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  1. I got back in an hour, my husband filed late at night and got it first thing in the am
  2. we paid for the insurance But nobody asked us, we bought it by mistake. The taxi tour was$90, which I thought was fair, celebrity was charging $60 for the transfer
  3. It was around 9:45 am. we were also in the retreat and were offered to stay later in the retreat lounge. but we felt akward. The retreat was absolutely awesome.
  4. We aimed to be the last off due to our late departure, we waited for them to call last call. The were assigning departure times, we used an independent taxi driver. No need to geet their early since they will pulll people with earlier flights out of line
  5. We flew yesterday from Saint Maarten. Thanks to the boards here we knew not to go to the airport early for our 4:30 flight. We tried to get a day room but there were none available. The Holland House will let you use their facilities and even lock your luggage but if we went to the beach I would want to take a shower. When we picked up our luggage we asked our porter to see if he could find a driver to take us around the island until 1:30pm. We had a lovely morning touring the island, seeing lovely beaches and lunch in Margot. At 1:30 she took us to the airport and the line was wrapped around the building. I asked our driver to take us for another hour. We returned at 2:30pm. We only had to wait outside for 1/2 hour and another 1/2 inside. Outside if you had an earlier flight, the attendents would allow them to jump the line. It was a madhouse , you would led into one huge room. I would try to minumize your time at the airport.
  6. thank you for this thread, did you have the nasal pharyngeal test at cvs or just the nasal test?
  7. The quest near me only does the nasal test not the nasal pharyngeal, did they perform the nasal pharyngeal or the nasal and did St Martin accept this?
  8. you forgot number 4, That you are not wearing a mask yourself
  9. We just go our April cruise refunded this week
  10. I had an April sailing canceled in March, still waiting... so frustrating.
  11. Have you found your dining room assigned table? Hopefully it will be near the Captain’s Table.
  12. I hope you remembered to get some travelers checks and some baby oil so you gets good tan.
  13. I know this is impolite but how much did you pay for this cruise?
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