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  1. I haven't seen anything I received from my TA which states nonrefundable FARES; only nonrefundable DEPOSIT. I don't have anything with the warning about future price reductions, downgrades or upgrades. I asked specifically exactly what fare I was booked under and the response was QA1. When I asked where in a contract or on HAL's website I could find the terms and conditions for the QA1 fare, the response was: Here is what appear when booking under the QA1 - Fare Code: QA1 Notice: This promotion has a non-refundable deposit and does not combine with any reduced deposit offer. There isn't anything stated about QA1 being a nonrefundable FARE between myself and the TA. Whether the TA has something between himself and HAL which so states, I don't know. If we never get the discounted rate, so be it. We got a good price for early booking. It totally rubs me the wrong way when business dealings are handled so sloppily. There is an actual contract somewhere which states the terms and conditions for this particular fare (and this particular transaction) which would quash any discussion as to what can/could or cannot be changed.
  2. Kazu, It is an additional $230 per person to go from SA to SY. Signature Suite kind of sounds like the mini suite on Princess. We loved the one we had to Alaska. This time we're trying an aft cabin. Never done one of those before. Thanks for the halfacts.com site. Going to check it out. Cathy
  3. So the TA is "working on it." Said HAL offered and upgrade to SY for + $230 more per person. Does anyone see any logic in that offer? I don't. Next message from him says HAL will offer a future cruise credit. I am not familiar with the "fine print" on a future credit. What kind of strings are attached? Y'all are great! Thanks for the responses.
  4. Thanks, EM. This was the language in the invoice from the TA: While we must abide by the cruise line’s policies, our agency does not charge any booking, change, or cancellation penalties.
  5. kazu, It is a nonrefundable deposit. I don't want the deposit refunded, just the fare decrease credited. I have not been able to find the terms and conditions on this topic on the HAL website or in my booking info. This is the first time I've used a TA also, and it's frustrating to have to go through someone else. It's like the telephone game; frustrating.
  6. I don't understand your reply. Final payment is not until March; this is January. Why would you wonder about a higher fare?
  7. Our final payment is not due until March 2019. Checking the fares, there has been a price drop of $616 for our cabin type. I contacted my TA to grab the discount for us. The response: HAL will not refund the difference unless we cancel, pay the cancellation fee, and then rebook. Can I deal directly with HAL on this issue? What would be the best way to get this price drop refund approved?
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