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  1. jenniwreni

    what to do in dominica

    We did. Agree with the others, these pools were lovely! Also went into the rain forest and swam in the canyon which comes out at Captain Jack Sparrow's waterfall - very cold water, but worth it for a great experience!
  2. jenniwreni

    reserving sunbeds

    On the contrary, we sailed transatlantic (to the caribbean) in October, and the weather was hot hot hot every day, some days you were wishing for a little more breeze!! The Atlantic was pondlike! Have a great cruise Jenni
  3. jenniwreni

    Cabins on azura

    Norway in June is fabulous! We had fantastic weather and swimming in the pool with ice cocktail by the side looking at snow covered mountains is certainly an experience I will never forget. Norway is a beautiful place and Ventura is a lovely ship, I'm sure you will have a great time. We had a C deck cabin on Ventura for our transatlantic caribbean trip a couple of years ago and enjoyed the extra space the balcony gave us. I'm sure you will have a fantastic cruise! Jenni
  4. jenniwreni


    Yes, there is a cyber room on board by the library.
  5. jenniwreni

    Why did you book your first cruise?

    I didn't book it! Then boyfriend rang me at work one day to say "I've booked it" - I replied with "Booked what?" and he told me that he'd booked a TA on the QM2, which he had extremely briefly showed me in a time share brochure the night before!! Then boyfriend then became fiance as he proposed on our last night on the cruise and we've just celebrated another wedding anniversary yesterday!:):)
  6. jenniwreni

    Fjords May/June 2011 - which ship?

    We cruised the fjords (in June but not this year) on the QM2 and had a fantastic time, no complaints at all, and having also been on Ventura, I agree with St Lucia's comments above about sitting in Metropolis with cocktails taking in the scenery which makes Norway so beautiful. Would also highly recommend a balcony for this cruise. Enjoy your cruise Jenni
  7. jenniwreni

    Ballons bursting??

    We were suprised one evening by having the balloons at our table and the waiters giving us a little sing song (which was very good! and organised by our fellow travellers at the next table!) and the balloons were certainly not bursted. My friend has the same phobia as your wife, so I understand how your wife feels around balloons! Enjoy your cruise, Jenni
  8. jenniwreni

    Main Dining - Ventura - Table For Two

    We requested a table for two at the time of booking and we got it. Once on board, (we were on club dining), we changed sittings, and we still managed to get a table for two. There was not much room in between the tables, but the people on either side of our table were so lovely, it didnt matter. Enjoy your cruise Jenni
  9. jenniwreni

    Tropical night - what to wear

    There may also be a pirate evening, I noticed that the gift shop sold little items that you could use to "pirate up" an outfit. As for tropical evening, yes, plenty of shocking dayglow shirts can be bought in the duty free areas just off the ship - dont think I can honestly say that DH has ever worn his shirt since that night!! Dont get me wrong - I'm not complaining!!! Enjoy your cruise!!
  10. jenniwreni

    Ventura Tips!

    Jojo, yes there are tables for two in the restuarants, although they are rather close together with your neighbouring tables, so you do tend to chat amongst you as though you are a table of 6, we were lucky to have fantastic neighbours and it was more like dining on a table of 10!! There seemed to be quite a few of the tables for two too. Have a great cruise Jenni
  11. jenniwreni

    Almost live heading through Panama Canal

    Have a safe trip home!! Thanks for your blogs! Jenni
  12. jenniwreni

    N010 - Ventura

    I agree, there are daily and port day offers in the spa which you can take advantage off, also, have a delve into whether a thermal suite package is to your liking? We loved our time on Ventura, I'm sure you will all have a fabulous cruise! Enjoy! Jenni
  13. jenniwreni

    Almost live heading through Panama Canal

    This reminds of the episode of Friends where Monica's hair is affected by the humidity!! :eek: I can totally relate to Mrs P's predicament here, and wholeheartedly sympathise. I would love to hear of anyone who has a remedy for this!! It wasnt Cheryl Baker that left, it was Jay Ashton. We went to Cheryl's talk on Ventura a couple of years ago, and as a Bucks Fizz fan from many moons ago, we found the talk very impressive and really enjoyed it, no holds barred and no back biting either re the Jay saga and all that that entailed!! As a childhood hero of mine, I feel the need to defend her a little!;) We went out snorkeling with Cheryl too in Barbados, she was really down to earth too!! Looking forward to the next blog! Jenni
  14. jenniwreni


    I watched Lewis Hamilton win the world championship in the company of Murray Walker in the cybercafe on Ventura, he gave us a few little "murrayisms". A bit of sporting history watched in his presence is my claim to fame!:D We also met Cheryl Baker of Bucks Fizz a few times during the cruise, she may be a bit of a mid alphabet list celeb to some, but to me, who's childhood heroes were Bucks Fizz, she was definitely an A lister for me!! :D:D
  15. jenniwreni

    Ventura Afternoon Tea

    We didn't have to queue on the times we took afternoon tea on the QM2 and we enjoyed it thoroughly. Possibly because the tea was served in the whole of the Queens Room, it contributed to our thoughts of afternoon tea on Ventura, being on one corner of the restuarant. Certainly didn't say that Ventura is worse than QM2 - enjoyed both ships immensley!! Carol, no we didn't ask for more cakes etc, we probably just assumed that they would bring us more. Yes we probably should have done, but didn't!! I'll bear that in mind for next time though! Jenni