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  1. We just go our April cruise refunded this week
  2. I had an April sailing canceled in March, still waiting... so frustrating.
  3. Have you found your dining room assigned table? Hopefully it will be near the Captain’s Table.
  4. I hope you remembered to get some travelers checks and some baby oil so you gets good tan.
  5. I know this is impolite but how much did you pay for this cruise?
  6. We were booked next month on Grandiosa but asked to switch the seaside ( no problem) now I see our flight on Lufthansa was cancelled.
  7. I think American Government took control and thought people would be better in the homeland. It seems like infection control was hit or miss,and the plane ride was a calculated risk,
  8. Yes, we have been in the YC on Divana and Preziosa looking forward to this, I will look for you, we are in our 60's my husband is very tall. You will love the YC, it never fails
  9. Yes, we have been in the YC on Divana and Preszoia looking forward to this
  10. we are joining you on April 19 !
  11. I am unclear how is this man related to the toddler? Is he the step father of the mother or father ? I have read ( not confirmed ) that he is not married to the grandmother only a boyfriend.
  12. My husband brought up a good point to me. Is there an insurance claim for accidental death for this child? My thought the grandfather was offered a plea deal if he confessed but that would probably void any accidental death claim. Personally if if this was an accident I would try to reduce any media attention which would bring pain to the parents, with a plea it would be quietly over. also I do not know I could forgive my parent for such a reckless act in such a short period of time.Seems like a very odd situation.
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