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  1. http://www.thekaufmanhouse.com/cruise.php Danielle made a good list
  2. Gotcha thanks I was wondering, that's what i needed to know thanks!!!
  3. Correct, Will there is seating for 8 by the couches plus the table next to it, I am not worried about the logistics of where people sit. would they say no if I said bring me 10 orders of say lasagna ? Has anyone ever tried this or is everyone guessing?
  4. its over 1000 sqft plus balcony, we arent that fat
  5. I am in the royal suite, can I order room service from the mdr for 10 people ?
  6. https://www.*****/CarnivalCruiseLine/ . link in signature Has a list in files with all mdr email addresses
  7. It's really personal preference, I always prefer a room as far back as possible.
  8. I am a HUGE fan of aft balconies, but be prepared for a more party atmosphere . If you want to sleep at 10pm dont go aft
  9. And here I am upset I can only order 15 drinks in a day. Royal is unlimited and only 5 min
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