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  1. we have found ourselves booking ocean view and occasionally inside cabins now, where in the past we booked balconies. we don't feel like we are missing anything because we always spent most of our time on deck anyway and only used the balconies coming in to port and for early morning coffee. this way we can still take the same number of cruises that we enjoy. Beverly
  2. we aim for an hour before departure because I hate standing in lines! have seen people left behind and have had ships wait for their shore excursions that were late and once for a passenger that was taken to the ER from the ship, but I don't want to be one of the runners. Beverly
  3. call carnival. you can, indeed, cancel transfers and get a full refund this far out. Enjoy your cruise. Beverly
  4. much cheaper to book parking at port Canaveral ahead of time. we paid 75.00 for the deck in February. go to port Canaveral parking website. there is a walkway over the roadway to the arrival hall. you drive in to the parking area, drop your luggage, then go to the deck and walk back across to check in. easy. you will need to have your ID, and cruise tickets ready when you pull up, before you drop off luggage. Beverly
  5. they don't care about the address. I flew to Florida and used my sisters address (she was going too) so that the addresses were all the same, no one cared. Have a great trip! Beverly
  6. we always carry our "routine" medicines in s-s containers (2 each so that we have a couple days extra supply in case of delays), and then a picture of all the prescription labels on my phone. have only one time had to take scheduled medicine with us and we took that one in it's original container. Beverly
  7. we had booked a cove balcony on the Magic several years ago and at the last minute Carnival came in and offered a suite upgrade, so we took it. this time we have booked a cove again, really would like to check out being that close to the water. we mostly do book balconies but realistically we do not spend too much time on them. I generally use them as a place to watch to see that the rest of my group makes it back on board after excursions! and watch the stragglers run to make the ship. Too windy to eat out there, not really enough sun for sunbathing. Husband cannot smoke his cigars out there, so we really only use the balcony for maybe a pre dinner drink. And we have discovered that sometime we can take two cruises with inside cabins for close to what some balconies have cost us. enjoy your trip whatever you decide. Beverly
  8. thanks everyone for the quick responses, I knew I would get the answers faster here than trying to track down the bride for an answer! FTTF is sold out already on this cruise, so I guess we will go dressed for the wedding. Beverly
  9. according to John Heald's postings this week the Magic is in drydock now, and my favorite upgrade is included, the Alchemy Bar has been added to the Ocean Plaza area. HOORAY!!!!! We sailed in the Mediterranean on the Magic's second sailing, and it was great. They also have a Red Frog Pub, as a full bar with seating and entertainment, rather than just the little Lido Deck bar area that they added to some of the other ships as an upgrade. As others have said, they are also adding the Blue Iguana and I am certain many cosmetic upgrades. Looking forward to attending a wedding on embarkation day and then a great New Year's cruise. Beverly
  10. I am sure the bride and groom have the answer to this question but I don't. Have just made reservation for a wedding cruise, I know that we need to be there by 10-10:30 to board with wedding party, but my question is, do we need to be dressed for the wedding when we board or will our staterooms be available to us? I have seen many brides dressed in the terminal for boarding so I am thinking we will need to arrive dressed, but would rather not since we have a two hour drive to the port. Also, where is the wedding held? thanks for your help, Beverly
  11. I figure on 100.00 per travel days and port days, 50 for sea days. that always ends up covering our needs for two to three people. 50 of that is always in ones to cover room service tips, extra bar tips, porters, etc. Always have leftover money when we get home which goes toward deposit on next cruise! This trip I am on my own so certainly should have some leftover. when we do a long trip, I split the cash between all three of us until we get to the ship (and the safe) in case of any unfortunate episodes. Beverly
  12. been involved with several rool calls but rarely commit to the meet up because so many things can change as we get on the cruise. we have sometimes met other people at our precruise hotel and become involved in plans with them, we have sometimes come to meet ups and had only a handful of people show up, other times a lot of people show up. so many variables. we are on vacation and we just end up doing whatever works at the time. If we don't commit, we don't feel bad if we miss the meeting. Beverly
  13. i have been there twice and both times docked at the Megapier, an easy walk thru a shopping area to the Queen Emma Bridge and town. Beverly
  14. just off the Conquest, and I must say that the Alchemy Bar was our favorite before dinner spot! the drinks were wonderful and could be tailored to exactly your tastes. don't forget to ask for snacks...you will get a dish of olives, nuts and cheese. ENJOY! Great staff! Beverly
  15. we did the Conquest cruise April 4, and while we had some issues comparing our trip to our previous Conquest trip, nothing that happened would keep me from sailing Carnival again. Remember people there are cut backs everywhere in the industry and the staff aboard does everything they can to make your trip the best! we boarded about 1PM and that went smoothly, but disembarkation was a mess. Seems to me if they would reverse the zones in the warehouse where you pick up your luggage things would go a little more smoothly. Our assigned time to get off was estimated as 11AM...the latest we had ever had on a ship....but we were off to stand in a terrible line in the luggage area (actually backed up because of immigrations) about 10:20. And my single biggest complaint to ALL cruise lines is why do they not have an area where you can meet up with your group before exiting the terminal. All the officials there just keep saying keep moving, keep moving...when you have a group of six and just gotten your luggage you might need a moment to regroup before entering the street! I find this very frustrating on ALL cruise lines. Happy cruising! Beverly
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