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  1. Do not allay my fears to hear that 😞
  2. We have sailed Celebrity several times and enjoyed each of the ships and cruises. There is sufficient to do or not to do to be pleasant. We chose primarily for itinerary. We also went on Rivieria on Oceania and loved every aspect of the ship and its services. We have been on Norwegian twice. Once to try them and the second time to confirm that we won't be doing that again LOL One thing about the 3 lines is that they were all pretty close in price and HAL is in that bracket as well and we booked HAL this time because of the itinerary. We know nothing abut the past or what was offered back then but we do have concerns about the complaints (as opposed to the hates) that so much is no longer there. We truly hope that we are not getting on a boat that is just transportation from port to port.
  3. You are asking me? After 14 pages of posts, you are asking me instead of someone else? The people that are HAL fanboys by insisting they are being remembered several years apart were questioned and came back to defend it? I really don't care, just popping imaginary bubbles of those that actually believe they are special. See SeaChef319 post in #330. It just confirms that the staff does get your information. Do you or would you like going through life not knowing you were or are being deceived just to get your money? (rhetorical question).
  4. Well, if I am looking for deal and the airline sells me a ticket for the same price, I select the airline as they are open 24hrs per day, no matter where I am in the world, if there is a problem. I have read of too many problems where the airline will not help the traveler as they did not purchase the ticket form them but a 3rd party travel agent. the airlines, far too often nowadays, deals with the person that actually purchased the ticket and that is not the traveler. As for TA bashing, I do not see that at all. If anything, people are being told to shop for a TA that offers them more than what the cruise line is offering. We quite often book on the cruise line site then transfer to a TA to get onboard credits, dining packages and more if we move to them. But, booking my air travel, well, that I leave up to the airline direct. There are many ways online to find fares and airlines and then just call them and book direct.
  5. Sorry to hear that. Your agent gets paid by the airline and you then too. Not an agent I would use.
  6. The benefit of using a travel agent as opposed t HAL cruise line is that the travel agent can offer you incentives to book with them. More onboard credits primarily. Having said that, if you agent said they "won't charge me a fee for making airline tickets.", then drop that agent. They get paid by the airline, not by you. You should be getting a better deal than that of the airline or, if it is that same price for airfare the agent still gets paid by the airline and should not be charging you a fee. I have never been charged a fee by a travel agent.
  7. We have had a suite at the back of a ship. Ours was on deck 10. Big cabin, lots of room and a fabulous verandah. There was movement especially in some so so weather in the Mediterranean. Quite uncomfortable for my Wife. The other issue was we got soot on the verandah from the ships stacks. Every day we had to have the deck furniture cleaned before we could use it. We had friends on deck 6 aft suite and while they did not have too much soot, they did feel vibrations form the engines and propellers.
  8. Yes it was. Sorry. All I have ever implied is that they are being friendly, for their employments sake and as they are directed to do and be. Yes, there are genuinely nice people.
  9. Yes, that is because you are special.... No, they don't look for "familiar names", but they do look for names of frequent passengers......makes you keep coming back LOL
  10. Seriously? You give the cruise line a lot of information about you when you book a cruise. Hey, it's OK. So many feel they are so special that they should with continue that. Naivety runs rampant, logic is lost LOL
  11. As I understand it, all medical staff, equipment, medications and stuff is all contracted. The only thing the ship does is provide the facility. The cruise line and ship take no responsibility for any medical issues that occur or are treated. I am glad the OP's Wife is OK.
  12. I do not know every crewmember or passenger on all HAL ships but, I do know customer service and what is required of crew members on a cruise line. I have a couple friends that have worked on therm, not HAL but I am sure they are pretty well all the same and have expectations of their employees. It is to their benefit to be pleasant, to be courteous and to make the passengers feel welcomed and appreciated. It is how they get promoted their contracts renewed. My friends left because of the working conditions and internal problems. Do I care? No but my comments are to those people that truly think they are special enough to be remembered in such a large service industry and want to show them reality. Can't go on pretending.
  13. Why? Because there is reality and imagination all in one thread LOL.
  14. I never said crew members talk about customers.....but if the customer is especially belligerent , awful or entitled, they would most certainly warn others LOL. My point is that people that are greeted by crew members and think they were so memorable that the crew person remembers them after seeing 8 to 12 thousand other guests and 2 years gone by are truly either full of themselves or just naive 🙂
  15. As a culture, they are very much more subservient than us Westerners. And yes, "social-friendliness is a criteria in choosing the employees.". Having a good memory is not. LOL
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