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  1. eetonaee

    Pre cruise Coast Coal Harbour hotel

    I live in Vancouver so haven't stayed there but you are just a couple of blocks from Canada Place. If you have time you can walk along the waterfront to Stanley Park and back
  2. [IMG]http://www.smugmug.com/photos/i-X4jrsn3/0/L/i-X4jrsn3-L.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.smugmug.com/photos/i-QChxR7g/0/L/i-QChxR7g-L.jpg[/IMG] We enjoyed a private tour that featured locations in Sicily where the Godfather was filmed. We had time for a few hours in Taormina as well.
  3. eetonaee

    Venice.. Early May or late Sept?

    We were in Venice near the end of October 2014 and were greeted by high water in San Marco as we walked to our nearby hotel from the vaporetto stop. As mentioned the only high water is in the square and we experienced it a couple of times in the middle of the day. I would be more concerned about the crowds of people. When we were there the streets and squares were still packed with visitors. I can't imagine what it is like in mid summer. If May or September is the less busy then that is the one I would choose. [IMG]http://www.smugmug.com/photos/i-PF4Xn8k/0/XL/i-PF4Xn8k-XL.jpg[/IMG]
  4. eetonaee

    Taxi or HoHo bus Koper to Piran

    We docked in Koper on Sunday, October 26. We didn't have any prearranged plans so took a very short walk from the ship to an area where tour companies had displays with day tours.(first picture) We chose a 6 hour Slovenian coast trip from Roundabout Travel which included a drive with stops at viewpoints en route before arriving in Piran. We had more than enough free time in Piran to tour the town square, church and tower, the fort and walk along the waterfront resort area. The price was 20 Euro per person for a bus with about 25 people. We also had tine before and after the tour to visit the historical area of Koper which is very close to the port. Slovenia was a nice surprise and we had a great day.
  5. eetonaee

    Vancouver--buying wine

    As of April 1, 2015 the sale of BC made wine will be allowed in large grocery outlets such as Safeway, Save-On Foods and similar stores where groceries make up the majority of their sales. This will make it convenient for people who want to buy wine as well as non alcoholic beverages and food in one location. Only BC made wines can be sold but there are many quality wines produced in the Okanagan and other areas of the province. Non BC wines, beer and spirits will be available at government or private liquor stores only. The locations of the grocery stores that will sell wine haven't been announced yet but I don't believe there are any stores within walking distance (about a mile) of Canada Place that will qualify.
  6. eetonaee

    Pompeii or Herculaneum?

    You may want to check out Paestum. Possibly the best preserved Greek temples still standing. About an hour or so south of Naples.
  7. eetonaee

    Debarkation process

    sorry - posted in error
  8. I was on the Jade from October 25- November 1st and just had my review posted in the Cruise Critic member reviews section. This was my first cruise with NCL. My review was generally favourable. Another review, posted by someone on the same cruise had the opposite opinion.About the only thing we agreed on was the shower size in the inside cabins and the Tenors of Rock. I can't tell you that I am right and he is wrong so keep checking all of the reviews. In the end the only opinion that really matters is yours. Have a great time.
  9. eetonaee

    What was your first NCL ship?

    [IMG]http://www.smugmug.com/photos/i-cK6wh8F/0/L/i-cK6wh8F-L.jpg[/IMG] After 14 cruises mostly on Princess, Celebrity and RCCL we've just completed our first NCL cruise on the Jade two weeks ago, sailing from Venice to Rome. I must admit that many negative comments on cruise critic forums about NCL gave me the impression that we would not enjoy a Norwegian cruise. I'm pleased to say that our cruise experience, although short and very port intensive, was as good as any we have had. The food which seemed to draw the ire of many posters was excellent, plentiful and imaginative. Our basic room had all that we needed including a shower that you didn't have to step out of to pick up a bar of soap from the floor. Appreciated not having to take extra clothes for formal nights and the friendly crew. The Jade was perfect for a European cruise and look forward to trying one of the newer ships in the Caribbean.
  10. eetonaee

