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  1. New to Holland and hoping to book for 2022 Baltic. Where on the website can I find information on the Signature Dining Package? Been playing on the webiste for several weeks and just can't find what you "get" with this package. Thanking in advance!
  2. On Princess Cruise line durng a transatlantic decided to "try" to get a seat at the Chef's Table (diners, total of 12, are selected via lottery from all who sign up). We lucked out, got selected. The dinner starts with a tour of the galley and drinks and appetizers. I looked at my wife and said "who would of thought a country bunpkin from little "name of town I grew up, Missouri" would be standing here in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. The lady near by perked up and said "Did you say (name of town) Missouri?". Her brother lived in this town and her brother knew my sister. She had vi
  3. Thank you for this review. Australia/New Zealand is on my bucket list! This will help escape the gloomy non cruising world. We have two planned next year, a trans-Atlantic on Princess and the Baltic on our very first Celebrity! So, I will sit back and eagerly look forward to your review.
  4. Again, thank you all for the information. Greatly appreciated! Stay safe!
  5. At least I told the truth.....more questions. Our friends are not in a suite. We will eat at many of the specialty resturants togehter but how do we arrange to eat in the MDR with them? Ask the butler to arrange? And thank you for the table for two recommendation. We will dine just together on several evenings. Thanks again all!
  6. Again, thank you all! We are traveling with friends so date and ship are fixed. As was said by wkr2cruise, inventory is very limited. I will keep a watch and see if any of the recommended cabins become available. One more question (really, not true I will think of many more). It states specialty coffee in cabin. Does this mean a coffee maker or...???? Love me some early morning coffee on the balcony without having to leave the room or order room service.
  7. Thanks for all the information. We are booked in 2193. It shows an obstruction but I could not determine what so hoping it is a decent choice.
  8. We are brand new to Celebrity. We normally sail Princess just to give some background. Booked the Baltic for 8/21 on the Reflection and hoping! I have tried to research/youtube/etc. and am wondering what all the perks of a suite on Celebrity is like. I know the basics as the 4 perks, dedicated dining room but thought I would ask the experts here on Cruise Critic. What do I need to know????? My wife just wants a bath tub so she is happy!!!! It seems there are always things you don't know about and thus miss. Thanks to all in advance!
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