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  1. Ok, so the cdc says it’s now safe for people that are vaccinated to fly. Great. Who at the airport is confirming that travelers are vaccinated? RCI is stating that only vaccinated people and crew can be on a ship when cruising resumes (and negative tested minors). Who feels safer at this point on a ship vs a plane? Just curious. Erika
  2. We FINALLY made d+ and we’re looking forward to getting our towels. I don’t see how a fresh new towel could be a hazard. The room steward should be able to leave that (and bottles of water) when they prep the room. And anyone want to bet, if you ‘bought’ bottles of water, they would be delivered to the room? SO much safer then ‘leaving’ free bottles of water. Just saying....... Erika
  3. We did 8586 on Grandeur and loved it so much we booked it again for February 2022. The spa is a quiet place to be under. And an aft view is awesome Erika
  4. I’m hoping the medical emergency is more a precautionary situation and nothing major. But I have to state, it was nice to see a live on ship type report for a change. It has been way to long. Don’t flame me, I’m not cheering the medical emergency. Erika
  5. Correction. I JUST got the email tooo. Here’s hoping they are seriously considering moving forward with cruising soon. Wonder if there are ‘right’ answers. Lol Erika
  6. We booked Grandeur for Feb 2022 recently as well. No survey. Erika
  7. Got my email today. To bad, once again they f’d up and put my father’s name on it. So now I have to wait till they reissue it. Tell me how they know who I am when I book or get on the ship, but for some reason they keep thinking I’m my father. I never sailed when I lived with my parents or before I was married. Frustrating. Once again, if I had first dealt with their ITfolks before I sailed, I probably wouldn’t have. Erika
  8. Just called c&a and they said our FCC was issued on the 12th. Now just hoping my TA has power. thanx all Erika
  9. For those of you that got your FCCs for your March sailings, did you use a TA? thanx, Erika
  10. Interesting. I was just coming to find out about the FCC. We were notified on January 12th and by the next week had our TA put in a reservation to go to this. Supposedly RCI will hold that sailing/cabin/price until February 26. But like ya’ll said, the website says February 12. Then it still says 45 days. Probably why RCI said February 26:, which is 45 days. Hoping for sooner. I want to lock in that other reservation. Following Erika
  11. I don’t see those options on RCI site, not my TA site. As an FYI, we were in Columbia in March and Loved it!!! Last full, safest, healthiest cruise of 2020. Erika
  12. Saw this and wanted to share. As always, another great vlog from Chris. Chris Wong vlog Erika
  13. Personally, I wouldn’t want all inclusive. We’re not big drinkers and even I hate spending the money for things we wouldn’t take advantage for. Heck, we didn’t even do the $18 drink error for our 11 nighter. Just wasn’t worth it. Erika
  14. First, let me apologize if this is answered elsewhere, When I searched, I got so many results on ANYTHING with refund/cancel/etc.... My question to you is- My free casino cruise was cancelled and I have received a convoluted refund that covered my taxes/fees to the penny. What it didn't cover was the 'cruise insurance' I purchased from and paid RCI for this cruise. Does anyone know if/when I should expect that refund? Thanx Erika
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