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  1. Plus sous vide takes time and is not conducive to bulk food.
  2. Of the lines we have been on it is hands down Oceania. Even the buffet had made to order food. Best shrimp on any ship we have ever been on. Lastly we did not have to pay for the specialty restaurants either, included in your fare. We have not done the luxury small ship lines so cannot comment on them. We had outstanding food on Budapest to Amsterdam river cruise with Scenic.
  3. Logical? Why would that be? It would be perfectly logical if my Wife was a vegan and only wanted vegan meals so I have to have them too? Gaming the system? Well, that is funny considering you can buy things like booze bags to smuggle booze onboard and many other things to circumvent the "rules". The "system" has been gamed a long time ago LOL
  4. It says that I must buy a drink package for my Wife if I want one. My Wife does not drink (except for maybe a wine at dinner), why do I need to pay and extra $800+ for her if she is not going to use it? Or, are there options?
  5. Perfect, exactly what I was looking for. It is an older one (Signature is up to $9 whereas it is now up to $11) Thank you very much. 🙂 👍
  6. Yes I did and found on other cruise lines they have lists like this: https://www.celebritycruises.com/modal/classic-beverage-package-modal and https://www.celebritycruises.com/modal/premium-beverage-package-modal Quite clear, simple and easy to understand without looking at every bar menu on the ship and what I wanted to see form Holland America.
  7. I did a search and that is the reason I posted. I have seen those photos of the drink menus at various bars on the ship. I m not sure if you did not understand the question or if you did not look at the link you posted. I asked what brands of liquor constitute a Signature, $11 and under package and which belong in the Elite $15 and under package.
  8. I realize that there are 2 drink packages. One is for drinks up to $11 and the other is for drinks up to $15.What brands are in the packages? Meaning is Smirinof vodka in the $11 package but Grey Goose int eh $15 package? Is Remy Martin VS Cognac in the $11 package and Remy Martin VSOP in the $15 package? Those were just examples but there are different Scotch's, Tequilas and Bourbons too. Is there a list of the brands and what package they belong to somewhere?
  9. Read what you posted. You wrote "Once you step on the ship, you’re in the US. " That is wrong. Also, it depends on if the cruise originates form Vancouver but overall, I think you are wrong. It is quite easy to get off the ship, we had no issues whatsoever.
  10. Just a small geography lesson. Vancouver is not in the US. 🙂
  11. How far is the airport form the cruise port? How long does it take?
  12. Thank you. Does that mean on the Rotterdam there are "perks"?
  13. What is a "standard balcony"? We have never sailed HAL and on the Rotterdam (which we booked for February), there are only Lanai cabins and Balcony suites.
  14. Because of having to "dress up" for work for all those years, I now like to go on vacation, to warm places and wear shorts. I do this at home and when on vacation in warm climates, I also like to be relaxed in my manner and dress. I wear shorts to restaurants at home without getting glares or stares. No need for backhanded belittlement like " Like I said before, don't dress up or put the effort out, it's ok! But also realize it says more about you than you think. 🤣" Just because I like to wear shorts while on vacation says more about me than I think? What do I think and really what do you think about that? Why do so many have a problem with relaxed dress? This topic is in every cruise line forum and discussed to death. There are people that like to dress up and those that don't. In my opinion, the tide is turning significantly to those that like the relaxed atmosphere ,but there will always be those that cannot get away from the "old bygone days" when travel was exclusive and there seemed to be a need to dress up. Those days are gone fortunately, but, no one ever said you cannot dress up, just the "rules" have been eliminated so all of us can enjoy in a relaxing atmosphere..
  15. Absolutely correct "It is odd how experiences vary". Our experience on Oceania was excellent, including the crew. Everything was laud back, relaxed and first class. Our experience on NCL was varied. On the Jade, it was great but on the Bliss it was a nightmare (too many people, too many attractions and too little space, too many reservations required and if you got them you were lucky or you did not get to see anything). On Celebrity, while we enjoyed our cruises immensely, the cost and "extras" were wearing us out. Oh and, Oceania is completely different than any NCL ship. It is like saying been on Celebrity is like being on Azamara
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