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  1. Yes, there was a taxi stand at the Port and we took one straight to Balneario. I believe it was 15 euros total and the drive was about 15 minutes. Yes, the restaurant took credit cards. I had fish entree but my friend had a salad. The menu was pretty varied and different price points depending on your preference. There was also a woman doing massages on the beach, if that was of interest.
  2. We had a really nice day at Balneario Illetas. We arrived early and they gave us our selection of chairs in the roped off area. We had to remind them to bring the water/fruit but no big deal. The attendant made us a lunch reservation at their restaurant and called us a taxi to take us back to the port. There was a gelato stand too and 1 cute shop that I popped into and bought a bracelet. We left by 3pm so I think it was great for the value of being there roughly 5 hours. But it may not be as private as Puro as there are non-paid sections on this section of the beach with people even just laying out on towels on the sand. But that didn't bother me as I had a chair facing the sea and the sun. Oh and the water was nice. You could walk out far before it got deep and there wasn't waves. So would be great if you had kids too.
  3. Thanks! We have decided to go to Balneario Illetas. For future reference, premium sun bed´s price is 28€ per person and includes towel rental, sunshade, mineral water and fruit salad. You pay upon arrival. They confirmed the reservation quickly via email. This looks like a nice destination (right next to Purobeach) and much cheaper considering we'd only be able to enjoy the amenities until mid-afternoon. And the menu for the restaurant looks decent too! :-)
  4. In speaking with my friend, is there a beach you recommend that we can take a taxi to and back to the port easily from and just rent chairs there? And be nearby for places to get lunch? NCL takes you to Palma Nova but it is only 4 hours and I don't want to leave the beach at 1pm! https://www.ncl.com/shorex/219828571/41330557/shorex-detail/PMIN67#?productType=EXCURSION&lang=&date=
  5. It is what I am looking for. Just when you make a reservation, there are 2 distinct spots to pick from so I want to make sure before I pay, that I pick the right one. :)
  6. I'm not as concerned about the alcohol. I am just not sure if the beach or the oasis is the more favorable spot to lounge in for the day. Has anyone been there recently?
  7. Actually, I think I just answered my own question by looking on a map. Palma is near the airport! So Illetas it is! But can you tell me if we reserve the beach area or oasis? Oasis is 10 euros more and includes a glass of cava too.
  8. Hi Roger...thanks for the tips! We are arriving on August 28th for the day on the Norwegian Pearl. What is the difference between Purobeach Illetas and Purobeach Palma? https://www.purobeach.com/en/beach-club-illetas/ https://www.purobeach.com/en/beach-club-palma/
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