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  1. Is there someplace to find the itineraries of old sailings of cruise liners?  For example, I sailed on the Monarch of the Seas back in February 6, 1994.  I don't remember all the stops.  Also sailed on a Disney Magic cruise that got re-routed because of storms and not sure if there's anywhere to look up the itineraries.


    Thanks in advance for any help!



  2. I know, I know, but to my defense, we just got done with a great high school graduation NCL Pride of America cruise for my son.  This upcoming Alaskan cruise is just for my wife and I.


    We are on the NCL Joy August 10-17 in a few weeks.


    What are the not to miss highlights we should try to get scheduled?  What non-NCL tour operators should we check out?  We are stopping in the following ports:


    Ketchikan (7am-3pm)

    Juneau (7am-1:30pm)

    Skagway (7am-5pm)

    Victoria (4-11:59pm)


    I'm fairly out of shape, so nothing too active, but I can scuba dive and did some hiking in Hawaii during excursions.


    Thank you all in advance for any and all suggestions!


  3. Taking this cruise in June and looking to scuba diving.  My wife and 18 year old son along with me haven't dived in about 4 years.  We have about 2 dozen dives under us, but only dive while on cruise vacations in the Carribean.  We are going to several islands and wondering which are the best to look into diving?  Also any recommendations on local dive shops that would be good for us getting back into diving? 


    Thanks in advance for any help!


  4. Going to Cozumel at the end of June on the Oasis of the Seas. Family (wife, son and me) are looking forward to doing this excursion. It's $57.00 per person through Royal. Can you do this excursion on your own? Is there a similar excursion elsewhere on Cozumel?

  5. Several questions:


    1) Do I understand correctly that doing the 1st Night Done Right for $15/person you do NOT get to pick the restaurant? How exactly is the restaurant assigned? If I sign up for other restaurants, is there a chance it'll double me up or pick one I haven't picked already?


    2) How does the pricing work for an individual restaurant? For example: It says $39/person for Izumi Hibachi Experience, but there is a menu with individual prices. Is the $39 just to get in the restaurant and then you pay a-la-carte?


    3) My wife and I will be celebrating our 26th Anniversary on the cruise (Oasis of the Seas 6/25 Sailing). We are thinking about Chops Grille. Their menu has no individual pricing. Can you order as much as you want or is there a limit? Something special on their menu does have a "$", are those extra?


    4) Do you get to pick all your restaurants and times in the 3 or 4 night packages? Doesn't seem I can when test booking.


    Thanks in advance for the help!

  6. Again, thanks for all the replies.


    Strange as it seems, the most economical option seems to be to take the cruise ships "Shore Dive" excursion. This is only $75 per person and includes the rental equipment and a guide. I emailed Don Foster's and they said we can just rent another tank for another dive if we want to off the shore. So it seems for $85 we'll get our rental gear, a guided dive and then we should be fine doing a second shore dive ourselves.


    I'm leaving Cozumel open right now. My dream outcome would be my wife and son remember how much they love being underwater and will go on a 2 tank boat dive in Cozumel. Otherwise we'll wing it


    Thank you all again for all the comments!

  7. Thanks for all the replies so far!!!


    Just to clarify, it was not $50/person to dive at Sunset, but $50/person to add a guide to our dive. It's around another $50 per person to rent the equipment and air.


    I did send another email to Sunset, so hopefully I'll get a response to clarify.


    Does anyone have any recommendations on dive operators in Cozumel who don't use the back roll? We have dived under 25 times each, but I have always booked independent operators who just happen to all have the boats were we need to back roll.


    Thanks again for all the help!

  8. My wife, son and I are going on cruise end of March to these two islands (along with Jamaica) and want to get in the water. We are all certified and dove together 3 years ago (with my now deceased son). However on that trip my wife rolled off the boat and surfaced under the boat hitting her head. She was fine and dove again that week, but it's made her a little more apprehensive about diving. She already has trouble, but gets there with her ears. So last year on a cruise my son and I went diving, but my wife wasn't feeling well. However, we did a shore dive for the 1st time and it was great. The problem is now my son says he's scared of diving in the "middle of the ocean" and my wife likes the idea of a shore dive too!


    So obviously it's not a problem to shore dive on Grand Cayman. However, we all have under 25 dives each and we want a guide. I emailed Sunset House and they said A guide was $50 PER PERSON. That seems outrageous to spend $150 for one guide on a shore dive. Am I being cheap? Do we need a guide/DM on a shore dive? We have snorkeled off shore on vacation before, so I think the dive should be ok, but my wife is nervous to dive without a DM. Also is either Sunset or Eden better with novice divers? Even without a guide, we probably need help making sure our rental equipment is all properly fitted and such. Is the reef at Sunset that much closer to the shore than Eden?


    On Cozumel, it doesn't seem like shore diving is an option. If I can't get my family to dive with me, I'm thinking of diving while they snorkel. Somehow snorkeling in the middle of the ocean is fine :-) Does anyone have recommendations for a company that does both snorkeling and diving together?


    Thanks in advance for any help!

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