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  1. I'm glad you asked this question. Our next cruise will include our granddaughter who will be 3 1/2 at the time and, other than a beach, we aren't sure what would be appropriate. I thought I read that they have a zoo. If I find out anything, I'll be back to let you know!
  2. PB just isn't the kind of beach where you take your own drinks. It's a great spot with very nice employees, facilities and reasonably priced food/drinks. Please, leave the cooler on the ship and take it to another stop.
  3. The person who is the subject of the article has a history with Carnival, RCCL, Princess, Celebrity and now NCL. While her review seems balanced, you would have to check her posting history on CC or any other board on the net to see the pattern. RCCL wouldn't ask Cruise Critic to pull or edit a review. They wouldn't ban a customer for something posted here. They would ban a customer who was consistently a problem. If the cruise lines are still sharing lists of problem cruisers, this couple had 4 strikes against them before going to NCL.
  4. We've been there two or three times now. I wouldn't call it my favorite port. We've done the Straw Market (hot and crowded), an excursion to Blackbeard's Cay (sand fleas and filthy water) and a walking tour of the historic district including the Queen's Staircase, Ft. Fincastle and the Pirates Museum (very interesting tour!). If we ever go there again, we might just stay on the ship. We've pretty much seen everything that interests us by now.
  5. No my dear. You're on time out for being a troublemaker. Sound familiar?
  6. A flip flop wouldn't have a closed heel. Wear them and enjoy!
  7. You can call the dining room and let them know ahead of time or stop by if you are around and about the ship. It's considered a courtesy to do so.
  8. Dining times are not flexible in Carnival dining rooms. Everyone should arrive within a few minutes of the time they have been assigned. Anything later than say 10 minutes is just rude, although on occasion there are extenuating circumstances. Even though you have your own table, your waiters are serving others as well. If you know the teens will be there in a reasonable amount of time, ordering for them will be very helpful. If at any time you or the teens cannot or will not be eating in the dining room, a heads up to the waitstaff is appreciated by them as well as others being served by the same team.
  9. The past guest party lasts about 45 minutes or so. I never stay any longer. When you go on your second and subsequent cruises on Carnival, you will receive an invitation to the party. ;)
  10. TriadSteeler, your wife looks VERY familiar but I can't quite place the face. Lovely lady and children you have there. :) If anyone who doesn't understand formal nights has read what was posted above from the Carnival Web site, then that is the guideline you should follow. Children are expected to dress the same. Take the opportunity to be a role model for the children and teach them how to dress properly for the occasion. I totally agree with WeBeCruisin's post! Good one!
  11. This might answer some questions about service dogs on cruises: http://www.servicedogcruises.com/wst_page5.php
  12. Exactly as posted above! If people bring back old threads though, the information may not be current. Things DO change. If a thread is fairly old, the poster is better off starting a new thread asking for the most current info.
  13. Yes you can! http://www.carnival.com/BonVoyage/AddToCart.aspx?cat=Gourmet+Delights&pid=748 http://www.carnival.com/BonVoyage/Default.aspx?cat=Wine+Cellar&ccat=Champagne
  14. I don't really recall, but they were quite reasonable or I wouldn't spend the money. We used to buy all the photos. Now we only buy one or two if they're good, or maybe none at all. We also treat ourselves to one night at the specialty restaurant if the ship has one. Always worth the money! The one thing I would NEVER waste my money on again is that gold and silver by the inch. Cheap stuff.
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