle japan cruise vs. Celebrity. A V1 ( it used to be a lower price v2 but with the addition of the veranda plus program we need to get a V1 for a midship cabin) cabin vs. Aqua class. Aqua class on Celebrity was half the price as Azamara. Larger cabins, unlimited internet, beverage package, prepaid gratuities and yes, we will get 4 bags of laundry ( 2 bags each for a 14 day cruise) . Guess what we booked? I agree, someone in headquarters needs to take a look at this. They are advertising as a more inclusive brand and charging much higher prices . But, if you compare Azamara to Celebrity there is a huge contradiction as to what they are selling vs. what you are receiving.
  2. nonrev1


    What is even worse is that we get one bag per couple for Discoverer Plus....and nothing additional for booking a suite. Azamara needs to step up their game if they are going to continue to raise prices. B2B in a suite for 21 days and we get two bags of laundry to share. Does anyone know why Celebrity gives a bag per person and Azamara did not follow suit?
  3. nonrev1


    It really is crazy that all of this loyalty gets you one bag of laundry for a cruise. And, paying quite a bit more for a suite doesn’t get you anything additional. In fact, you lose your loyalty benefit if you’re in a suite. What is crazier is that people with no loyalty can buy the new veranda plus category and get all the benefits that have taken us all so long to earn it. And yes Corinne you are absolutely correct, it’s 21 days on the ship but the 11x 10 did not work out for us. Another sad case of selling as a luxury brand - booking a suite- but having it’s less expensive parent company offer better benefits and perks with its loyalty program. 🙄
  4. nonrev1


    Thanks Phil. Wow, you pay extra for a suite and get suite benefits but you lose the benefit of loyalty. That is pretty sad and something very inexpensive that they chose to nickel and dime. I would pass on the liquor bottles in the cabin for the bag of laundry. On our recent celebrity cruise we each got our own laundry bags.
  5. nonrev1


    So.....we are supposed to get one bag per cabin for the CC suite and 1 bag per cabin for Discoverer plus per cruise but they are not combinable and we only get one bag per cabin per cruise? We were in a suite last year but we were on for almost 30 days so the laundry bag issue is blurry. 😄
  6. nonrev1


