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  1. Same here. Applied for renewal in January and have heard nothing. I check regularly and it is still pending. I go online to question and get a email back saying they are busy and due to COVID many offices are closed but worry not, Nexus has been expended. I call and get the same answer, they are overwhelmed and that is why Nexus expiry is extended for a year.
  2. I agree, it is easy to opt out but I do want to get them....occasionally, not every day. As for missing deals LOL, you are funny LOL. The "deals" being offered are not anywhere near as good as previous. I am not the only one that has noticed that. Marketing is one thing, used car sales tactics is another LOL And yes, I do want to see better deals and if they email me with a deal, I am wanting it to be a real deal or better deal.
  3. Wow, almost every day getting emails from Celebrity. They are sure trying hard to get business but some of the destinations will not be open this year. Plus the onboard amenities will be restricted. That and the deals do not seem very good. I think there were better offers pre COVID. I think they have to do much better to entice us (me) back.
  4. Now Europe is talking about closing to Americans. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/23/world/europe/coronavirus-EU-American-travel-ban.html
  5. There goes our November plans 😞 https://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-news/australia-borders-closed-2021-coronavirus https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destinations/oceania/new-zealand/articles/coronavirus-new-zealand-borders-stay-shut-until-next-year/
  6. To something that appeals to more people of all ages or....go under. Gotta have passengers that spend money on not just the ride on the boat.
  7. Sounds like they had a gap to fill and fill quickly so, they just picked someone in the system. I suspect that is temporary. It is also interesting that other comments say thinks like "links those of us long time HAL cruisers in management" and "the future is murky even with his expert leadership." Some here long for the "old days" and others are looking for a newer future. HAL reputation for a very old timer cruise line has to change in order to remain an entity.
  8. Interesting comment. Mr Ashford is leaving but why was he there If no one can figure out for "whatever purpose for which he was hired." LOL And whomever Mr Kruse is, but if he had "expert leadership", why was he not there earlier or still there??
  9. Not sure you are accusing of incorrect or false answers but you are out of line.Emergency situations dictate what can happen. You accuse of not knowing the answer yet you post a rumor. Fact is, Canadian ports are closed and it is a 120 year old American law (Passenger Vessel Services Act of 1886) that prevents cruises from Seattle to Alaska. That is the answer. Now, if the cruise lines would register some of their ships in the US, this would not be a problem and they could save half their annual revenues
  10. So, Canada has cancelled all cruise ships with more than 100 passengers are banned until Oct 31 2020 must mean that all the cruises departing Seattle and Vancouver are all cancelled? The Alaska cruise season is finished for this year.
  11. Please read what I said before misquoting. I said " if the "full refund in the form of an Future Cruise Credit (FCC)" was for the exact cruise and one did not have to pay any additional, ". The word if is important to the sentence. Also, as I said "Not defending, " as well as invoking the "Peace of Mind" policy which is available to all. There is no untruth, just people plying with words., and sometimes out of context.
  12. But that is not what the Peace of Mind policy is. It is not one word, it is a statement. A statement with a qualifier. Not defending, just putting it into perspective and realistically. Also, if the "full refund in the form of an Future Cruise Credit (FCC)" was for the exact cruise and one did not have to pay any additional, then it could be OK. I say that because I suspect the price of cruises will be going up. Airlines are dong the same thing, future flight credits but, we all know the price of a ticket will be well beyond the credit.
  13. I think the entire travel industry, be it cruises or airlines or travel agencies or resorts et al are all suffering and worried "about its ability to continue as a "going concern" ".
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