    How to do Santorini

    [quote name='dani negreanu'][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=purple]Thanks, I just won my bet with DH.... I owe u an hamburger whenever u come to Israel, fries 2 :D Dani[ela][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=purple][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=purple]My family name in Hebrew is "vinemaker", spelled with K[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT].[/QUOTE] Thank you- I'm due for a visit . Haven't been since 2005. Shana Tova
  11. eetonaee

    How to do Santorini

    [quote name='dani negreanu'][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=purple]"eetonaee" - sounds exactly like "journalist" in Hebrew[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] :)[/QUOTE] Not a coincidence. When I joined CC many years ago I was publishing a small community paper.
  12. eetonaee

    How to do Santorini

    [quote name='Got2Cruise']@eetonaee thanks so much for the photos and suggestions. The stairs down look doable and the beach a possibility[/QUOTE] Thank you. So there is no confusion - the beach in the picture is in Mykonos.
  13. eetonaee

    Quick Shuttle R/T SEA to YRV

    [quote name='Big Feet']Putter: I would guess you work for Quick Shuttle? Too bad you didn't answer my calls or several emails while this was happening. You did not address the "rant" as you say. You said nothing about the delays, baggage or added stops in your response and that was your chance to "set the record straight. As you say this is a wonderful place to vent and I say it would have been an equally wonderful place for you to set the record straight. YOU CAN't CAN U? I tried to give the events coming and going to show it wasn't just a one time issue. I never said anything about traffic or border delays. You advertised one thing and did another. 20K posts tells me you have had to defend often. Bottom line: your lying to customers about the schedule and are careless with THEIR bags. As your one driver tried to degrade and ridicule the woman who was upset about her bag being taken off the bus-- you have now attacked me-- not with facts-- but with statements like glad to see the soles of your shoes--- if more people would speak up people like quick shuttle would be more accountable. Thank you for allowing me to vent on cruise critic.[/QUOTE] I do work for the company that owns Quick Shuttle. I will show your post to the owner. Can you give me the date of your trip?
  14. eetonaee

    How to do Santorini

    I have picked up some great information from Cruise Critic members over the past 10 years or so and perhaps given some too, but I am always reluctant to answer an open ended question like the OP's. There are so many factors that can affect your day in a port like Santorini. How many ship's in port? The weather? Individual interests? The mood you are in? We were in Santorini in June 2012. A beautiful hot day as you can see from these pictures. Our ship, the Celebrity Equinox, was the only one in port when we arrived in the morning so the cable car line up wasn't too bad. Some passengers chose to walk up the stairs or ride the donkeys. I knew that the best photo ops were in Oia so I walked a few blocks to the bus station and boarded the public bus for the short ride from Fira. Oia is an amazing place to take pictures, look at shops, look at people and mostly look at the amazing blue water. I knew there could be a bit of a rush to get on the public buses so I left earlier than I wanted to to but had time to stroll around Fira before taking the cable car back to the tender loading area. A calm relaxing day in a place I hope to visit again. One of the last stops on our 10 day cruise was Mykonos. I knew there was lots to see but as the ship approached the dock we saw a beach on the port side that looked very inviting. As we had already toured Athens, Crete, Ephesus and Rhodes and a tour of Pompeii was a few days away, we decided to just relax on the beach. I wouldn't have known 2 or 3 months earlier that would be how we would spend our time in Mykonos. We try not to over plan so that when a new option opens up we can take advantage of it. [IMG]http://neilloomer.smugmug.com/Travel/Cruise2012/i-6MrgVPS/0/L/130-DSC01171-L.jpg[/IMG] Line up for the cable car from the port to Fira [IMG]http://neilloomer.smugmug.com/Travel/Cruise2012/i-tpGtFTz/0/L/132-DSC01174-L.jpg[/IMG] Stairs between the port and Fira shared by people and donkeys [IMG]http://neilloomer.smugmug.com/Travel/Cruise2012/i-wH7tgDv/0/L/151-DSC01235-L.jpg[/IMG] Oia [IMG]http://neilloomer.smugmug.com/Travel/Cruise2012/i-WqvDhPw/0/L/277-DSC01825-L.jpg[/IMG] Relaxing in Mykonos
  15. eetonaee

    Rhodes beaches near cruise ship pier

    Not the fanciest beach in Rhodes but it is close to the ship. This picture was taken in June 2012.