    We are on an upcoming B2B cruise. Our first cruise is 11 days and the second is 10 days. We are booked in a CC suite and we are Discoverer Plus. How many free bags of laundry do we get? I always get confused because with Celebrity we each get a bag and we don’t with Azamara. But do we get more than one bag per cruise? Thanks! The less we have to pack and the more free laundry we get, the better!
  7. We were looking at the Denmark Intensive but decided to wait to book because it was very pricey and we did not want to have prices drop on us again. I think Azamara is really over pricing the cruises and scrambling to fill later on but after final payment is made. It was hard enough when the pricing went up to include alcohol and the Azamazing evening......but, the prices have continued to go up. We are getting nickeled and dimed ( bidding for upgrades, paying more for cabins that include benefits we already have with loyalty). This is going the direction of the mass market cruise lines. We still don’t have an answer as to why our Greek Island port was cancelled months in advance and apparently no one at Azamara thinks that it is important. But, if the advance bookings go down, maybe they will rethink the way they do business.
  8. I understand perfectly what you’re saying about flying into a port/ island if you really want to get there. I missed Santorini my first 2 times trying due to weather. However, when a cruise line specifically advertises new ports and new islands I don’t find it acceptable to cancel several months in advance. (It certainly could not be weather concerns or political uprisings on Skiathos). As for operational issues…they should have known this before advertising and selling the cruise. Typically, operational issues arise day of or several days in advance…not months or weeks in advance. It is not as if this is the first time these islands will see a cruise ship. For me, I go on a cruise because I want to see many places, unpack one time and not have to make multiple visits to airports to wait in long lines and have delays or flight cancellations. The flights are long from the U.S.( don’t forget to add more time if you are not flying from a U.S. gateway) to get to the more exotic locations - so, cruising is a great fit for us. We plan in advance to get good airfare. So, as the others are saying.....there is no longer a benefit of booking in advance. The late bookers are getting better cruise fares/ more perks and they are not disappointed with an itinerary change because when they book ( typically after final deposits are due) the change has already been made. Will we have a great cruise? Absolutely! Will we book a new cruise onboard well over a year in advance? Absolutely not!
  9. To Azamara it may not seem significant to change a port or two but there are many customers that specifically book cruises because of the ports. Skiathos was a new port for us and part of the reason we chose this cruise. It was replaced with a port we have been to and now we have no new islands on this cruise, but in fairness, we still have three new ports on mainland Greece. I understand about weather, political unrest and passenger safety forcing changes. We have been on cruises that have had many ports canceled or changed due to those reasons. But, when Azamara announces new ports and customers book because they are new, I find it very difficult to understand why the port gets canceled months in advance. Didn't anyone do their homework? If they did not have the facilities or capabilities to handle the ship then it should have never been marketed and sold to us. We are booked on a back to back but would not have booked this first cruise without going to at least one new island. Unfortunately, flights were booked and final payment was made. This just adds to our growing dissatisfaction with the price for the product that Azamara is offering. We booked well in advance and since the final payment date the prices have dropped with a last minute sale.
  10. We are on the cruise that cancelled Skiathos and replaced it with Patmos. We did get notified but very disappointing as we were looking forward to going to Skiathos and not to an island where we were previously. Frustrating as a few islands are repeats for us and were looking forward to more new islands. But, Skiathos was cancelled quite some time ago and they finally added a few tours for Patmos last week.
  11. Azamara has made many changes over the years that have all resulted in ways to increase the rates. This change and the bidding for upgrades program are the two that have pushed us to book more on other brands. Those of us that have remained loyal to Azamara have watched our perks and benefits of loyalty continue to be reduced. The Veranda Plus program now takes the cabins that we preferred and are charging higher rates but include the benefits that those with loyalty already receive. ( except the liquor bottles which we don’t want anyway). This is not something an upscale , top tier cruise line would do to their loyal guests. Not too long ago, the ships were full and there were certain routes that you would never see on sale. Maybe Azamara pushed the pricing and schemes too far and loyal customers are finding better value elsewhere.
  12. Thank you for the confirmation. I will send this to our travel partners that received something from Azamara stating they needed a Visa.
  13. Thanks. That’s what I thought. Our travel companions were very surprised to receive something from Azamara saying they needed a Visa for Turkey. Our only port in Turkey is Kushadasi and we begin and end the cruise in Greece. We did the Black Sea cruise and needed one because we spent several days in Istanbul before boarding the ship. I wondered if things had changed. Guess not ....only a miscommunication from Azamara. Thanks for the info.
  14. We have traveled with Azamara to Turkey several times. The first two times we were just passing through with a stop in Kushadasi and did not need to get a Turkish Visa. One time we originated in Turkey and we applied for the E Visa as required. Next month we are going on the Greek Islands cruise with a stop in Kushadasi and those traveling with us that booked through Azamara all received emails stating they needed to get Turkish Visas for travel on this cruise. ( originates and terminates in Piraeus) Did the rules change? We are all from the U.S and the last I heard was if you were traveling by cruise ship and staying less than 72 hours you did not need a Visa. Thanks for your help with an answer.
  15. I recently encountered the same thing with Celebrity. We had booked our cruise over a year and a half in advance. The price dropped dramatically after final payment was due. We had our agent call Celebrity but nothing could be done. Soon after, we were sent the email about bidding for an upgrade. It was an insane amount to upgrade to a suite from what we paid for Aqua Class vs. the new pricing available. I called and sent Celebrity an email. The answer was basically so sad, too bad. What made it all worse was we met a couple on board that waited to book.....paid a much lower rate and then successfully bid on an upgrade. Azamara is now part of the same scheme. I learned my lesson about booking early and loyalty.
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