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  1. Sheila, someday we will make it another cruise together. My best to you and Herb, and enjoy your cruise!!!!
  2. Captjohn, do they have a shuttle to the airport (I’m guessing they must). Which cruise are you on? We are on Splendor Athens to Miami next month.
  3. We went to the Galapagos years ago with Celebrity. It was a unique and amazing trip. Have a great time.
  4. Mudhen, is that this year in November??? Or is it the Explorer? We are booked for the TA Splendor this Nov. it would be great to see you again.
  5. There have been so many memorable meals. But the best had to be one Thanksgiving dinner in CR with a large group (including Z and TB) that I will treasure forever.
  6. Z, you’ll have to let us know what you are thinking about!!!
  7. So hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that this all starts to calm down and we can go on with our lives. I am definitely planning on seeing everyone in November.
  8. Zqueeze1, hope you have a wonderful crossing. We’ll be on the Splendor crossing in November. Wish we all could have been on the same one. Give our best to TB, John and Karen. Terri
  9. Sheila, hopefully we will be able to make more great memories with you and Herb.
  10. If you would like a referral you can email me at terrimcclataol.com
  11. In Arizona, those in the high risk category (chronic lung disease, obesity, etc) as well as those over 65 ate at the bottom of the list just ahead of “everybody else”. At this point I don’t think we will be making our November cruise even if it is a go.
  12. Our r3fund for March 14 cruise has now also been refunded to our credit card.
  13. We received our refund for the March 14 cruise yesterday. It was dated May 20, but showed on our account yesterday. I am so relieved. Thank you Regent.
  14. TC, may I ask which mask you just purchased. I have tried several, and don't like any of them. Terri
  15. Sail Date: 3/14/20 Splendor Cancelled by Regent: 3/13/20 Requested Refund: 3/18/20 Nothing received a/o 5/10/20
  16. To add insult to the whole matter.....I just got home from the grocery. OMG. What a disaster.
  17. We will celebrate on the 2022 TA if not before.
  18. I’m sitting here looking at ready-to -go suitcases that we’re going to be onboard the Splendor today. It is depressing to think about having to unpack them!
  19. Wish we were pub crawling with you. Aah, such good memories of another crawl.
  20. Z, Ray and I did a kayak trip (once), and I was afraid we would get a divorce before we could get back to shore. Funny how he complains that I was bossing him about how to row. A kayaker friend told us the only way is a one man......never two man. It was such a bad experience, we may never give it another try. Glad to see you and TB made it back to the ship. Terri
  21. Have and great time!!! Looking forward to “being with you” on another fun cruise. tnr
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