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  1. i just called an enterprise outside of hte port area and was told that they stopped picking people up from the cruise port. Just FYI.
  2. So its been 7 years since our last cruise. We are now family folks and the reason for cruising has changed a Tad. When I last cruised the cheers program didn't exist. SO the last cruise i was on i feel like a Captain and Coke was like $5.25 with the built in tips. roughly the same cost as a beer. The cruise we just booked my wife and i got 2 rooms that connect so its me and one child in my room, her another 2 in the other. So if i get the cheers she is not forced to purchase (she doesn't drink much anyway). Question 1. What is the cost per drink these days? Question 2. The stop in Grand turk is at the "cruise Center." This is obviously part of carnival corp. Does this mean that drinks in the port area are included? I suspect this is wishful thinking on my part. I'll take any other tips or suggestions about the program.
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