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  1. On Breakaway, it was every evening at dinner.
  2. Are the airlines socking you with baggage fees?
  3. Only US registered ships can make cruises without stops outside of the US. That makes them subject to US laws and US labor laws. The ship also does not have a casino. Because of these, the ship has a significantly higher cost structure that is reflected in the price. Since it is the only ship that can make a 7 day port intensive Hawaii cruise, it also benefits from the economic factors of supply and demand, allowing them to charge higher prices, something that NCL does at every opportunity.
  4. I don't know if they are still paid, but RCCL cheerleaders seem to be louder than other lines and the "rankings" still seem skewed toward Royal owned lines. I found the fact that Royal ships appeared on the list for food where there has been a lot of discussion over the decline of food on Royal here on CC. I sailed on Royal last summer and the food was the worst that we have ever had on a cruise over 35 years. We always found something to eat, but there were a lot of unappetizing dishes and a number of MDR disappointments.
  5. It allows almost everyone to voluntarily participate in the upgrade process, instead of hoping for a call from the upgrade fairy. It makes sense to NCL because agents are not making cold calls offering upgrades to those who are not interested. People interested in upgrades bid what they are willing to pay. I imagine it brings more revenue and less cost to NCL than the upgrade calls.
  6. We have sailed the Breeze and Breakaway and enjoyed both. My comparison. Other opinions may respectfully differ. Cabins (Standard) - Breeze cabins are larger. The balconies are also larger than the minuscule balconies on the Breakaway. Service - Good on both. Entertainment - Breeze has more daytime activities spread throughout the ship. Breakaway holds most indoor activities in the overcrowded and loud atrium (USE THE THEATER or LOUNGES). Breakaway production shows are clearly superior to the Carnival's canned production shows. Both have stand up comedy and piano bars, which will vary according to the entertainers and your personal taste. Dining - Again, according to personal taste. Breeze offers scheduled dining, but has a my time dining option in a different dining room. Breakaway is freestyle, but reservations can prevent waiting for a table. Both ships MDR food can be hit and miss. I will call the MDR food equal. I prefer the Breakaway buffet over the Breeze buffet. However, the Breeze has some lunch options that I like (BBQ, Indian, Deli, Guy's Burgers, and Burrito Bar). Carnival pizza is better. Breakaway has O'Sheehans as a 24 hour option that we enjoy greatly. Overall, Breakway casual dining is bit better than Carnival. Ship - Both have some quirks in the layout. Up on the pool decks, the offerings are similar.
  7. They do show movies on many nights. They typically start around 10:30 PM and are run in the atrium.
  8. There were porters taking luggage outside the terminal starting around 10:00. Passengers were still disembarking the previous cruise. You could quickly check in at that time (no lines) and sit in the waiting area until boarding. I think that you could arrive around 10, drop off your luggage, check in quickly, and head to the French Quarter for a while and go straight to boarding upon return.
  9. There are three piers in Cozumel. On my sailing in December 2018, the Breakaway docked at the downtown port. It is the southernmost of the three piers. I personally prefer this pier because it is downtown. Some prefer the other piers that are closer to the beach clubs. I can not say that it will dock there on every sailing.
  10. Since it is new, they will keep raising the price until people stop buying it.
  11. I'd be very hard pressed to envision a scenario where someone goes overboard through anything other than negligence, intent, alcohol, crime, or stupidity.
  12. Harvest Caye is different than the typical "private island". The Belize government insisted on having the bars, restaurants, and vendors on Harvest Caye run by local businesses to provide local jobs. Therefore, food and beverage is not run by the cruise line. It is more like the Carnival stop in Grand Turk. It is not like the RCI stops where you are captive to the cruise line.
  13. Plan your beach day for Harvest Caye. It is a beautiful island area. The beach is man made. It will be crowded with your fellow cruisers, but it is a huge beach and many will stay on board or use the pool area, so you can likely get some solitude at the far end of the beach. There is not much in the area other than Harvest Caye. There is a boat to a nearby town, but it really is not touristy. West Bay in Roatan is nice, but crowded with bars, hotels, and pushy local vendors. Therefore, I prefer 7 mile beach in Cayman. It runs for miles and has a mix of bars, beach clubs and open areas. It will be a lot less crowded. The beach in Costa Maya is along a strip called the Malecon that has bars, restaurants, stores, vendors, and massage tables. There are some beach clubs in the area that you can look into that many like.
  14. I was going to call, but then remembered that DW and I got the free airfare promotion. The third passenger does not get the promo and is travelling from a different city. She has already purchased her air ticket. That probably kills the deal.
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